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Note: they never really talked about ashok other brothers, and how they plot to kill him. So I decided to use it in my story. Now both ashok and kaurvaki will know the truth and we will see how they both handle it.

It was late at night ashok was having nightmares. It was him, killing everyone before being pull down into clear water. When he couldnt breath, he got up gasping for air. He wonder what it could means, he kept having the same dream over and over. While getting out of the bed, a letter falls from his pillow.

He look at it and realize it was from kaurbaki. He smile just thinking about her. Remembering what she told him when he pined her to the tree’s. He open the letter and starts to read.

Dear chand, I should have told you this before, but I was to afraid, I know… what your thinking someone as brave as I am, afraid to speak. But that’s not the case, the week with you had been wonderful, but i should have told you this before confessing. I have been lying to you, about my name, Im sorry, I just wanted a new start. You see, I ran away from home. The monks found me and decided to give me a new name.

Please don’t hate me for this, my name is kaurvaki, I was the princess of kalinga by title.

Ashok eyes widen. What…my kaurvaki…was kaurbaki this whole time… how come I didnt recognize her? This whole time, she was in my reach, but I couldn’t put two and two together. No wonder I felt it that pull. Ashok heart was racing, he wanted to cry out of happyness. Could she be the same girl I met before in nirankush castle? … it had to be her, my heart was crying for her as we’ll. ” my kaurvaki” he mumbles smiling before reading.

The reason why I’m writing is to tell you that I’m betrothed to the prince of kalinga, I made a promise to my father, to protect the prince from his I’ll fate. So I can’t be yours… I can’t be your wife, please forgive me for giving you hope. I hope you understand that my family needs me, you will always have my heart.
Yours and forever, kaurvaki

Ashok crumble the letter, he was beyond pissed. His inner voice says ” didn’t I tell you that she will be taken from us, now do you see reasoning”

Ashok says I won’t let her become someone else’s. She belongs to me, and only me. His inner voice laugh evilly. ” then why don’t we get her and marry her.” ” if anyone interfears kill them”

Ashok darkly agrees. He got up and put his clothes on. Then he grab his sword. Once dressed he left forgetting about the paper that fell under his bed.

Earlier , the soldiers arrive at kaurvaki house. Bel came out with. Kaurvaki dressed in bridal attire. ” you are so pretty kaurvaki, the prince will never let you go”

Kaurvaki staid quiet, she looked like a lifeless doll. Bel sadly puts her in the carriage before getting in with her. ” I know your depress, but you couldn’t help it.” She says ” Chand will forgive you, and if your ment for each other, it will happen”

Kaurvaki eyes cloud before tears came out ” chand ” she whispers, ” please forgive me” she says, they walk for many hours before stopping for the night. The soldiers made tent for her to sleep in. Bel says she should rest, while she search for food. Kaurvaki nod, before going in. She laid her head on the pillow before sleep took her.

While sleeping she was unaware of ashok coming to their camp,and killing the soldiers that prevents him from getting her. When he entered her tent, he put the sword back, making blood drop on the floor. He silently walk to her before picking her up ” my kaurvaki ” he says longingly, he puts her on his shoulder making her stir.

” Bel are you back yet?” She says sleepily

When she got no respond, she look around to see herself of the ground. She turn half way to see a men covered in blood. she couldnt really see his face because it was dark. She scream, but ashok quickly tape her mouth and tied her foot.

He walk out heading to his horse. Kaurvaki could see the blood dripping , each step he took. She scan around to see her soldiers dead, her eyes widen , their heads and body was chopped off. It was butcherd , chopped in peices. Kaurvaki says what cruelty, how can a person do that. This is not humane. she says crying, she was so shocked that she passed out.

Ashok put her on his horse and ride away. He was determined, but where could he be going. the sun was rising, but ashok didn’t stop. He rode until he was near an abandon temple. He grab the priest that was tied and release him. He told him to start the ceremony. The priest seeing the blood on ashok quickly start chanting.

Ashok grabs kaurvaki, and made her sit down by the fire. Both unaware of the diya kaurvaki had lighten before swaying. The priest told him to do the rounds which of course he did. While doing that kaurvaki starts to awaken, she look at the priest in daze, before looking at the fire blazing. Confuse she look at ashok and was surprise ” chand” she mumbles , but ashok didn’t hear her, he was determine to marry her.

” what’s going on?, why are you here? ” she asks, getting a headache but she still got no reply

When the rounds was done, the priest told ashok to take his vow, ashok told her at he will give her everything she needs, and will love her for all eternity. He says even if they we’re to recarnate, he will never stop loving her. His heart will recognize her easly. Kaurvaki hearing this.. heart speed up, she says somethings not right, this is chand, but why do I feel unease.

Elsewhere, Bel came back only to see blood everywhere. She was shaken with fear. She quickly ran to kaurvaki tent calling for her, when she saw no one she panicked. ” kaurvaki… she’s in danger, I need to inform jagannath before it’s to late. She quickly left the tent, running, heading to the nearest village to get help.

Meanwhile, kaurvaki was finally awake, she was still tied up by her foot and her mouth was taped. Ashok puts her down so she can stand. She watch him making her heart skip. Chand, you came for me? But why this way…why didn’t you just go to my father, why did you have to kill those people. She look at him, but she couldn’t find the warmth she remembered seeing in his eyes. You are chand…right?… why does it feel like your someone else.

Ashok look at kaurvaki, his heart soften. Kaurvaki saw it, she sigh with relief, that’s my chand. But that was soon over when ashok became angry again, he told the priest to give him the kumkum before he applied it on her forehead , the priest quickly told kaurvaki to do the same. She hesitate, ashok says don’t you love me.

Kaurvaki ressures Herself that she was marrying chand. She grab the chandan tilak and applied it on ashok forehead. Ashok knew he was doing everything backwards, but he wanted her to be his. He says even though his mom is not hear to witness this, when he bring her back, they will marry properly with her concent.

The priest said it was done, but ashok says this is not enough sindoor, he says I want it to be shown to the whole world that she is mine. He told the priest to hand him the kumkum which he did, he put it on her hair loom before saying with determination ” I ashok son of bindusara and maharani Dharma and grandson of chandragupta maurya takes kalinga princess kaurvaki as my wife”

Their it was, the reason she was unease, her chand…wasn’t her chand…but instead ashok, her past… the one who betrayed her and left her. The one that mocked her love, ashok, the men she promise to hurt. He was one with her chand. Kaurvaki fell on the floor shock. Tears we’re coming out, she was to afraid to touch it, even when the voice called her name, and bend down to wipe it away she did nothing.

Her chand, she says remembering the time she met him . ..up until he declare she was his wife. ” takes kalinga princes kaurvaki, as my wife…my wife…wife” that’s all that kept repeating in her head.

Elsewhere, the diya kaurvaki lit had finally turned off, what could that mean? What will happen to the two who were destine to be together? How will Dharma and jagannath react to this? We won’t know Until next time, bye: )

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