Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 29

Precap: ashok heads back to uujain while bindu finds charu weakness

Ashok pass Devi and vit while searching for his mom. Their he spotted her praying. ” mother? I heard you we’re sick?”

Dharma praying told ashok to remove his shoes. Which of course he did. ” come and pray with me” she says

” mother, what’s this all about? We’re you not sick?”

Dharma open her eyes and smile ” I’m perfectly fine beta , I’m glad your here”, she got up holding the tray with candle, before walking around, while blowing it. ” why did you lie? Do you not care, how worried I became”

” I know, that’s why I did it. You disappeared late at night telling no one. Do you know how worried me and Devi was” she says pointing at Devi.

” it’s fine, im sure it must have been important ” Devi commented

Dharma told Devi, she’s right. She told Devi that she’s sure ashok didn’t forget his marriage ritual, and also this special day. She told Devi if she knows her son, he must have fasted for her. Ashok became tense, Dharma looking at ashok, asks if his fasting. Ashok slowly nods. Devi became happy, vit told Devi that he was right. He says ” bhai loves you very much”

Dharma watch ashok intensely. Devi not noticing became excited. She grab ashok hand and puts it on her stomach ” it’s kicking ashok, it won’t be long before our baby arrives”

Ashok amazed, smile ” he will make a fine warrior one day”

He remove his hand not noticing devi looking at dharma worriedly. After their little happy time, Dharma pulls ashok aside. She drag ashok to the back of he house before asking him where he went. Ashok told her he had some business in odisha. Dharma angry shows the letter ” is this the business you we’re talking about”..

” how did you find this?”

” I was cleaning your room when I spotted the letter. You don’t know what your doing by being in touch with Kaurvaki. Ashok.”

” I love her mother” he says

” your love for her is dangerous ”

” why would you think that?”

Dharma staid quiet, before resuming ” just trust me and stay away from her ashok”

.ashok frowns ” How can I stay away when she’s my wife”

When he said this Dharma was shock. She shook her head in denial. Ashok says you we’re the main one who encourage our love, but now your against it. I just don’t understan-“, he never finished because Dharma slapped him.

” DO YOU Know What you have done? You went and do a rational decision without us, without telling Devi. I don’t know why you did it, but I will not allowed it. Remove Kaurvaki from your heart, if not I will kill myself” she says taking out a pocket knife. She puts it next to her wrist while looking at ashok

Ashok surprise told her not to do things like that. Dharma says ” promise me, you will remove her from your heart, if not you will see your mother dead right on this ground”, when she said this she slit half of her wrist, causing blood to come out. Ashok panicked ” mother please, I will do what you say, just stop”

Dharma still continued ” promise me ashok”

” I – I.. promise I won’t think of Kaurvaki. I won’t meet her, just please don’t do this”

Dharma drops the knife before collapsing. Ashok quickly ran to her. He quickly tied her wrist before picking her up. Ashok sadly walk back ” I didn’t think you would be against my love, I had dream of you accepting Kaurvaki and welcoming her with open arms. Now the future I wanted to build with kaurvaki is unclear. I have broken my promise, and left her alone with no family or a husband.”

Ashok let the tears fall on his mother face. He apologize over and over to Kaurvaki. Ashok just wish their was another way. He laugh at how cruel fate is. When he walk in devi asks what happend to Dharma, ashok told her she cut her wrist by accident. ashok quickly put her down , while Devi took care of her. While watching, he imagine Kaurvaki by Dharma side. Both women taking care of her.

He imagine Kaurvaki looking at him, smiling while telling him not to just stand their, but to help fan her. He smile, causing Kaurvaki to pout before mumbling words like lazy prince and other things. Ashok chuckle, he was unaware of vit Looking at him weirdly ” bhai what are you laughing at?”

This snap ashok out of his trance. He compose himself and told vit it was nothing. Before leaving.

Meanwhile, sushim walk to his mother drunk. Charu not doing we’ll either asks if he was having a bad day. Sushim sat next to her ” why are we destined to fail in life mother? I couldn’t get fathers love, and now the women I loved left me for another.” He says while drinking again.

Charu says ” we have came this far, but we got distracted by love. Now it’s time to get back to business ” she says

Sushim shook his head ” if being on the thrown will make people see me as great, then I will kill all my brothers to attain it.being away from the pace gave me comfort I have never felt before, it made me forget who I am. But not anymore, I am a maurya, son of bindu. I have nothing to distract me from my goal.” He hiccuped.

Charu took the bottle from his hand. Sushim staid quiet before laying his head on his mother lap ” why doesn’t father love me, mother? Will I ever be recognize by him? Just once I want to hear him say ” good job Sushim, I’m proud of you” that alone is enough for me”

Charu played with his hair ” you should remove this kind of dream Sushim. Maybe in your next life, your father will love you just as much as he loves ashok, but this is reality. He snt love you, or see you worthy of being king”, Sushim feeling the alcohol taking affect close his eyes.

” sleep son, because tomorrow, we will start war” she says evilly

Elsewhere, Kaurvaki step out, enjoying the festival. She imagined ashok walking with her, and just enjoying the moment. She watch a play before getting up to leave. The villagers praise her beauty. Some asks if she was fasting for someone special. She told them it’s nothing like that, before heading to her secret place, the cave. She realize it’s becoming her and ashok casual hangout. ” ashok will come here, I just have to wait” she says sitting by the small flower they grew.

She look at the moon, thinking of ashok. She puts her head on her knees waiting. ” ashok should be coming soon” she says

Meanwhile, after some hours Dharma woke up. Devi told her to eat, but she said she won’t eat until her son cuts fast. Ashok told her not to worry about him.dharma says ” it’s almost time” she told Devi to bring the food. Ashok seeing the food remember his promise to Kaurvaki. He says once again I will have to break a promise to you. I know your probably wondering where I am, and questioning if I will come. Im sorry.

Dharma got up happily when they saw the moon. She grab some food and fed vit. Vit did the same. Devi knelt besides ashok, she grab some food to feed him while ashok look at it intensely.

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  1. Thilini Vasana

    What happen next….??? Kaurvaki be alone again

    1. Angelk1

      You will find out in the next chapter

  2. Aparaajita Rathore

    kanie di,plzz continue it soon,i really wanna know what happens next in both the ff’s.Di,u r doing such a fab job,plzz don’t stop these ff’s…I really am a big fan of them…Are u alright di? I mean,are u healthy?God forbid,if any issues are there wid u, then do take care of urself.Urs,APARAAJITA, 🙂

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks for the comment. And i will post the next chapter today. And work on the next one. I didnt think people we’re reading my story since ashok finished, but thanks for commenting. ..also I’m doing fine, what about you?

      1. Aparaajita Rathore

        Good to hear ur fine di,i was really looking forward for ur reply and I’m waiting for the update now.Ofcourse,i don’t know abt the others,but seriously i love these more than the show itself.And thanks,I’m doing pretty good(since my exams are over now) 🙂

      2. Angelk1

        I’m glad you like it more then the show , but you have to admit young ashok was better then grown up ashok. The plot was better and it had action

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