Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 16


Precap: kaurvaki finally came to terms with her f feelings, while devi and dharma leave the palace.

Ashok woke up the next day feeling a headache. He could hear the villagers chatting so early in the morning. He look around and realize he was on a bed. Confuse he tries to remember what happen to him, but he had no luck. He sat up to leave when he spotted Kaurvaki clothes, he wonder where she could be, and if she brought him to her house.

” I will have to thank her” , he got up and put His shoes on then step out stretching.he search for Kaurvaki everywhere, but he couldn’t find her. One of the men call him asking if he was leaving. Ashok says in three hours. He was about to ask for Kaurvaki, when they ask ashok to help them with some thing’s. Ashok was about to say no, but they we’re persistent so he did.

Meanwhile, Kaurvaki was pacing back and forth on top of the mountain. She kept thinking about what happend yesterday night. She says, I should have told him when he was drunk. Now I will have to say when his sober. She says I might as well tell him, because I might not get the chance after I married. She nervously pace back and forth coming up with ways to tell ashok/chand. She was so busy thinking that she didn’t notice ashok climbing up. ” chand..what?” He says

Kaurvaki froze hearing the voice, her heart starts thumping again. She knew if she doesn’t tell him now, her heart will explode and she will blurt out nonsense. Ashok /chand raise a brow. His hand cross while waiting. Kaurvaki tried to say it, but she was to embarrassed. Ashok wondered why she was all red. He took a deep breath the same time she did before making up his mind.

” chand”


They both look down ” you first” he says

Kaurvaki says what he has to say is probably important then hers. Ashok says OK ” I was looking everywhere for you, but I couldn’t find you until now. But that’s not important…I’m Leaving, my time here is up. The past few weeks with you was a breath of fresh air, but I have responsibility back home…i cant forget that. I just want to say you are very special to me..and I Love you” he says

Kaurvaki was so happy hearing this. She says in head chand loves me. Ashok watch her, he moves a little closer to hold her, making her look up ” I promise when I come back I will marry you, will you wait for me?”

Kaurvaki heart broke hearing this, she says I have to tell him that I won’t be his after today. ” chand..I’m…l’m”

” yes?!”

” will you Fight me” She says

Ashok confuse says ” I just confess to you, instead of I love you too, you want to fight.” He watch as Kaurvaki look away, he let her go before laughing. ” you are very strange, but next time. I have to go”he says

He was about to leave, when Kaurvaki hold his hand ” chand, I love you too” she says before running inside. Ashok eyes widen before he gave a goofy grin. ” I promise when I come back, I will take you to my home town, so you can meet my mother” he says

Kaurvaki by the door says, “their won’t be a next time chand, you won’t find me here either. I will be another men’s wife, theirs nothing I can do about it”

Elsewhere, the soldiers came back injured. Bindu was angry that once again jagannath Army managed to win the fight. Charu walks out asking for Sushim, bindu says ” we couldn’t find him, we search everywhere. Charu broke down saying, they didn’t look hard enough, she says her baby is out their hurt. He needs her.

Bindu says what about her, he says if shes willing to put her life on the line especially when she knows shes carrying. Charu says sushim is her life. Why isnt he worried. Bindu says sushim has his blood, he will live. Charu, stressed cried and held her stomach . Bindu says what’s wrong, she says the baby…something wrong with the baby.

Bindu quickly call the servants to take charge to the nursing room. They took her there while charu cries for her child. Bindu follow until he reach the door, they told him he can’t enter. Bindu nod, he staid out pacing, while worried. When it was finally over, one of the nurses says charu is fine, but she lost her daughter.

” a daughter” he says shock, he puts one hand over his mouth while crying. He says he needs to be alone, he walk to his chamber and close it, he was upset and angry that fate could be so cruel. He says he was finally gonna have a daughter to cherrish, but he realize he wasn’t fated too.

Meanwhile, ahankara was writing and drawing the different types of fruit. To make a booklet for her students to study. She walk near the river when she spotted blood.surprise she followed the trail of blood to see Sushim unconscious, he had error stuck on his body. ” Sushim!!” She screams

Ahankara raced to him and enter the river colored red. She quickly remove him from the river before checking to see if he was alright. She sigh with relief when she realize he was still breathing. Even though Sushim paralyzed her father she never stopped thinking about him. Sushim was her first crush, she knew he was arrogant and mischievous, but she saw something in him.

When they parted, she was heartbroken, but she pretended like everything was fine. His effort to win her heart worked, but she couldnt tell him. When she saw him again at the market, she was conflicted, whether to be happy or angry. When he tried flirting with her she told herself not to give in yet, but now seeing him dying she couldnt fake anymore, she couldnt lie to herself.

” but sushim has forgotten me, he doesnt even recognize my face anymore. I should leave it like that, shouldnt i ?” She questioned. She remove one error making sushim cry , she apologize before removing another, this time Sushim grab her wrist while opening his eyes. ” A-Are you t-trying t-t-to kill me” he says gritting his teeth.

” no, but you will die if you don’t let me remove it”

Sushim stare at her before letting go, he says ” make it fast”

Ahankara nod, she says this is the last one. Before removing it. Sushim screams, making her heart break. ” it’s alright… it’s alright, I’m here. I won’t hurt you” she says, she quickly calls a maid to help her take him to her room. She says her parents can’t know about this. They nod, and took Sushim, he protested, but Ahankara says she won’t mind dropping him in the river to die, this shut him up. Once they we’re safely there, she grabs the necessary tools to heal him.

While healing him she look away when Sushim kept staring at her. The maids giggle before leaving, Ahankara thank them. Sushim says ” who would have thought I would meet you in this situation. ” he chuckle

” stay still please” she says

” I guess I owe you one, for helping me”

” stop talking nonsense ”

Sushim smile, taking her by surprise. This was one of Sushim genuine smiles, not the fake ones he gives in the castle. She wonder if it’s because he is vulnerable or because his stress free. They look at one another, unaware of how close they we’re. Ahankara hand on his chest, while Sushim hands on hers.
While this was going on Ahankara mom saw the maids walking and saw blood. She asks what happen to them, and they stiff.

” did something happen to my daughter?” When they didn’t answer she race to Ahankara room. She knock making Sushim and Ahankara snap out of it. She panicked, before looking at the door. ” Ahankara… is everything alright? ” she says

Both Sushim and Ahankara froze in place. Ahankara quickly says she was fine. Her mother says why did her maid have blood on their shirt. ” I cut my hand by accident, they we’re just helping me bandage it. ”

Her mom frown ” are you alright? Do you want me to look at it?”

” no it’s fine ”

” OK if you need help just ask me” she say before walking away

Ahankara waited until she was gone before , turning to Sushim. ” your ahankara? ” he says with such emotions ” why didn’t you tell me?”

She got up, but Sushim held her hand. ” would it had make a difference if I did”

” yes it would” he says

” how Sushim?… you didn’t remember me when you paralyzed my father, or when we met after such a long time. So how would you have remembered?”

Sushim staid quiet ” I didn’t paralyzed your father”

Ahankara laugh ” you did, you sent your men’s to attack my homeland, my father faught bravely, but at the end he was hit by your men.”

Sushim staid quiet before apologizing, he says he was stupid and wasn’t thinking. Ahankara says you never think. Sushim says will you forgive me. Ahankara says I already did, when my father did. She says I wanted an apology and I got it. She says she knows how hard it is for him to apologize, that’s why she wants him to apologize to her father.

Sushim was taken by surprise, he told her to look at him. When she didn’t he sat up and calls her name. Ahankara turn, she told him he will reopen his wound, but he ignored her and pulls her making her fall on his chest. Surprise, she look up at him ” what are you doing? ”

Sushim grabs her chin he says ” I will apologize, you should know that I would do anything for you”

Ahankara soften, Sushim calls her name while bringing his face closer. Just when they we’re about to touch lips, Ahankara slaps him. Shocking him ” do you take me for a fool Sushim, those words are meaningless to you. I know you don’t mean what you said, your just trying to fool me”

Sushim chuckle ” smart girl, I wouldn’t be Sushim if I let something like love get in my way. But there’s one thing I will say, I do harbour feelings for you, it’s not love, but it’s something special.” Sushim soften ” you have always been something special in my heart, knowing that your here now, and safe brings me joy. But it’s not love, it’s something else”

He wrap his arm around her ” I don’t know what to call this feeling, I won’t give it a name. I will just let my heart give it a name. Wont you do the same?” Do you really need a title for what you feel?, won’t you become my women, and show me your heart.” He says

Ahankara says ” I never knew you could be so romantic with words ”

” well..when it’s with you, I feel weird, I guess I’m sick” he laughs

Ahankara smile ” I guess I can give this a chance, let my heart guide me”

Sushim says then I guess I will do the same. She was about to respond when Sushim grab her face and kiss her. Ahankara puts her hand on his lap while kissing him. The kiss wasn’t romantic, it was more of a hungry, yearning type of kiss. They stop for air, before going at it. Once done, Sushim holds her while she close her eyes enjoying his warmth.

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