Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 27

Sushim had never felt at peace. He step out taking a deep breath before closing his door. Suddenly he spotted a letter. He picked it up and read it. He smile before thinking, ahankara wants to meet by the river, how odd. He put the letter away and walk to the river area, there he searched for her. He Was about to call her name when he heard a sound.

Turning to his left he spotted ahankara and a men kissing. He was beyond angry. He marched towards them and grab the men. Sushim punched him until the men bled. Ahankara tried stopping him, but sushim pushed her away ” you have betrayed me. I thought you loved me, but I was wrong.”

Ahankara finally can see says ” I’m sorry, I thought he was you this whole time.”

” How Could You Have Mistaken us” he yells”

” I don’t know, one minute I was heading to your house to tell you the good, and the next I couldn’t see. I heard your voice and things led to another”

Sushim didn’t know what to think about this ” what good news? ”

Ahankara says she’s with a child. Sushim only got angry, he told her now he understand everything. He says the men he punched must be her lover who impregnated her. Ahankara denies it, she says it’s theirs. Sushim laughs, he says he won’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Out of anger he calls her a who’re. Ahankara upsets slaps him. She says she would have thought he would believe her, but she was wrong.

She says he hasn’t change at all, his heart will always be tainted. Sushim told her …she’s right. He says their time together is now a dream to him. He says he is sushim, bibdusara first born. He says he had forgotten , but not anymore. He says he will spare her now, but the next time he sees her , he won’t be so forgiven.

Ahankara, sadly turns away. She didn’t know what had happen. She really couldn’t see a thing. She says how could that be?, while walking she felt pain. She held her stomach while falling down. She felt something wet below and starts to cry. She turn asking sushim for help, but he told her he has no relation to her and walk away. Luckily someone found her and took her to the palace. Few hours later, the house maid told her she lost her unborn child. She also said, her inside is damage so she won’t be able to have children.

Ahankara blacked out, while her mom cries. The maids outside felt sorry for her. One of the maids walk away. She went to her room and hang herself. Turns out she was the one who gave her the drink charu told her to give. The drink was to kill the child in her womb, but it had a side affect, which causes the person to go blind, while it works it’s magic.

Meanwhile, dharma was watching Devi while thinking of the letter. Dharma says it’s been four days and ashok still haven’t come back. She says I had another dream, ashok becomes chand. She says I thought him marrying Devi would prevent that from happening, but I was wrong. She says then that would mean, him marrying Kaurvaki will cause ashok to change to chand. I can’t let that happen, I know ashok probably still loves Kaurvaki, but I can’t let our land and my son, become indian. Greatest enemy.

While thinking, she was unaware of Devi calling her. ” what Devi?”

Devi smile ” I was asking if you will fast for the king”

Dharma seem upset ” I won’t, because he will never appear before me”

” I still think you should”

Dharma ignored it , she distracted her by asking if she will fast for ashok. She says no, because Her child needs to eat. Dharma says if she won’t fast then ashok will fast for her.Devi says how, when ashok is no where to be found. Dharma says ” trust me, ashok will fast and come tomorrow ”

Devi smile before excusing herself. Dharma wrote a letter,before telling some people to deliver it.

Elsewhere, ashok and Kaurvaki went back to the cave. Kaurvaki told him, she wants to finish it. So ashok decides to help her.they work on it till night. Before ashok volunteer to catch dinner. It wasn’t long before ashok came back, he had mud from head to toe. He told Kaurvaki he couldn’t catch any fish and she laugh at him. She told him she will have to teach him. Ashok blush, he stubbornly told her he will Get it.

” right” she says before dragging him ” I found some fruits we can eat , that should be enough. ”

She took him to the hot stream, and told him to wash up. Ashok says will you help me wash up. Kaurvaki blush, she told him he’s not a baby and can do it himself. She turn ” I will bring your share”. Ashok wasn’t pleased but he had an idea. He strip of his clothes and enter the water. he watch as Kaurvaki came back to grab his clothes. Ashok tried getting her attention, but she ignored him.

He whistle, but she only turn away. He even throw a rock, she stopped, but she continued walking. Ashok says ” I will have to take drastic measures. ” Kaurvaki?”

” Yes!?”

” can you bring my food here?”

When he didn’t hear anything ashok waited. He smile when she appeared with the fruits to put it next to him. She still wouldn’t look him in the eyes. When she turn once more, ashok yells. Kaurvaki worried turn to see ashok fall inside the water. She calls his name, but she didn’t get any respond. Decided, she walk inside searching for him.

Ashok appeared before her and wrap his arm around her. Kaurvaki was surprise. ” ashok your OK? What happens?”

” I fell?”

” how?”
When he didn’t say anything she raise a brow. Ashok told her not to worry about it because his alive. He held her in the middle of the water telling her how he had to control himself the whole day. He says he couldn’t hold her or touch her. But now he can. He says ” I want my wife full attention, now that we’re alone”

He drags her where the fruit was and told her to feed him. Kaurvaki told him he is such a big baby. Ashok says only when I’m with you. She complies anyway, and fed him. While eating they stare at one another, neither look away. Ashok held her hand, and kiss her arm. Kaurvaki was melting. He swiftly pick her up bridal style, making her wrap her hand around his neck.

Kaurvaki close her eyes, causing ashok to laugh ” your still shy after seeing everything? ”

” I can’t help it”

” your very amusing Kaurvaki ”

Kaurvaki pouts ” I’m glad you find my embarrassment funny my prince ”

Now it was ashok turn to raise a brow ” we’re going by titles now?”

” you don’t like?”

” no, when it’s just me and you… I want you to just call me ashok.even when I become king ” he says putting her on the bed. ” then I shall call you by your name even when your king”

Ashok, told her he will be back. He left the bed to push the rock to the entrance, by that time Kaurvaki was getting sleepy. She didn’t know how tierd. Her body was until she was on the bed. She yawn and close her eyes, before sleep took her.

When ashok came back, he knelt down and smile while carressing her face. He says ” she’s out already” , he grab the covers before getting in himself. He coverd both of them, letting sleep took them.

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