Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 19


Note: the time is reaching soon when ashwaki will get married, and their new life will start. Ashok will start to battle himself a lot. But I won’t say no more. Hopefully kaurvaki will be able to stop him when the time comes.

The next few days Devi couldn’t stop thinking of ways to tell ashok. She was nervous ..yes. she saw Vit and ashok walking back excited, dharma asks ” did you win”

Vit showed his new bow and arrow ” bhai was amazing. He really showed whose the best. When I almost fell while climbing those rocks, he quickly grab me while his legs we’re tied with rocks and climb me up the hill.”

Dharma smile ” you must have had fun, now it’s time for your study session”, Vit groans at this but complied.

Ashok seeing Devi so quiet asks if she was alright. Devi jump a little before looking at ashok ” ashok.i-i w-was wondering if you would like to spend a day with me?!”

Ashok blink before accepting. He walk inside with Vit while Dharma told her this was a good opportunity for her to tell him. Devi agrees.

Elsewhere, Somewhere in the mountains seven people we’re sitting down, they each we’re dressed differently, well some of them we’re. Siamak look at the six before talking ” I’m glad to see each of you in the same room without bloodshed.”

” what’s the meaning of this?”

” yeah, I traveled here leaving my family behind”

” fifth prince right, why are we here… and where is elder brother?”

“;you haven’t heard? ” third prince says

” heard what?”

” our beloved brother Is dead”

Some of the prince laugh ” you can’t believe that, sushim is not to keen on dying”

A buff person at the near corner says ” I never liked sushim, he was always fathers favorite”

” your wrong second prince, father favorite is ashok” third prince said

One of the prince reading Look up ” you mean the barbarian. Chand?” Fourth prince said

” what?!.. ashok is chand? …” they all said

” ashok don’t scare me, I will take the throne because I’m fit and I have the physic that a king needs” second prince says

Third prince laugh ” yeah, but you lack knowledge, so I will be king”

” you both wrong, father will make sushim his successor ” fifth prince said

Siamak was getting a headache, “Enough! ” he says ” we all want the crown, but that’s not why I brought you all here.” He says

All the prince stayed quiet except the six prince who was listening the whole time ” you should mind your tongue Siamak, after all your not fathers son, but our cousin. Watch how you speak” he says with full authority making the room quiet

Siamak really hates the six prince, his always reminding him of why he can’t have the thrown. He look at the six prince whose eyes we’re close. Of he remember correctly, his mother was a high general, in China. Bindu was impress with her so he married her. But she couldn’t live with him, so she staid far away from the castle. He is very intelligent and skillful, Siamak wonder if he could really kill ashok.

He look at the fifth prince, he was tall. He was another Greek descendent he has a gentle face, but he is very cruel. He does his work silently wiping any trace of his foot prints.

Siamak turn to fourth prince, who look bored. He was busy reading again. He doesn’t know much about him, no one takes him seriously because besides ashok.. his mother was a skilled nun. Bindu was mesmerize by her eyes and skip with medicine that he married her. Fourth prince has the same eyes like his mom, no one has seen him pick up a sword or kill a person. They sometimes wonder if his really Bindu son.

Siamak look at the third and second prince, they are polar opposites, but their brothers. The third prince is very cocky, he believes he deserve it more then anyone else because he was promoted as a priest when he was younger. He thinks he can see he future, and says Patna will be in good hands if he was king. Half of his prediction has come true so far, he is what people call the lucky one.

And lastly second prince, their mother was another princess from a kingdom, just like charu. She is wicked, and manipulative. Thats where second prince got it, he kills even when they look or disobeyed him. He doesn’t do mercy and will kill even child. Siamak says in head, he will have to be close to him, and then once his almost their kill him and take the thrown.

” ashok is getting closer to the thrown everyday. Sushim has tried to get rid of him, but it’s not enough. We have to work together to kill ashok, and then we can kill one another for the thrown.”

” ashok can’t be that good to Dodge every obstacle sushim throws at him” second prince says

” yes he is, his our greatest enemy”

” then I will handle him” third prince says

The second laughs ” oh please, what good will you do”

” I say we wait for sushim, he knows ashok more then we all do. We will also need his brain if we want ashok gone” fourth says

” I agree” six says

” how long will we wait, you forgetting sushim might be dead” fifth says

” then third what is your guess on sushim being alive” fifth says

” his definitely alive” he says

” their you have it, when sushim comes back we will plan ” six says, they all nod Siamak wasn’t please, he really hates when six acts like he run everything. He says darkly, he will be the first I kill when I become king.

Elsewhere, ashok and Devi we’re on the horse enjoying their time together. Devi leaned back while ashok puts an arm around her stomach. They enjoy the quietness, letting the sun bath on each other. ” ashok, do you ever wonder what would have happend if we had met differently”

Ashok thought about it ” I would probably be fathers general still angry at him.”

” why angry?”

” because of him not believing me”

Devi puts her hand on his hand, ” then I would be learning to be a nun”

” father would have sent me of to uujaini. And their I would have met you and ask you to be mine”

Devi smile ” and I would refuse”

Ashok turn to her ” why refuse?”

” because you would still be angry with the world ”

Ashok stops the horse when they reached a nice apple tree. He got down and hold the rope ” if you refuse I will come again until your mine”

Devi turn before grabbing his extended hand ” then I will make you promise me something ”

Curious he says ” what would that be?”

” to not fight or she’d blood”

Ashok held her hand ” if I don’t kill , they will kill me”

” you either listen or you don’t” she replies

While they walk to the tree, Devi almost trip holding her stomach. Ashok grab her before she could fall. ” then I won’t fight, I rather be injured , so I can marry you”

Devi thank him and they sat under the tree ” and I will wonder where my general went”

Ashok grab some apples to give to her ” I will be coming to you for healing ”

Devi imagine that scenery ” and I will be touched and heal you”

” then will you marry me?!”

Devi nods, ashok says why bring this up. ” it’s because even though our destiny was written differently, we can write our own for someone else”

” whose?”

Devi looks away shyly before grabbing his hand and puts it on her stomach ” our child ”

Ashok eyes widen ” your with a child…our child?”

” yes ashok, our child”

Ashok hugs her before kissing her forehead ” you have made me so happy Devi. I will teach him how to weild a sword, and fight like me” , when ashok was saying this Devi look down while frowning. She says in head, I don’t want our son to fight, I don’t want him to weild a sword. I don’t want him to kill innocent. Thats not the world I want him to live in, she thought

” Devi? Are you alright” he asks

” y-yes” she says

They spend few more hours enjoying the weather before heading back. Devi says, I can’t let ashok introduce my son to his world. Its to dark, and heavy. I have to protect him… even if I have to go against ashok.

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