Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 30

Precap: dharma threatens to kill herself if ashok doesnt let kaurvaki go while charu and sushim plan to get the thrown.

Dharma looking at ashok asks if he was going to eat. Ashok look at his mom who ushers him, before looking at Devi. She smile waiting. He sadly puts the food in his mouth, before excusing himself. He told them he would step out for a few minute before leaving. He, spit the food removing any trace of food in his mouth. He look at the moon wondering if Kaurvaki was looking at it as well.

Some hours later , Kaurvaki thought she heard footsteps. Her heart quickly race. She look around to see nothing. She could hear the village shouts and music, celebrating. She sadly turn away, and walk inside. ” who am I kidding ashok won’t come. His mother is sick” she says

She was about to remove her jewlieres when ashok walk in ” who broke his promise?” He says raising a brow.

Kaurvaki surprise turn to see ashok. Her heart picked up ” ashok? You? Why are you here?” She asks

Ashok walk to her ” you don’t want me to be here?”

Kaurvaki stumbles for words. Ashok chuckles, watching her ” you look beautiful ” , when he said this she shyly Turn her back to him. Ashok walk behind her and hug her. They staid like this just enjoying each other company, before she asks about his mother health. ” mother is doing fine”

” do you think she will accept me?”

Ashok staid quiet, he remember his mother words ” yes…she will love you a lot”, this made Kaurvaki happy. She told ashok when everything is good. She will showEr Dharma with so much love. Ashok told her, if she does then she won’t have any love left for him. Kaurvaki smile, while fidging With her finger. ” stop crying like a baby”

” am not” he says

Kaurvaki turn to look him in the eyes. They both stare just enjoying the moment. Ashok asks if she ate, she shook her head. She asks him too, he shook his head. Kaurvaki drags him to the bed. And she lit a candle, before doing rounds near ashok. She puts the candle down, and grab the food feeding him. Ashok grab some food and fed her. Both of them just loving the moment. When done, Kaurvaki got up with the tray, but ashok sitting told her to come.

when She turn ashok pulls her arm. Causing her to lean in for a kiss. Her eyes widen, but she allowed it. The plate makes a clang sound, while the candle burn and Continued to sway all through the night. The next day, ashok woke up recalling what had happen.


While outside, ashok asks the gods to give him a sign if he should leave Kaurvaki. He says” if I look up at the moon and I don’t see her, then I will abide by mothers wish. But if I see her, then I will go to her, just for one night.” , he close his eye before opening it. He look at the moon, to seeing Kaurvaki face. ” I know what I must do” he says before getting on his horse

End of flashbck

Ashok kiss the temple of her forehead. Causing her to stir and turn to face his chest. She snuggle closer enjoying the warmth ashok brings. Ashok hugs her tightly.


The princes we’re having another argument. ” how long must we keep waiting for Sushim. He could be dead for all we know” third says

Siamak says ” just give him time. He will come”

” If you haven’t notice time is not on our hand.”

” I agree, but with calculation we can use time to plan carefully ” , everyone turn to see Sushim walking in with Charu. ” brother?” They all said

Sushim sat down, ignoring them. ” we all have one enemy which is ashok. If we can kill him then it will be one less person for the thrown.” He says

Charu agreed, ” I had a source that told me ashok wife is pregnant. She will give birth to a child that will pass on his legacy. I don’t know what that legacy is, but we cannot let something like that happen. We will have to kill his unborn son, before he becomes a threat for us”

Six prince raise a brow ” where did you get this information? ”

” don’t worry about it. All you need to know is that we have to kill Devi child.”

“She has a point, by doing so ashok will be vulnerable, and we can kill him.” Third says Venumly

They all agreed, all except Sushim. , Sushim told them to give him some soldiers, he says his mother knows their location. ” we will strike at night. They all agreed each of them plotting in their heads. Siamak pulls Sushim aside and asks where he went. Sushim told him,it doesn’t matter, what matters is that his here.

Siamak looks at charu, but she then to leave, soon follow by Sushim. While they left, charu frown ” shouldn’t we just kill those annoying prince’s. Seens their all in one room”

.Sushim smirk ” now that wouldn’t be fun mother. I will work with them for the mean time, and let them get killed by ashok.if they kill each other, I will be the only one left for the thrown.”

” smart plan, but that’s not enough. We shouldn’t get to comfortable. We have to plan ahead just in case”

” your right, we will have to have an alley, that will help me”

Charu smile ” I know just how to get it ”

It was midnight now, Dharma was still up. She couldn’t believe ashok broke his promise. She drank more tea while waiting. It wasn’t long before she heard a sound. It wasn’t coming from the living room or kitchen. She walk up the stairs wondering where the noise came from. When she heard it again. She realize it’s coming from Devi room.

Dharma opens it quietly, to see a men ready to kill Devi. She scream causing Devi to open her eyes and roll over. Scared she held on to her stomach. The men move closer to them. Dharma grab Devi hand, putting her behind him. ” I won’t let you touch her , leave before i call my son”

The men ignored her and throw the knife, causing it to hit the wall. Devi and Dharma ran down the stairs . The man followed them and attack destroying the chairs and table. Dharma thougt of an idea, and quickly grab the kitchen broom .the men move in, making them move back. ” why do you want to kill her unborn child?”

When the men didnt Re ‘spond, he slash again, but the two dodged. While dodging Devi was left alone. The men seeing this took out another knife. He spin s it before throwing it. Dharma CRIED devi name before jumping infont, causing the knife to hit her straight in the heart.. She stop and couph out blood ” please help ashok Devi” she says before falling on the floor. Dharma now shaking, holds Devi hand.

The blood was smearing all over her back. Devi cried saying she will get help. But Dharma held her hand ” l-listen t-to me, please protect ashok. Now that I won’t be their anymore. AND tell him, I forgive him” she says before dropping her hand. The men seeing this, was surprise . He was debating whether to run or just die, and he chose to die. He stab himself and fell to the floor.

Devi on the other hand was in shock. She soon starts to panick. Durring her panick attack her water broke. Holding her stomach she cries for help, shouting vit and her father name.

Elsewhere, ashok woke up calling his mom name. Kaurvaki stiring asks if everything was fine. He told her, he had a bad dream, and is worried for his mom. Kaurvaki sigh, she sat up and puts ashok head on her lap. She pats his head and sang a lullaby. She told ashok everything will be fine, for him not to worry.

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