Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 22


Ashok was getting frustrated. He says ” where could she be? Why did she run away from him after their finally together”, he stop when he spotted blood. And panicked when realize it could be kaurvaki’s. Determine, he followed the trail leading to the river. He saw her getting up, and calls for her ” kaurvaki?”

“Leave me ashok”

But ashok wasn’t planning to. He move closer and call her name again, but kaurvaki move back. She was unaware of being close to the edge. She was to busy glaring at him. afraid, afraid of her heart, and ashok. Ashok move forward to warn her, but kaurvaki moved back causing her to fall in the river. She scream for help, while trying to get out, ashok quickly jump in and grab her. She held on to him for dear life while shaking.

Ashok ressures her that everything will be fine. He told her he will never cause her harm, and will protect her. They both stare at each other. Kaurvaki could feel it her soul calling for ashok. All this time, it was ashok her heart yarn for. She could easily give in and continue to love ashok, but his words still hunts her.

She look away breaking their eye contact. Ashok puts her down, he scold her for leaving and remind her that the area is dangerous. He told her anyone could have kidnapped her. Kaurvaki says ” it’s to late for that, since you already did the job”

” look, I already said I was sorry, can’t we just get over it and move on”

Kaurvaki angry says ” Your right, I will pretend that you kidnapping me didn’t happen. I will also pretend we never got married. Then I will go home and marry the prince”

Kaurvaki turn and start walking. Ashok follows her ” you don’t mean that ”

” I do, this is a nightmare ..that I need to wake up from”

Ashok grab her hand , pulling her to him. he sadly says ” i dont get you, you were so happy to be with me, but now all you want to do is run away. Tell me what did i do to cause such hatred”

Kaurvaki soften a little seeing the look. ” you dont know? Are you joking with me right now”

” know what?”

Kaurvaki jerk her hand away before telling him everything. Ashok was surprise , but he quickly interrupt her. ” i didnt mean what i said then, sushim was going to hurt you. I didnt want him to know how important you were to me.”

” lies”

“Listen kaurv-”

ashok stop when he heard noises. He search around , but didnt see anything. Kaurvaki seeing his expression calls his name, when ashok didnt say anything. She told him she was leaving. Ashok says if she leaves he wont come to save her. ” i can take care of myself”

” fine”

.they both went their separate ways, to stubborn to turn back.kaurvaki while walking, accidently step on a trap. Causing it to pick her up upside down. She tried holding her skirt, so it wouldnt show her legs, but it was a struggle. She was about to call for ashok, when she stop. She refused to utter his name. She turn when she heard a sound. She look to see a buff men coming out. He was smiling at her, before calling his men.

” is she the one” he asks

One of the soldiers nod. The men walk to kaurvaki before bending down to look at her ” you are a pretty one, its to bad i will have to kill you” he says before saying ” unless you call my brother ashok”

Kaurvaki eyes widen. Many thoughts were running through her head. But she got over it and glare at the men. She says ” if you want ashok, then get him yourself, i want nothing to do with him”

The prince smile, he likes her spunk, but he hates people who look him in the eyes. He told his man to build a fire around her, he says we will see how long she can keep quiet. Kaurvaki eyes widen. She was getting dizzy from being upside down. In her head, she was calling for help, she didnt say ashok, but she didnt have too.

Ashok was walking to his horse. He stop when he felt unease. ” somethings not right, I should probably go and look for her” he says, it wasn’t long before he went back. He walk to the place he last saw her, and call her name. He walk further down until he saw Kaurvaki running. He was surprise when she grab his hand and told him to run. ” what’s wrong Kaurvak?”

He stop to look at her, before demanding to know who ripped her clothes. ” we don’t have time, his coming ”

Confuse ashok says who. Suddenly a man bleeding from his eyes walk out angry ” you btch, I will get you for this” he says

He turn to see ashok, and laugh ” Nice to see you again brother”

Ashok asks if he did this to her. The man mock and tease him. He says after he kills him, he will kill her. Kaurvaki scoff, ashok says, ” I have no I’ll treatment towards you. Leave now ”

The men refuse and attack ashok. Ashok side step. And remove his sword. They we’re at it, throwing hits after hits. The prince slash ashok on his side, making Kaurvaki heart race. But that didn’t stop ashok. It wasn’t long before Ashok realize how slow the second prince was going. Ashok use that to his advantage and knock him on the floor. The second prince roll over when ashok was about to stab him. He got up, but ashok kicks dust making it enter his bleeding eye.

The men move back screaming. Ashok Didnt waist no time. He swung and cut his legs off, making the prince fall. The prince now bleeding uncontrollably says ” you will wish you we’re never born, when they come for you…ashok.” he says couphing. Blood. Kaurvaki was surprise at how quick it ended. She wonder if this was the same boy she had loved.

Ashok turn around with blood covering his face. He had some cuts and wounds, but he ignored it and walk to Kaurvaki. He asks if she was fine, she silently nods. He smile before fainting on her. Kaurvaki says ” what should I do, with this heart of mine. It won’t stop beating… I want it to stop” she cries, while holding him.

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  1. In the last epi kvk was in kalinga then hoe come she is here

    1. Angelk1

      Their still in kalinga, the last eps Kaurvaki was remembering what happen thirteen years ago when she was young. After ashok gave her back to her father. But in this chapter their now, in the present. You get it lol

      1. Thanks..

  2. But u r doing fab update

  3. Vanshika

    Nyc writer u r.. Really awesome.. Do u understand Hindi??

    1. Angelk1

      No lol I don’t know Hindu.

      1. Vanshika

        Okie.. So kamie sis I’ll call u kamie dii. Di is d short form of Hindi word didi which means elder sis. ?? only if u don’t mind.. N u r awesome writer tell me whenever u update if possible mean reply me ?? I can radio read it again n again ?

      2. Angelk1

        Lol, I don’t mind, and it’s kanie.

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