Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 26

After cuddling, ashok finally got up. He look at Kaurvaki who puts a small amount of sindoor. On her hairloom, before hiding it. This confuses ashok. ” why are you hiding the sindoor? ” he question.

Kaurvaki smile ” no one knows that I’m married to you, what would they say if they suddenly see chand coming out of my house and the sindoor. They will connect the dot and rumors will spread all around.”

Ashok frown ” that’s the whole point, I want the world to know that you belong to me”

Kaurvaki says ” I don’t want your enemies to know you have a weakness. Thats why I understand what you said thirteen years ago. That is why I forgive you easily. I don’t want to be used against you, that’s why I want to keep this a secret until theirs no more enemies ”

Ashok didn’t like it, but he understand. If he was going to be king, he wouldn’t want to put his love ones in harms way..he will also have to protect his mom and Devi. Ashok told her it will be hard for him, but he will try. He says when their alone she will have to be his loving wife and spoil him.

Kaurvaki says ” this sindoor shows that I’m yours, then what about me?” She asks ” do you belong to me?”

Ashok wasn’t expecting that.he was about to respond when their was a knock on the door. They could hear children calling Kaurvaki name.Kaurvaki smile , she open and the children started talking all at once. Kaurvaki told them to slow down. One of the boys says ” Kaurvaki, I heard you we’re skilled with sword ”

Kaurvaki raise her brow ” and who told you this?”

The boys said people we’re telling rumors. They told her to teach them a few tricks. Kaurvaki says they are young children, they are living a happy life. If they touch a sword then their fate will revolve around that sword. The children sadly frown. Ashok seeing this decides to interfere. ” I can show you a few tricks”

The children eyes widen with hope. Kaurvaki refuse asking ashok what he was doing. Ashok told her nothing will happen to them, he whispers in her ear. ” you are no different from them. Don’t you remember when you beg me to teach you.”

Kaurvaki staid quiet, ashok told the children to head to the backyard, he says he will come. The children with excitement quickly ran. ” asho-“, she never finish when ashok gave her a Peck on the lips, before quickly saying good bye. Kaurvaki smile, ” your always trying to please people. Stupid ashok”

Meanwhile, ahankara was on her way to sushim small house when she was stopped by charu. This wasn’t the first time. Charu once again threaten her, telling her to leave sushim. Ahankara says until the day sushim himself wants her to leave, then she will stay. Charu told her, she love her parents a lot. She says right now bindu favors her, so if she tell bindu to start a war with her homeland, he will do it. She says ” do you really want to risk that for a men”

Ahankara tense, but she told her that her threats won’t work on her. She says bindu is a smart king, he wouldn’t fall for that. Charu smirk ” you are a stupid girl, stay away from sushim, or you will get it” she says before walking away.

Elsewhere, the children sat down watching ashok demonstrate some moves. They were impressed. The children asks Kaurvaki to do some tricks too, but she refuse. Ashok decides to tease her ” your goddess, don’t know anything about swords. I bet she barely touched one.” He saya

Kaurvaki glares at him. Ashok only smirk ” I bet she’s as clumsy as a new born” when he said this she got up ” clumsy we will see about that”

The children watch as she grab a stick. Ashok asks her what she will do with that. Kaurvaki says ” I don’t need a sword to show my talent”

” then I shall use a stick as well”

They both circle each other before Kaurvaki attack, swinging to his left. Ashok seeing this push her, but she attack against stepping forward while flicking her wrist. Ashok was surprise at her speed he wondered how much she had improve. He side step her next attack and turn smacking her behind. Kaurvaki yells. Ashok says to the children” your goddess would have been wounded on her back, if this was a real sword.”

Kaurvaki tod him to shut up before attacking. Ashok Dodge, they connect their sticks once again ” your slacking Kaurvaki, should I show you a think or too” he says pushing her, she spin to attack, but ashok grab her free hand and twirl her to him. Making her back hit his chest. He held the stick near her neck before whispering. ” I have captured you, I could easily cut your throat and it’s game over.” , Kaurvaki shiver

Ashok using his free hand, moves her hair from her neck. Before nuzzling. It. Kaurvaki turning red reminds him that their children watching them. Ashok told her to let them watch, he says this is a good education for them. Kaurvaki heart race, she wanted to melt. But she refused too. Her knees we’re weakening from ashok carress, ashok smile knowing the affect he was giving her. He drop the stick before letting her go.

” OK show is over” he says to the children

The children frown, but agreed. They left leaving ashok and Kaurvaki to themselves. Kaurvaki shly look at ashok who was smirking at her. She look down and ashok laughs. This made her turn red. ” you never change Kaurvaki”

When he said this she looks up ” do you want me to change?”

” no it’s a good thing. You are still the stubborn girl I met on that boat”

” oh really, then what about you? You are not the same boy I met”

Ashok raise a brow ” is that so, then who am I?”
.Kaurvaki thought about it before saying she won’t tell.ashok calls her name, but she walk away. Ashok frown, before running after her.

While they we’re walking in the village. Ashok saw many females shopping. He asks Kaurvaki why it’s so busy. Kaurvaki smile saying karva chauth is approaching. She says that’s the day husband fast for wife and vis-versa. Ashok thought about it, he look at Kaurvaki who was looking lost. He walk to the stand where they we’re selling bangles and saree. Before buying some. The owner was surprise at the amount of money ashok gave him. He refused at first, but ashok told him to take it.

He walk back to Kaurvaki hiding the things he bought. He told her if she will fast for him. Kaurvaki nod, she says it’s her wish to always fast for him. Ashok says ” then I shall fast for you as well.”, both of their heart race, neither said a word. They just stood their enjoying what they have now.

Meanwhile, charu was in her room upset. She says nothing is going as plan. She says she has to get sushim to want the throne again, but how. She suddenly thought of something. She says perfect. While formulating a plan, she heard a knock. She asks who it was, and bindu respond. She quickly fix herself before opening. Bindu walking in, asks if she will fast for him tomorrow. She gladly says she will, bindu says she’s the only wife he has now. He says he need all her love and prayers.

Charu puts her hand on his shoulder reassuring him. Bindu hugs her while looking around for the source. When he spitted it, he smile.

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