Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 21


Precap: ashok kidnaps Kaurvaki and marries her, let’s see how this plays along.

Ashok was on his horse in thought. He wonder if kidnapping her was the right course of action. He is usually in control of his emotions, he just didnt understand why he fell into it. He look at an unconsious kaurvaki and soften. He says ” we are finally married kaurvaki, destiny has once again unite us. This time I won’t let you leave.”

Kaurvaki starts to stir, when she open her yes the first thing she saw was the ground moving. She look around until she jolt up remembering what happend. She look at the hand holding her making her heart race. When she saw ashok… she cried. She turn half way and starts to hit his chest, telling him to let go. ” calm down kaurvaki, I won’t hurt you”

Hearing this infuriate her ” you’ve done that already”

Ashok look on guilty ” I’m sorry I didn’t tell you who I was, but I’m not the only one at fault. You lied about yourself too”

” shut up…shut up!” She says

She told ashok to stop the horse, he asks why, but she gave him no answer. ” stop the horse” she says, ashok stop the horse, he asks why she’s so angry at him. He says if it because he married her than his not sorry. He says when everything is good they will do the right ritual with their parents by their side.

Kaurvaki remove herself from him, before jumping down. Ashok asks ” where are you going?”

” anywhere, as far away from you”

Ashok was now confused, he was sure she love him. He just didn’t know why she’s being so hostel towards him. He turn and jump of his horse. He told him to stay , before running after her. While kaurvaki was walking, she stepped on something sharp , she ignored it and continue moving. She through all her jewlieres and wedding stuff, while remembering ashok.

She tried wipeing the sindoor, but it wouldn’t go away, it was still there. ” she’s an idiot, that always cause trouble for me. you actually bellieve some one like that would mean something to me.” The voice said

” I love someone else, and her name is ahankara ”

” we are not friend’s, or lover, but instead an enemies from another land”

Kaurvaki fell while walking remembering those words over and over. She cover her ears trying to get it out of her head, but it wouldn’t leave. When she heard ashok calling for her, she quickly got up and ran, ignoring the pain on her foot.

Thirteen years ago

Kaurvaki went in her room after fighting the soldiers. A young Bel says, ” are you really not gonna find ashok and speak to him?”

Kaurvaki lay on her bed, and starts to cry ” why should I, he gave me to my father. When I wanted to be with him”

” that’s no reason to give up. You should try speaking to him once to hear his reason”

Kaurvaki look at Bel ” no Bel, ashok doesn’t want to see me. He didn’t even turn once when I was leaving. ”

Bel frown, she didn’t like the way she was behaving ” the kaurvi I know wouldn’t give up so easily, she would have found a way to see ashok until she get her answer.”

” your right Bel, but where will I start looking. I heard ashok left Patna. How will I find him?”

Bel smile ” leave that to me” she says

it wasn’t long before they found ashok location. Kaurvaki told her, the prince is coming today. She says how can I leave when he expect to see his sister. Bel told her she will handle it, she told kaurvaki ashok will be at the market to get stuff for his mother. She says she should hurry before he leaves.

Kaurvaki thank her and quickly sneak out of the castle. She says ashok will have to answer to her, once she finds him.

Meanwhile ashok reached the market area. People we’re running away because sushim was angry. He wanted to get back at ashok for leaving the scar on his face. So when he found out ashok was close by he left the castle in a hurry. Ashok, look around until he found what he was looking for, by that time sushim and kaurvaki both we’re looking at him.

Kaurvaki was bout to step forward, when sushim pull his sword, and put it on ashok neck. The people gasp, while ashok turn around. The anger was back again. He promise he wouldn’t kill sushim, but he was planning to hurt him.

” didn’t we band you from entering Patna, why show your ugly face here” he says

Ashok smirk ” I would have thought my warning was clear, but I guess today you brought your own death upon yourself ”

Sushim out of anger attacks ashok, but ashok Dodge making him smash the stand instead. Sushim turn around and swung at ashok, but ashok Dodge each of them. ” your like a wild beast, no one love you. Not father, or that kalinga girl ”

” isn’t that why she left you” he says cockily

Ashok told him to shut up if he doesn’t know anything. Sushim says ” I can tell she’s your weakness, I will come after her, and kill her right in your face.”

Ashok remove his sword, making it clang with sushim. They both push one other, trying to get the upper hand. Kaurvaki was trying to get close to them, but people kept pushing her. She says ” ashok is in trouble, I have to help him”, she pushed people out the way, but it was no use. She frown looking for a d ifferent route, when she found a small area fill with food.

She crawl towards it, just when ashok landed on the table. Sushim laugh, but ashok quickly got back up with the help of his acrobat. .ashok says ” I think you got me wrong sushim, kaurvaki is neither a friend or my lover, but instead an enemy from another land. She’s an idiot that always cause me trouble, you actually believe someone like that could mean something to me” he says

Kaurvaki in hideing was trying to hold her tears. So at the end father was right, ashok, never cared about me. She thought.

Ashok laugh before remembering something, he smirk cockily at sushim ” besides, I love someone else, and that’s ahankara ” when he said this kaurvaki whole heart shattered, she silently walk away, back to her home. Back to where she knew she wouldn’t be in pain. She just didn’t want to see ashok anymore.

Meanwhile, sushim now was angry ” don’t speak of her from your mouth…ahankara is my women.”

“really then should I take her from you like how you took me from my land.” Sushim attacks ashok once again, but ashok was ready. He duck and jab him on the stomach and was bout to cut his arm when the soldiers came blocking him.

They told him, bindu will be angry if he hurt sushim. Ashok scream in anger and put his sword back. ” how long will you coward behind father… if anything your the pathetic fool”, ashok turn and walk away ignoring sushim scream. While walking he says sushim almost got me, luckily I sent kaurvaki back to her homeland. If he knew she was another weakness, sushim would have come after her to get to him.

I can’t put her life in danger. I won’t involve her in my battle because she’s my dear friend, my precious person, he says smiling, ignoring the rain that starts to fall.

Meanwhile, the prince drags Bel to the courtroom. He throws her on the floor ” who is this father? I found her laying down in kaurvaki bed, pretending to be her.

Jagannath look at Bel whose head was down. He asks Bel where his daughter was, but when Bel refuse to speak he raised his voice. Scaring her, Bel was about to respond when kaurvaki now drenched in rain walk in. ” I’m here father”

Kaurvaki mom quickly walk to her asking, if she was fine. She sadly nods, Jagannath says ” where did you go? Why are you so depress? ”

” I was washing away loose ties. And now my mind is clear” ” may I be excuse ” she says

Jagannath nod before kaurvaki calls for Bel to come with her. While walking Bel asks her about ashok, but kaurvaki told her to drop it. She told Bel to never speak of ashok to her again, because they are neither friend or lover. They are enemies of different land. Bel disturbed wonder what could have happend.

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