Ashwaki -dangerous love – Eps 3


Everything was going well at the party, Bel asks Kaurvaki if she will change to something nice, she refuse. She told her what she have is fine. Bel protested saying she’s a princess, she should dress more royalty. ” I don’t need to show my statues Bel, right now I am just a commoner like everyone else. Leave it that way”

Chanda laughs, she told her to lighten up a bit. She says Kaurvaki will never find a husband if she can’t even have fun. Kaurvaki says she had fun with them. Chanda says that’s different. ” how can a men see how truly pure your heart is, if you hide it in a box”

Kaurvaki staid quiet, Chanda says if she wants to prove that she can have fun then sing in front of everyone. ” What!!?”

” Mrs. Chanda, I don’t think it’s a good idea, I mean Kaurvaki has never sang before”

Chanda shush her, and look at kaurvaki ” even the most terrible voice can become beautiful, just let it all out” she says

Kaurvaki thought about it. She wsnt trying to bring back bad memories, because it hurts her heart. Bel seeing tears coming out of her eyes, tried conseling her by telling her, she doesnt have to, but kaurvaki says she will do it.

Chanda introduce her as her grand daughter, before Kaurvaki walk in front of everyone, she nervously look at the crowd, and saw a boy that reminds her of young ashok. Suddenly words just came out her mouth ” priyathama o priyathama”

Ee mounaraagalane palike hrudayam,
Ninnu choodalani edo maata,
Kalavaristhondanio thelusa,

Oho priyathama o priyathama
Ee mounaraagalane palike hrudayam
Oho priyathama o priyathama

She sadly remember all the moments until they part ways. She wiped her tears and finish the song, before hiding her pain in her box. Everyone clapped for her, even her maid bel mouth was wide open. ” was that really kaurvaki” she mumbles

Chanda smirk ” she let her heart sang, you could hear the pain in her voice”

” she so strong” bel says smiling

Devi sniff a little, she felt sorry for the girl, she knew exactly how she felt after all chand rejected her. She sadly eats, but stop when she nottice chand. She saw him standing in the corner, she calls his name and asks what he was doing. He cursed under his breath. When he didnt respond devi smiles ” i get it, you felt guilty and came to keep me company”

Ashok nod, he knew he had to keep a low profile, if he wants to catch sushim guards. Devi grab his hand and drag him to the floor , so much for that, he thought. She danced around him while he just stood their. ” come ashok dance”

” I don’t dance” he says

Devi doubt it. She puts her head on his chest and dance, ashok surprise, hesitate before putting his arm around her back.

Meanwhile, the men and his soldiers, walk in the party smuggly. They walk to the food and saw a little boy about to eat. The men asks him ” who brought these food ”

The boy smile and turn around. He suddenly became scared, but, he remember fear was weakness ” our goddess sent us these food”

” really!? And where is your goddess, she thinks she can ignore prince Sushim rules” he says now raising his voice. The other guards laugh before throwing the table full of food on the ground. Everyone stop to watch, the men was about to hit the boy when two hands stop him. Both parties look at one another, before looking at the men, ” why are you causing trouble at this party?”

” I have everyright, by the order of prince Sushim, this party will be cancel, and the one who brought this food shall be arrested.”

” Sushim!?” Kaurvaki and ashok mumbles

Kaurvaki remove her hand, and told him they paid for the food. The men says those fishes we’re also taxed. Didn’t you know that. Kaurvaki says, it’s a public area open to people, he has no right to taxe something that doesn’t belong to him, but instead the people. The guards laugh, the men turn to his soldiers ” little miss talk big for a COMMONER ”

he was about to touch her fAce when ashok, squeeze his hand. Making him scream. ” I forgot about you” the men says before telling his guards to kill them. Kaurvaki, saw the men running towards her side step, the same time ashok twist the men’s arm. She grab her pocket knife, and upper kick one of the guards before slitting his side. Ashok, saw a rock and kick it up, aiming at the men.

Both parties unconsciously coming behind each other, back to back. Ashok search for Devi and found her hiding, he sigh with relief. Chanda seeing one guard, took her cane and smack him on the head ” my party is ruin because of you, now I will charge you for the damage ” she says, Bel says this is not the time to be saying that.

While ashok was distracted the men stab his side making Devi call for him. Ashok squeeze the knife out, making the men scared. He grab the men by the throat saying ” if you think Sushim is the devil then you haven’t met me yet, I will kill Sushim and everyone in patliputra”, he angrily broke the men’s arm, dislocating it . The men scream, before ashok drops him.

It wasn’t long before the fight ended, and ashok staggered back. He held his side while walking away, before Kaurvaki could thank him, he was gone. Devi Coming out of hiding follow ashok, while calling for him.

Elsewhere, Dharma was praying when she had the vision again. She thought it would go away once ashok leaves patliputra, but she was wrong. She knew the time is near for ashok to go back , she just wish it wasn’t so soon. She says I won’t go with him to see the hatred and fear he will bring to his people. She says I will have to find someone that will calm his heart, when the time comes. She thought about Kaurvaki, but reject that idea.

She knew bindu. And Jagannath would not agree to their union. After all they are enemies, but lately kalinga has been doing well with their democracy and war. It doesn’t look like Jagannath is worried about patliputra. So she’s out the picture, she asks the gods to give her sigh, or help her find a match. Suddenly her window open, and she heard a voice.

She look out to see Devi holding ashok, she almost fell while calling his name. Dharma worried was about to head out, but stop when ashok told her to leave him, she denies while crying ” I told you before, not to use your fist to fight, you know how much I worry for you. If anything happen to you, I-I won’t forgive you” she says

Ashok soften, before patting her head ” don’t cry Devi, I promise to be careful next time” he says

She puts him on the floor, and grab the water she had before cleaning his wound. ” really?!”

Ashok nods smiling. Dharma smile and thank the gods, ” she will be by ashok side through his darkest time.”

But what she didn’t know is how fate has another plan, a flower can calm a beast, but it takes courage to tame it.

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