Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 18


Precap: ashok says his farewell, only to find out bindu caused Devi and Dharma to leave the palace

Over the weeks sushim has been getting comfortable with ahankara, things we’re looking good for both of them. He would sometimes wait for her before taking her home, and she would stay with him in a small house he bought. While walking and talking with ahankara he bumped into someone, ” I’m sorry” the person says looking up ” sushim?”

” you?!”

Ahankara confuse wonder who she was, the same could be said for chanda. She asks sushim if his mother was around. Curious sushim asks how she knoew his mom. She says charu called her to meet him…her fianc.

.” Fiance?” Ahankara says

Chanda looks at her before nodding, she was about to ask who she was when Ahankara walk away. Sushim quickly snap out of it and excuse himself before running after her. Chanda confuse wonder what’s going on.

” Ahankara… wait” he says

Ahankara ignored him and continued walking. Sushim says he didn’t know, he says Chanda must be lying because he would have known. Ahankara stops ” that’s not the issue here sushim, your betrothed, do you know what that means” she says

Sushim staid quiet ” your out of my reach” she says

” don’t say that, I’m sure if mother sees you and I explain she will cancel the engagement”

Ahankara turn to him ” she won’t sushim…you know as well as I do that your mother hates me. She would never accept this”

” then I will make her accept you” Ahankara had an unpleasant look ” I can’t see you anymore” she says before running away

Sushim heart was torn, he says in his head ” I won’t let this end…you will see me again, mark my words”

Elsewhere, ashok came from work. He saw Vit reading a paper, curious he asks what he was reading. Vit hides the paper, ashok grabs it and read it. He says the village is having a race for brothers. Vit nod, ashok says why didn’t you tell me.

Vit looks down ” you we’re busy lately so I didn’t tell”

” we are brothers, we should be able to tell each other anything, and help each other.”

Vit apologize, ashok laughs ” now I see, you want the bow an arrow.”

Vit quickly got excited ” yes bhai, I really do!! ”

” then be prepared we will win this together”

Vit hugs ashok with excitement before saying ashok is the greatest brother ever, and we will definetly win. Dharma and Devi smile seeing this ” their relationship is really close”

Dharma laughs ” yeah, ashok spoils him a lot. Lets hope they stay like this forever” she turn to Devi to see her holding the table while feeling dizzy, Dharma asks if she was fine. She says she’s just tierd. Devi walk to her room to rest, this concern Dharma.

Ashok was about to go in with Vit, when acharya walk to them. Ashok told Vit he will meet him inside before walking away. ” I have news, sushim is dead”

” what! Thats not possible” ashok says

Acharya says it’s the truth ” when your father tried to attack kalinga. Sushim was hit many times with arrows, falling in the river. They searched everywhere , but theirs no signs of sushim”

Ashok was trembling ” if no one found his body, that could mean his alive. Sushim would cheat death himself to get the thrown. He can’t hide for long” ashok says

Acharya thought about it, before agreeing ” I will look into it” he turn to leave, but stops to remind ashok the time is near to take the thrown.”

” I know sushim isn’t the only one I will have to fight for the thrown. Fathers other children will want it too. When that time reach I will kill them all”.

Back in the house, Dharma walk the stairs to call Devi, for dinner. When she didn’t answer she tried again, but still nothing. She saw the bathroom half open and walk in to see Devi on the floor wipeing her mouth. ” Devi?..what are you-”

” I’m sorry, I’ve been throwing up lately. I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Dharma blink before asking If she was craving anything, she told her what it was. She asks if she’s feeling weak or noze, she nods. She asks how long she’s been feeling this way, she says a week ago. ” why didn’t you tell me?”

” I didn’t want to worry you, besides if it was just a stomach flew I was just going to brush it a side ” Devi looks at Dharma who was thinking ” do you know what it is? ”

Dharma smile ” your with a child” she says

Devi surprise fainted, Dharma calls for her, but she was unconscious. She calls ashok and when he arrives she told him to take her to their room. Ashok asks if Devi was fine, Dharma says yes, ” she was just feeling lighheaded, when she’s better she will tell you”

Ashok confuse wonder what Devi wants to tell him.

The next day, sushim waited for Ahankara close by the hut she teaches. When he saw her, he quickly ran to her getting her attention . ” Ahankara, please listen” he says

” what?”

” I will go and tell that girl that I have special feelings for you” Ahankara, cross her arm before walking away telling sushim not to follow her, sushim frustrated walks away sulking. After her teaching, she was heading home when she saw Sushim sitting by the trees again, she pass right by him, but stop when sushim grab her hand.

” let go”

” no”

” sushim!”

” I won’t let go until you become mine”

” so now your trying to force me” she says getting angry

Sushim says if that’s one way of her becoming his then yes. Ahankara glares at sushim, ” you haven’t changed at all” she says before removing her hand. She starts to walk and sushim follows, she turn and asks ” how long are you going to keep following me?”

” until you become my women”

Ahankara walk to sushim ready to kick him, but sushim quickly close his legs. She stops before saying ” I refuse”

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