Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 25

precap: kaurvaki parent broke all ties with her, while ashok searches for her. They soon consume their marriage while promising to think about the future only.

All four prince included siamak were at the funeral. Bindu was extremely upset. After the ashes we’re scattered, Bindu says ” I want to know who did this, who killed the second prince. ” he says ” that person will be killed ”

All the prince we’re quiet. Six prince says ” father, we didn’t know. But I assure you we will handle it”

Bindu calmed down, charu told him.he needs a break, she says the princes are strong and intelligent, they will find their brother killer. Bindu grab her hand and walk away. See it’s been three days since his talk with Helen, charu is starting to believe he only has eyes for her. She’s starting to melt . Bindu says it won’t be long before he destroy her.

The prince’s we’re at their usual spot after the funeral. The third prince was angry. He slam his hand on the wall ” some one dare to kill my brother. Just wait til I capture them. I won’t show mercy ” he said

.” Calm down third prince, your brother has always been quick to get into trouble. Now he brought his own downfall.” Fourth says

The third glares at the fourth ” are you saying he deserve what happens to him”

” I didn’t say that, but your the Priest. Use your luck to find out who killed your brother” the fourth says boredly

The third says ” I don’t like your tone. Keep talking and I will show you why I’m never wrong ”

Siamak says in head, these prince are so annoying. Where is sushim so we can get this party started. He says frowning.

Elsewhere, after many effort sushim finally managed to make amand with ahankara. They we’re on good terms. But you know how it is, good things never happen to bad people. Sushim and ahankara finally got intimate. One minute they we’re at each others throat and the next, they we’re making out. One thing led to another, and they connected. Sushim told her that he would leave everything behind for her. He says he will stay near her home town.

yes life was good. That was until charu saw them. She was furious. She surprise sushim while he was waiting for ahankara, and scold him for not seeing her. She told sushim how she had lost his sister out of stress because of him. Sushim apologize, he told charu he was finally in peace. He says he doesn’t want to be king. He wants to get out of the castle and live his life. Charu hearing this was appauled.

She told sushim, that if he doesn’t get his act together then she will not only die, but will blame him for his sister death for the rest of her life. Sushim told her she doesn’t mean that, he says his mother can do what ever she wants, but he won’t leave.

Charu upset says ” I have to do something about that girl, sushim must take the throne, I won’t let ashok or his decendent take it”

Meanwhile, Kaurvaki opens the curtain to let light in. She turn and smile looking at ashok. She calls his name, but ashok turn the other way, to cover his face from the sunlight. ” ashok” she says going to him and bending down. She calls his name, but he turn facing her this time. Her eyes shine with love. She touch his eyebrows tracing it, before moving to his nose then stop at his lips.

Suddenly she remember what happend three days ago.


Kaurvaki eyes open, while feeling secure and warm. She still couldn’t believe they consume their marriage. She blush remembering ashok sweet words and touch. Her stomach suddenly got butterflies. She stop when she recall what happen to her and her family. Sad, she starts to cry, she made sure she was silent so she wouldn’t wake ashok. She cried for her mom and dad, and her fate.

Ashok feeling her shake, open his eyes. He calls her name, and she quickly stops crying. Ashok asks if she was OK, when she said yes… he could tell she wasn’t. He turn her around to face him. She close her eyes so he wouldn’t look at her dead in the eye’s. ” Kaurvaki look at me” he says

But she refuse. ” Kaurvaki!” He says this time she opens.

Ashok told her it was OK to cry, he says after today she won’t cry anymore.he says he will make sure to hurt anyone that makes her cry, including him. He wipes her tears and says, ” I don’t want you to think of the past, just think of our future”

When he said this, Kaurvaki sniffs. She look at him and he look at her before they kiss. Pins her down, and showed her what their future will be like for all eternity.

End of flashback

She gave him a Peck on the lips before calling his name. When ashok didn’t answer, she did it again, but still nothing. Just when she was about to go for another round ashok woke up smiling. He grab her and pulls her to him. Wrapping his arm around her waist ” if this is how you will wake me up from now on. Then I am excited for the future”

Kaurvaki playfully smacks his shoulder while calling his name. She told him to let go. Ashok challenges her ” and if I don’t?”

” then I will not share a bed with you”

Ashok says ” that’s more reason to keep you close” , he nuzzle her neck, making her laugh, before missing her cheeks. He whispers the three words Kaurvaki wanted to hear, and she did the same. they Both wish this day could last forever and never stop. But all good thing have to end some how.

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  1. Thilini Vasana

    This is so sweet ?

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks, the time is almost near for ashok to become chand. And the fight for the thrown.

  2. This was amazing…..
    Please do complete the story even if the real one is ending tomorrow…

    Well I would like to say ahenkara is also called asandhimitra…. ashok’s 3rd wife…

    1. Angelk1

      Lol dang it you gave it away. She will be ashok wife, but how it happen will have to do with her relationship with sushim. I was hoping to surprise everyone with it

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