Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 36

Precap: ashok searches for Kaurvaki, and finds sushim men fighting her. Quickly he came to her rescue, but he fail to save her causing her death. On the other hand, bindu. Founds out he was dying and request to see Acharya. Lets continue

The rain was pouring down. It seems like it wouldn’t stop. Ashok was attacking the soldiers with his sword. all you can hear was the clang of swords and cries. Some tried running away, but no, ashok wouldn’t let them. He was angry, pissed and out for vengance. He had lost his inner battle long ago, letting the darkness in his heart ressurface.

Once their was no body in sight. Ashok walk away from the blo*dy area. He wasnt wounded, but he felt like it. He walk slowly, looking straight ahead. Heading back, back to where though. Ashok heard a noise, he turn to see Chanda. She gave him a questionable look, and he stare before opening his mouth ” you should go back”

Chanda walk near him ” where’s Kaurvaki? ”

Ashok staid quiet, the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. He refuse to say the word, that would cause him to come back to reality. His Kaurvaki, and his mom…dead. he wonder how many more people he love will die because of him. He watch as chanda move back holding her mouth. She fell on the floor, crying. Ashok turn away, he didn’t want to see this. He Didn’t want to cry as well, no…he refuse to cry.

He turn and walk away, ignoring the cries. He continue to walk on the roads, ignoring some people stare. ” Ashok? ” the voice says, ashok turn to see his mom. His eyes widen ” ma!?”

Dharma smile at him ” ashok, what’s wrong?”

Ashok couldn’t say anything at first, he could only watch. His eyes starting to sting. ” your not real” he mumbles, Dharma laughs ” what’s this ashok, of course I’m real. I haven’t left you, I’m still here” she says pointing to his heart.

Ashok stare at her with teary eyes, he turn to his left when he felt a hand on his shoulder ” and I am here too” , Kaurvaki says smiling. When he saw her the tears finally drop. Both women look at one another before joking about ashok being a big baby. Then they tease each other before laughing. Ashok seeing this finally broke down crying. He thought he had no more tears left, but he was wrong.

He knew this was a figment of his imagination, this moment wouldn’t happen, but still he had hoped. He wipe the tears and continue walking. When he was almost to his house, he saw acharya. His guru, walk to him and told him the time has come for him to take the throne. Ashok told him, the throne has not only cause him to loose the people he love. It has also cause rivalry between my brother’s, and now this throne will cause me to loose my Dharma.

Acharya told ashok he doesn’t have too, but ashok denies it. ” if I am to sit on that throne, that would mean I would have to leave my humanity behind in order to show no weakness.”

” it doesn’t have to be like this ”

Ashok chuckle ” I thought so as well, but see what happens when your weak. You get manipulated and eventual killed”

Acharya watching ashok, knew he would be a fine king. But something wasn’t right, he look unstable. Ashok turn to the sky that now stop raining. ” my brothers plotted against me, to kill me. But I should thank them, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have decided what kind of king magda needs”

Ashok looks at Acharya ” my mother once told me the best king is the one that’s calm and patient. And doesn’t let his enemy see his emotion or see him sweat. I will make sure this time I have the upper hand. When people see me, they will fear only me. They will see sushim and my other brothers as weak. I will be known in history as a ruthless king who killed his brothers.”

” what ever is your decision, I shall help you, but let it be known. If you stray on the wrong path then I shall leave.”

Ashok smile ” good, then I will need a favor from you” he says

Few hours later, sushim and the prince’s. Were having dinner in their secret hideout. They we’re enjoying and laughing at ashok Missouri. ” our plan worked, ashok is as weak as a baby”

” his probably crying right now”

” who would have thought, kalinga princess was that pretty. I would have taken her as my own, if that was the case” the third says

” your forgetting kalinga is our rival”

” I didn’t forget”

A servant walk in with their food. He set the food down and walk away.sushim told them not to get comfort, because they don’t know what ashok will do. Siamak told them enough talking for one night, and open the food that was covered. when he did he drop the lid. ” what is this?”

The brothers stood up. The third was angry ” who dares to put my brothers head on a plate.” He questioned

Sushim watch silently. ” do you have an idea what this could meaning”

The six rub his chin, ” it would seem, that our brother has declare war against us”

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  1. Thilini Vasana

    I hope another episode soon

  2. But as far as my knowledge ASHOK killed all of his brother including sushim as he got to know their hand in his mother’s death…

    Nice story…
    Waiting for the next…

    But tell what kaurvaki told him at the last moment…

    1. Angelk1

      Lol well he has six brothers left since he killed the second prince

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