Ashwaki -dangerous love – Eps 2


Let me say this again. Some of the plots will be from the show, but you will see when it starts going a different direction. Also it may seem like it’s a dvi story, but it’s not. I just respect history.also ashok is 18 and kvk is 17 , Devi is also 17.

Kaurvaki is seen walking out of the palace, her father questions where she was going, and her mom smile ” you should already know, who else live in Ujjaini”, Jagannath. Thought about it before his eyes lighten up, ” Chanda” he says making his wife smile.

When kaurvaki and Bel reached the village area, she searched for her mentor house. She remember it was by the river, ” I think that’s it kaurvi” Bel says

Kaurvaki nod, and walk to the small house. She knocked, but no one answered. She knocked the second time and she heard shuffling and an old voice ” I had said this before, I don’t want any soldier’s. Knocking on my door. Leave what you have behind and then I shall open” , kaurvaki look around, before removing her sword, and warrier. Clothes. Bel gasp, she told her people will see, but she ignored her.

She knock one more time, before the door was opened. ” kaurvi, how have you been?” She asks, touching her face. Kaurvaki soften, seeing her face ” I’m well, and how is your health? Did you get the money I sent you”

Chanda took her hand back, while walking with her cane, ” of course, and I make do with it. I’m actually having a party for the village.”

” a party? Why didn’t you tell me, I could have helped you”

” no, you have more things to do then helping an old lady”

Kaurvaki frown ” your like family dad I, I would do anything to help you”

Chanda smile, remembering when she was first assigned to teach her to fight with swords. She was very fierece, and yet stubborn. She remembered how lost she was, but she soon warmed up to her and she started calling her dad I. She smile, but stop when she started couphin. Worried kaurvaki ran to her, calling her name, Chanda told her she will be fine, in a few minute. Kaurvaki frown, she told her if she was sick, she could have inform her.

” stop worrying to much, im fine now” she says, before straightening her back and took out a list. ” whats this?”

” these are food i need, im to old to get them so you will do” she says

Few hours later, bel frown while holding the fish net ” why are we doing this again?”

” because , i dont want her to do things by herself”
” but this is so gross” she wines

Kaurvaki stopped throwing the fish in the nest ” bel, stop complaining. Your not the one getting the fish i am” she says before going back to throwing it.

Some guys walking by stop when they saw kaurvaki flip her beautiful hair, making the sun touch her pake skin. She wore a white garment, making the mens drool , ” a goddess has decended on earth” they mumble

One guy decided to approach her, while she was tying the net. He told her to become his wife, and leave this labour work to him from now on. Kaurvaki just stared at him, ” im perfectly fine, doing this” she says

The men says ” but a female like yourself, wont be able to handle this” he says

Kaurvaki raised a brow ” really??” , bel chuckles, saying his gonna get it. Kaurvaki grab the net and lift it, she swung it like it was a rope, then she throw it to the guy who was surprise. He caught it, but the wait of the fish, made his hand weak and he fell to the ground. His friends snickered, before kaurvaki, grab the fish and call for bel. They left the area and walk back to the house.

meanwhile, dharma, asks ashok to do some grocery in the market, ashok frown, but complied. While walking devi saw him and decides to tag along, she starts questioning where he was going, and then starts talking about the people. Ashok annoyed told her to be quiet for a second. Devi pouts, when they reached the market, people got scared seeing chand, but sigh with relief, when they saw devi with him.

While he was buying food, he heard people talking about sushim. ” yes not everyobe can afford food now, because he put the taxes up. I thought bindu understood his people, but to let his son take over the finance was a bad idea” one said

Another says ” he even taxing the water, if anyone disobeye they will be punished”

Ashok tries to hear more, but the two men left. He frown to himself, and turn around he gave the money to Devi and ran to the direction he thought they went. Devi frown calling ashok, ” his always quick to leave my side” she says before paying.

Ashok ran until he found one of the men, he grab one by the shoulder forcefully demanding to know, everything about Sushim. The men surprise and afraid, calls ashok chand. He starts begging saying he didn’t do anything, and to spare him. Ashok tighten his hold on the men, ” I wiobt hurt you if you tell me, what you know” he says deadly

The men shivers, almost peeing on himself. ” I-I ONLY K-KNOW THAT SUSHIM PUT TAXES ON ALL FOODS AND WATER” he says

Ashok shook the men ” why?” He says

The men cried ” I don’t know, I don’t know” he says, but ashok shook him some more, ” I know you know more then you think. What is Sushim up too? Why is he in command?”

The men was about to respond when Devi came ” ashok, what are you doing!!?, leave the men alone” she says now walking towards him

Ashok held onto the men, not budging ” this is none of your business. Devi, go back home”

” I won’t, until you let him go”

” you don’t understand, he has something that I need”

” I don’t care, threatening someone to death is not the answer”

Ashok glare at the men a little longer before dropping him, he watch as the men ran away. Ashok turn to Devi, making her scared. He glare at her and walk away, when she calmed down, she ran after him. When they reach their home, ashok refuse to speak to her, vit asks whats wrong with his brother, and devi says they had a fight.

Dharma, says ashok will forgive you, he always does. Devi smile, ” your right, he will understand my reason.”

suddenly a men call the whole village, everyone gathered. He told them about the party that will be held in chanda house. Everyone started mumbling amongst one another. Vit says ” devi-didi this is the perfect opportunity to be alone with chand, and confess your feelings” , devi blush ” i-i dont like chand, besides he hates me”

Vit laughs ” no way, bhai is in love with you… his just to stubborn to show it.”

” you think so?”

” yes”

” but i dobt think he wil attend”

” trust me he will”

Meanwhile, sushim spies nod at one another before headibg to inform sushim. When sushim found out he was outrage. ” those people choose to ignore my words. Fine, go to tht party and destroy everything. And if they resist, kill them” he says

Charu sitting on her thrown, told him not to waist his time on stupid things. She said, they should be looking for ashok, to kill him. Sushim while doing push ups told her not to worry. He says this time ashok will die by his hands, after all his invinsible. he says because ashok lost all ties with father, he is Bindu favorite now. He made it clear to make sure no one mention the name ashok, or Dharma. ” you forgetting it’s all because of me” his mom says

” yes we are a perfect team”

Elsewhere, it was late, ashok, Devi dressed in something beautiful walk to ashok while he was convercing with a men. She cleared her throat getting his attention. Ashok was surprise, but he hide it. ” you look nice ” he mumbles

” thank you” she says, she fidge before finally saying it ” ashok, will you come with me to the party”, she says with hope

” I’m sorry Im busy right now, ” he says before continue his conversation

Devi, feeling rejected walk to the party. She was unaware of ashok watching her with an apologetic look. Ashok says his good bye to the men, and turn to leave when he notice someone with Patna armor. Alert, he decides to follow them, he was surprise to see them at the party. What are they doing here, who sent them? Is it Sushim?.. or father? , he thought

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