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Note: the story is an Ashwaki story, bit I also can’t ignore other characters. Using sushim and Ahankara is part of what’s going to happen to ashok. The next two chapters will talk about them and Devi, but then Ashwaki will be back, and the wedding between them will take place, but how it happen will hurt one of them. I can’t tell you. All I can say is… I wrote this weeks ago, and I’m about to write the next chapters of this story. So don’t get upset because you don’t see Ashwaki for two chapters, their not gone.

While ashok was leaving Kaurvaki followed him. She tried to be very quiet, hiding when ashok/chand turn to look around. She says even though I realize I love chand, why does my heart hurt when I see him leave. She hides when ashok/chand turn once more. She says its like I’ve known him for years, but that can’t be right. She suddenly remember Bel words about chand being ashok.

She says in her head, it’s not possible. She shook her head in denial before turning slightly to see if ashok/chand was walking, but instead found him gone. Confuse she step out and was about to search for him when she heard the voice that makes her whole body shiver . “An enemy can easily detect you by the sound of your footsteps.”, he pull her making her back hit the tree before putting his hand above her head.

Kaurvaki lookS up at him while blushing. Ashok/chand looks back ” those eyes look at me with so much love, is it really for me?” He says teasingly ” or is it for someone else”

Kaurvaki quickly interject pouting while her cheeks redden. She grab his other hand guiding it to her lips” my lips and body is yours to take” , she then guide his hand to her chest ” my heart is yours to keep…and my soul is yours forever. Your the only one I want to be with for the rest of my life” , when she said this she turn her head around too embarrassed to look at him.

Ashok smile, before grabbing her chin. ” then my love is yours for all eternity ” . Kaurvaki heart race, she smile while holding his hand. Ashok moves his head closer making her close her eyes before he kiss her on the lips. Both heart in sync with one another, while their soul yarn for more.

Ashok intertwine his fingers, the one she was holding with hers. Exploring every corner of her mouth. He was slowly starting to pick up the passe, making her moan. Ashok moves his body closer, letting his Harmon get to him. His dark side was telling him to take her and make her his, but he ignore it. Kaurvaki on the other hand, was overwhelmed. She knew she wanted more, but she had to remind herself that this wasn’t the time.

She told herself she has a fiance, this woke her up from her daze. She let go of chand before breaking the kiss. Ashok confuse look at her, kaurvaki says ” if we dont leave now, we might do something we both will regret.”

Ashok understood and move back. He brush his hair and clear his voice. ” your right, thank you for reminding me.” He smile taking her breath away before telling her to walk with him. she nod silently before holding his hand. While walking she asks him personal questions and he answerd. Ashok/chand did the same of course. They took their time walking cherishing each other company before they near the village.

They stop and stare at one another lovingly ” i guess this is where we split.”

Kaurvaki nod ” do you really have to go, cant you stay another day?!

” im sorry kaurvaki, but my family misses me. I was only suppose to stay for a short period, but i promise when i come back i will stay longer before i make you meet mother.”

Kaurvaki sadly nods. She says in her head, I have to give chand this letter to read, I just hope he understands and forgive me. their was a comfortable pause before ashok says ” won’t you say the words you said to me a while back”

” theirs no need when you already know” she replied stubbornly

Ashok frown. He wanted her to say it again that she loves him, after all three is a lucky charm. Kaurvaki was about to say it when they heard the chief voice. They both let go before facing the men ” chand we’ve Been looking everywhere for you, it’s time”

ashok nod, before looking one last time at kaurvaki and leave. Both soul calling for each other, but ashok ignored the feeling, he got on his horse and galloped away. While heading out he heard a shout. He turn to see kaurvaki standing outside of the village ” I Love You, Chand!!” She screams

Ashok smile, ” and I love you too” he says , he watch as she ran towards him out of breath before giving him the letter. She says ” please dont forget to read this”

Ashok nod and puts it in his pants. ” how many time must i say goodbye ”

” this isn’t goodbye, but a new begining for both of us”

Ashok touch her cheeks caressing it before leaving. When he reached the palace, he went straight to his father and deliver the news. Bindu was impress, he told ashok he can leave, but ashok asks how his mother and wife. Bindu told him they left, ashok confuse asks if they went out.

” no, your mother decides to follow your wife back to uujain”

” I don’t get it, I thought they we’re happy here”

“Your wife was displeased with what I said about you needing someone of royalty to marry.”

Ashok frown ” that’s no reason why she should leave, did you upset her father”

Bindu stops writing ” I merely told her the truth. She can not be queen with that background. Our family reputation will be tarnash ”

Ashok angry slams his hand on the desk ” why would you say that father, I thought you accepted Devi three years ago!?”

“I Will Never Accept a Mere Merchant in our family” he yell raising his voice

Ashok chuckle ” their it is, no wonder why mother left with vit. ” , ashok turns saying he will go and retrieve them, Bindu refuses saying she is not allowed in the palace. Ashok knit his brows together ” then I am not as well, since I’m half blood”

This time Bindu got up and walk to ashok ” your mother was different sh-”

” theirs no difference, she’s a women, caring and compationet. If she won’t stay here neither will I”

” you can’t seriously leave everything here… everything you work for… for a merchant girl”

Ashok turn his back to him” her name is Devi, and she’s my wife” Bindu was beyond angry, he watch as ashok walk towards the door. He says if you leave this place, I won’t accept you back. I will make sushim my only successor and the temporary king. Ashok stops when he said this, ” my mother had always been there before you and the palace. I would give anything for her, even my right to fight for the thrown”

Bindu watch as ashok leaves, he felt abandon and alone. He walk to his seat and consume himself with paperwork. Ignoring the pain.

Meanwhile, it was dark when ashok arrives back home. Some people welcome him. He step down his horse and knock on Devi dad house. When he opens, he gasp seeing ashok. He quickly calls Devi to come, which she did of course. When she saw ashok, she drop whatever she was holding and ran to hug him. ” ashok, your finally back. How…I mean why..-”

Ashok smile pulling away ” calm down Devi, I will explain everything ”

Devi drags him to where his mom was. He calls Dharma and she hugs him, she told him to come and eat. Vit drags ashok to the table and ashok explain everything. Dharma frown, she told ashok she fear for his father life at the palace. She says she kept having dreams of his death and sushim made king. Ashok says sushim will never be king.

Later on that night, while ashok was getting ready for bed. Devi walk behind him and hugs him. She told him he should have stayed with his father. Ashok touch her hand, ” I wouldn’t be comfortable with myself knowing you left because of father. Your my wife the one that showed me how to love. I appreciate everything you’ve done, I will not stand any disrespect on you and your lineage.”

Devi was touched, she puts her head on his back saying Bindu is still his father. Ashok says he maybe my father, but he shouldn’t try to control my life. Devi remove herself from him and grab his face ” I missed you a lot”

Ashok says the same, which was true. Like he said before he love both girls, they we’re both unique in their own way. She leans in surprising ashok and kiss him. Ashok swiftly carries her to their bed while kissing her. That night they showed how much they cared for each other.

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