Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 23


Precap: while running from ashok, Kaurvaki was caught in a trap that was made by one of ashok brothers. Ashok finding her, kills the second prince before fainting. Lets see what happens next.

Bindu has been restless ever since ashok left. While working on some treaty, a guard told him that his mother wish to speak to him. He decline, but the guard told him that she wants to make a bargain.bindu was upset, he says how dare she demand something when she has no say he got up and walk to the chamber. When he arrived, Helan smile ” nice to see you again your majesty”

” what is it you want to say to me?”

” it’s been three years, I have repent for my sins. How long will you keep me here?”

” until you die”

Helan frown. ” won’t you forgive me for my sins, if not for me, but your father the late king ”

Bindu thought about it, he says ” I will only do it, if you help me find the source of charu power. If you help me then I will send you back to your home, until I said it’s fit to come back”

Helen sigh with relief. She thank Bindu, before telling him in order to get close to her source of power, charu needs to be distracted. She says her power is in her room. You find it, she becomes weak. Bindu nod before leaving.

Elsewhere, ashok open his eyes to the sound of bangles. In daze he open his eyes to see Kaurvaki in the corner praying. He watch as she got up with her hair down, before going out. ” where am I?” He mumbles looking around. His eyes widen when realize he was in the place Kaurvaki took him. ” so that means I’m back to odess ” , he chuckle before sitting

When Kaurvaki came back she drop the cup full of milk. She walk to him before putting her hand on his shoulder ” you shouldn’t get up”

Ashok raise a brow ” and why not?”

Kaurvaki points to his injuries. ” how did I get here? Last time I check we were no where near odes”

” I found travalors passing by and they offer me a ride. ”

Ashok nod, before realizing something. ” your not angry!?”

” i was, but when I went to the temple, all my anger washed away.” ” my teacher says what happend was intended to happen. But Now the question is where do we go from here”

Ashok held her hand, ” we start from where we left off, Before I gave you up. I am your ashok… and you are my Kaurvaki. Our story just began, and we will end it in a good term.”

Kaurvaki smile, she grab the extra milk she had and hand it to him. Ashok held her hand and direct the cup to his mouth. They both stare at one another full of love. Ashok drinks the milk and almost choke, worrying Kaurvaki. He stops her from worrying by caressing her other hand. When he was done, Kaurvaki was about to take her hand away when ashok held it again. He says ” I love you ” , Kaurvaki blush and look away, while ashok wait for her to reply back

She look up, but stop when she saw milk all over ashok mouth. She starts to giggle . Ashok wasn’t pleased ” are you mocking my love?” He asks

Kaurvaki look at him, she says ” I wasn’t…its just, you have milk on your mustache area.”

.” Milk?”, embarrassed ashok tries to remove it. He manage to remove half, but the milk was still their. He asks if it was gone, Kaurvaki says no. He tried again, but still nothing. Kaurvaki calls his name. She surprise him by removing the milk on his face.

Ashok realize how close they we’re, if he move just a bit, their lips will touch. He suddenly have the desire to kiss her,but he knew they will need some time before that happen. Kaurvaki move away, and told him she has many things to do.

Ashok says when he is well he will help her. Kaurvaki says ” I have to meet my father, he must be worried”

Ashok staid quiet. He knew it won’t be easy for her, after all he married her when she was betroth. Ashok told her he will come with her, but she denies it. She says it’s her battle, not his.

Ashok told her it will rain soon, Kaurvaki says she will be back before then. She got up, but ashok pulls her back and kiss her forehead ” be safe ” he says, she smile before getting up to leave. When she left, ashok became tense, he wasn’t stupid, jagannath might be calm right now, but he will not take this news lightly.

Meanwhile, charu reached chanda house. Their she told chanda that sushim was dead. Chanda says how can he be when she saw him a week ago, with a woman. This surprise her. Charu asks if she was sure, and she nods. She questioned sushim, wondering why he hasn’t contact her, but she soon became angry, saying she will have to remove who ever that girl is. So sushim can get his head in the game.

Elsewhere, Kaurvaki is seen walking, she stopped when she heard her name being called . ” kaurvi!!?”

She turn to see her maid/friend Bel. She walk up to her with tears , asking if she was OK. Kaurvaki ressures her that she was fine. Just than bindu walk in the clear. He got out of his horse with his wife and embrace her. ” Kaurvaki, what happens to you? Where did you go?” Her mother says

Kaurvaki had tears in her eyes, ” ma!” She says

Her mother wiped it away, before asking her what happend. Kaurvaki stumble for words. Jagannath says ” Bel said their was blood at the camp, all of our soldiers we’re killed. Who did this, I will take care of it”

Kaurvaki panicked in the inside, she says father can not find out it was Ashok. If he does then he will stop at nothing to make sure ashok is dead. Even declaring war. ” Kaurvaki was about to respond when her mother notice the sindoor on her hairloom. Surprise, her eyes widen. She starts to shake and couph.

” why? ” she says.

Kaurvaki apologize to her, she was about to explain when bindu raise his voice ” after everything we did. Raising you and making sure your happy. You go and do This”

” that’s not it father” she says with tears

” is this the punishment I get, for the sins I committed.”

” don’t say that father, you did nothing wrong. I am to blame, I shouldn’t have married him.I was wrong, please forgive me”

She tried to touch her father, but he moved away in disgust. Kaurvaki look at her mom, who was shaking controllably. She says ” what about the prince, his future…our land. It will be destroyed. What will we do” she screams, jagannath. Told her to calm down, but she wouldn’t.

Kaurvaki told her, that won’t happen as long as shes alive. Her mother told her she can’t change destiny. She says if she wants to help them then she will forget her husband and come with them to marry the prince. Kaurvaki eyes widen. She remember ashok words, ” be safe”, what should I do ashok, she thought staring at her parents.

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    OMG.. So nyc kanie dii ? what’ll happen next ? I’m trembling..
    Di if possible gv a glance of what’s gonna happen in next epi as d recap

    1. Angelk1

      You mean a spoilor, that will ruin the whole suspense

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