Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 28

Ashok was riding through the lands heading to uujain. He was conflicted , but at the same time worried. He made a turn before continuing, he hope he makes it in time.


Kaurvaki and ashok we’re heading to the river. Kaurvaki was firm to teach ashok to catch fish. Ashok told her he knows how to even though he sucks at it. Kaurvaki didn’t believe it at all. When they arrive she instruct him on how to do it, she caught one easily, but ashok was once again struggling to catch one. Kaurvaki told him he has to concentrate.

Ashok waited for a fish to swim by, when it was near he duck his hand and caught it. He turn to show Kaurvaki, but the fish slip out of his hand. Ashok surprise tried to catch another, but unfortunately it kept slipping away. Kaurvaki while watching wasn’t surprise, she always knew ashok was competitive and determine, but seeing him now just shows how stubborn he is.

” theirs no challenge I.. ashok can’t handle ” he says turning around to show the fish he finally caught. Kaurvaki congratulate him. Ashok walk towards her when he lost his balance. He fell in the water causing the fish to jump back in. Kaurvaki laughs, she walk to him and give her hand. Ashok looks at at hand before pulling her down surprising her.

Now she was also wet. She got up the same time ashok did, and splash him in the face. Ashok splash back. It soon became a war zone. Kaurvaki ran while ashok chases after her.he grab her by the waist, and spins her. Causing her to laugh. Ashok was about to dump her in the water, when a men came with his horse. Ashok recognize them right away. He puts Kaurvaki down and walk to the men.

The men gave him the letter, ” who?”

” dharma” the men says

Ashok while opening It wonder how his mom knew where he was. he read it and was shock. Mother is sick? How? Why didn’t she tell me earlier?” He thought, ashok puts the letter in his pocket before thanking the men. he didn’t know what to take of this news. Kaurvaki asks him what was wrong and he explain it to her. She told him to go, ashok says he can’t leave her. ” I’ve been alone before, so I’m use to it. So don’t worry, I am fine ”

Ashok still wasn’t convence. He says I won’t feel comfortable leaving you here. Kaurvaki told him he worries to much. She says she will fast for him tomorrow even though he won’t be there. Ashok told her, he will come back. He said he will check to make sure his mom is alright, and come in time to eat from her hand. ” ashok-”

” no Kaurvaki, don’t say another word. I ashok will come back to you. Thats a promise”, Kaurvaki smile, she says OK, before they decided to leave.

Meanwhile, bindu was pampering charu, and charu was loving every second of it. Bindu told charu that he would like her to stay in his room. She was so excited. While she pack her things, Bindu came up with a plan. That night while they were asleep, Bindu woke up. He silently made his way to Helen asking if she knows which part of the room her powers lies. Helen says ” in the darkness, you will find a cloth tied. Their you shall find the source of her power.”

Bindu confuse says ” that doesn’t help me Helen. I need More then that”

” you are a smart king Bindu, I’m sure you will figure it out”

And so , with little information Bindu makes his way to charu room. It was indeed dark. He search for what he was looking for, but saw nothing. He check her closet, bathroom, and even bed, but he couldn’t find any cloth. He was about to give up when he fell on something. Confuse he touched the cloth to see a black rock. It was just a normal rock, but Bindu knew it could be more.

He grabs it and took it outside. Their he smashes it to pieces. While this was happening charu woke up screaming. She got up and search around, following where the rock was last seen. When she reached the spot, she saw Bindu turning to leave. He stop when he sees charu. ” look what you have done ” she screams holding his shoulder.

Bindu says ” I did it for my family protection”

Charu shook her head in anger, ” you destroyed every chance of us being a happy family”

Bindu told her it would never had work since she was to greedy for the thrown..charu devastated says ” all what you told e, was it all a lie?”

” I’m sorry..charu”

Charu now crying says ” you will pay for what you have done, Bindu. Do you think destroying that would make me less a threat. No…you will pay for the disrespect you have caused my love, mark my words” she says turning now to leave.

Bindu stops her before telling her, her greedyness and selfishness will cause her own death. If not by him, but instead the child she tries so hard to make king. Charu scoff before walking off.

Back to the present, ashok could see the village getting closer. He just hopes his mom was alright. Elsewhere, Kaurvaki woke up to see ashok no where, ” that’s right he left” , she got up and clean up before taking a bath. When done, she got up to leave, when she spotted a cloth wrapped. Curious… she walk to it and read the letter.

Dear Kaurvaki,

Its unfortunate that I had to leave you, but don’t be upset. I will keep my promise of coming back. I will also continue my fast until I a fed from your hands. Anyway, this is gift for you, I hope you enjoy it.

Yours ashok

Kaurvaki smile before opening it. She gasp when she saw a beautiful saree and jeweler’s. She mentally thanks ashok before putting it on. She thought of many things ashok would say to her when he sees her in the outfit. She smile with happyness, all while saying ” I won’t take this off, until ashok sees me” she says

Meanwhile, vit told Devi that ashok, will be hungry later on. Devi says, how when he’s not even here?”

Vit told her that ashok is with her. He told her to close her eyes and picture him . When she did, she blush seeing ashok, Vit told her to open her eyes, by that time ashok enter the house. Both parties we’re shock to see Ashok.

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