Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 24

Last time: Kaurvaki had to make a decision, either marry the prince or go back to her new life.while Hindu makes a deal with Helen.

Kaurvaki is seen walking in the rain. Her whole outfit was soaked. She was in daze, remembering what happens earlier.


” I’m sorry mother, you know as well as I do that I can’t change what happend. I am a married women now. Marrying the prince won’t change the fact that my life is tied to another. Would you have married another knowing you are married to father?” She asks
Her mother angry slaps her. ” how dare you ask that. I don’t even know who you are anymore, you are not the daughter I lovingly raised, the daughter I always wanted. You are a destroyer, a bad omen ” she says

.” Mother…please, you don’t mean that”

” I mean every word”

Kaurvaki in tears turn to her father. She went to him and touch his shoulder ” father, please look at me.” ” don’t push me away as well, please understand. ”

Jagannath. Ignores her plea. He says her mother is right, she has betrayed them. He says he has no relation to a traitor, and from this day on jagannath. Only has a son. Kaurvaki heart broke, she fell on the floor letting the tears fall down. Bel was crying for her, she wish she could help her, but she’s just a maid. Kaurvaki mom turn to walk away when she fell on the floor couphing. She was couphing Uncontrollably .

They all we’re shock to see blood. ” mother!!” She says, but she held her hand so Kaurvaki wouldn’t come near her. She says she will bare this alone. She doesn’t need her, and for her to go back to her husband, because she has no relation with them. When she said this she fainted. Jagannath told her to go. He says if she doesn’t leave, he will forget that he raised her and attack her. She refuse, she cried for her mother, but the guards block her way.

She call their name, telling them to move aside. They sadly told her ” the king has order them, so they cant move” kaurvaki sadly turn, she says she will leave. Bel calls for her, but she ignored it.

End of flashback

Ashok was feeling unease, he got up and held his side. ” I have to go to her. ” he mumbles, he step out in the rain, heading down. He almost slip, but he caught himself. Once he was down, he walk to the village, until he reached the temple area. Their he saw Kaurvaki, he sigh with relief.

” Kaurvaki” he says walking to her

She stops to look at ashok, ” I have nothing left ashok. They left me, they released any claim they had on me. Who am I…I’m. No ones child, I’m no princess, or general. I feel so empty ashok. I have nothing to live for”

Ashok grabs her and hugs her ” don’t you dare say that, you are Kaurvaki. My wife, you have me to live for. I won’t go anywhere. ” he held her face before saying ” we will start our own family, and have many children so you won’t be alone.”

Kaurvaki held on to him before ashok kiss her. This time it wasn’t a hungry kiss, this was more gentle. Ashok lift her up bridal style and carried her to her old house, not the cave he was in, but the house near the temple. They could hear the sound of bels, but they both ignored it. When ashok reached he opens the door ignoring the pain on his side.

He gently puts her on her bed, before sitting down. Kaurvaki saw the blood resurfacing from the bandage. She told him to hold on and search for things to clean the wound. When she came back, she circle her hand around his body to remove the bandage . Ashok just watch her in daze. She blush, while fidging. Once it was remove, she cleaned it and wrap a new one. Ashok calls her name, telling her to look at him.

She looks Up with blood she’d eyes. Ashok moves down towards her, making her fall on the mat shaped bed. He once again kiss her, but she worriedly told him his wound will reopen.

” don’t worry about it”

” but asho-”

“Kaurvaki” he says

.she looks at him ” hmm”

” be quiet ”

When he said that, he went back for another kiss. This time letting his heart guide him. They both gave in to what their soul wanted. To be in union with each other. Neither wanted this night to stop. They continued until morning, before ashok pulls her to him, securing her from danger. Loving how perfect she fit in his arm.

Meanwhile, dharma was cleaning the house. She went in ashok room to sweep when she saw something under the bed. Curious she grabs it and read the letter. She was shock at what she read. ” ashok do you know what your doing” she says frowning. She quickly puts the note away when Devi calls for her. She says in head, I see destruction coming because of your decision. I won’t let it happen, I won’t let you be with Kaurvaki. She says determine.

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