Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 15


Precap: charu informs kaurvaki mom that her son will only live if kaurvaki marries him while kaurvaki shows ashok her secret spot.

When Charu saw chanda. She took a liking to her. She got to know many things about her while waiting for Sushim. She check the time before frowning, Sushim should have been here by now, what could he be up too…she thought. Chanda told her she doesn’t mind waiting after all he did save her life. Confuse Charu asks what happens. And Chanda retold the whole story, she says she would be happy to marry him.

” I’m so happy to here that, Sushim could be a little hand full… he just needs someone that can show him how to love. And I think you are that person Chanda, please be patient with Sushim, he has temper problem that will be fix.”

Chanda smile ” don’t worry, I will show Sushim that even a villian needs love”, Charu laughs at this, she hope Sushim hurry up before Chanda leaves.

While this was going on, bindu summon Devi. He says that through out his blood line all his family have been special. He says that’s what made our blood line strong. He says his happy that ashok found love in her. Devi smile thanking him, but bindu wasn’t done. He says because he neglected ashok and didn’t raise him in the palace he made some wrong decision.

” and what would that be? ” she asks

” he has soften, and shows weakness.”

” what would his weakness be?”

Bindu turn to look at her ” you… my son ashok has tainted our blood by marrying a merchant daughter. I won’t be surprise if it’s tainted even more by you being pregnant.”

Devi taken back says ” w-what are you saying right now?”

Bindu says ashok might be king in the future, if Sushim don’t get his act together. He will need to marry some one of royal blood. Someone to rule everything my father and I have worked for. You being his chief queen is a laugh to our ancestors. “So I want you to leave ashok, leave this place and never come back.”

Devi held her tears at bay. His word kept repeating in her head, even when she left. She went to her room and cry… she says she should have known things won’t be OK. She thought Bindu had accept her, but she was wrong. She wipe her tears and pack her things. She says she will leave and go back to uujain. She says she won’t force ashok to come with her.

She pack her things to leave, when Dharma came in her room. She asks Devi where she was going, but she turn the other way hiding her face. Dharma touch her shoulder and call her softly, she asks her why she pack her things when ashok is coming in two days. ” I just miss my home that’s all”

Dharma smile ” it’s understandable since your still not use to this place. But if you like when ashok comes you two can go and visit your father”

Devi thought about it, but then remember bindu words ” no!… i feel more better in uujain… i dont feel safe here, so im leaving” she says

” devi please dont go , what about ashok?”

” if ashok love me… h-he will cone find me, but i just cant stay here” she says before walking out. dharma stops her, saying if shes going then she will go with her. Devi refuse the idea, but dharma was persistant. devi says she should stay with her husband , and Dharma says ” when I had left him ten years ago, leaving him shouldn’t be a problem for him”

She told Devi to wait while she get Vit and her stuff before they left. Charu seeing this smile, she says see how I destroy your happy life Dharma.

The next day ashok and Kaurvaki we’re heading out. Kaurvaki wonder why ashok was quiet. She glance at him before looking down. She says did I upset him…his so distance towards me. Isn’t that a good thing?!.. after all I don’t want anyone to enter my life. An hour later, they could see the village coming closer. The children seeing Kaurvaki ran to her with flowers asking her to play with them. She told them she was tierd.

The village head told them that everything is almost complete. He thank ashok for his help, and told him that they are having a party for him tonight. Ashok told them it was nothing, but they insist he come. The children ask Kaurvaki if she will come as well, but she told them maybe later. She didn’t even spare ashok a glance before walking to the temple, ashok heart pang. He says this is how it should be. He says he has no relation with her, theirs no need to feel sad.

His inner voice said unless you marry her…then you can be with her forever. ashok says what about Devi?! She won’t be happy. His inner voice says you will be king some day, you can do a lot of things. Devi should understand that a king will always have another wife to keep his legacy going. Ashok thought of many reason why he shouldn’t marry another, but his inner voice was winning the war. It says if you don’t get her now…she will be another, then you will loose her. Do you want that?

Ashok says no, his inner voice says then let’s get her. She can’t refuse us, no one can. Ashok says and if he refuses. His inner voice says then we get her by force. Ashok frown by the idea. He didn’t know where this greed and wicked side was coming from. He knew it won’t be long before this dark side of him comes out. He hope it never does.

Kaurvaki head to her father kingdom. When she reached she remember her childhood and parents.she wiped her tears and walk by the gate. ” who goes there?” The guard says

” you cant honestly tell me that you don’t recognize your general voice.” When she said this they all gasp before saying her name. She remove her hoodie and went in. Some guards quickly went to inform jagannath . She walk in seeing Bel holding her excitement, then follow by her mother who hugs her and cry. It wasnt long before jagannath came running calling her name. ” papa” she says hugging him

They both hug for a long time before letting go. He asks her how she’s been ? If she was OK? Kaurvaki nod, after few minute on catching up. Her mom look at jagannath before couphing. Concern Kaurvaki asks if she was fine. Her mom says no, she says she got news from a sear that her son might die. Kaurvaki was shock, she says how. Her mom explained everything to her. Kaurvaki didn’t know how to take this, she look at her mom who was couphin uncontrollably then her dad who was pleading with her.

She told them they don’t have to ask. She says they raised her and gave her love.she would do anything for them. Her mom smile, Kaurvaki says ” I will do it, but I ask not as a daughter but a general to give me control over the trades that goes on in kalinga”

Jagannath was taken back. He soften before laughing ” you are unpredictable Kaurvaki. Why would you want that heavy responsibility?” Kaurvaki staid quiet she says in head, if you knew that I was helping the chief with those trades you wouldn’t be saying that.

” fine, I accept. I will tell them right way.”

She sigh before excusing herself. When she left she wonder how chand would feel if she told him.she quickly shook the idea, before heading to her room. Bel waiting by the door, told her how she misses her and how her parents we’re miserable. She Says she’s happy she was back home. ” Bel I’m not staying here”

Bel gasp ” what…why?”

Kaurvaki sigh ” the past few month I felt at ease, I wasn’t Kaurvaki the princess of kalinga. But Kaurvaki the commonner, people treated me differently and I liked it. An-” she was about to talk about chand when she blush.

Bel noticed it and smile ” do you have someone you like Kaurvaki? ”

” I d-don’t know”

“How about this, does your heart flutter when he does something nice, what about when you look into each other eyes. Does it seem like time stop ”

Kaurvaki thought about all of that. She was surprise at how good Bel describe how she was feeling. Bel smile she says” your in love kaurvi, you should tell him before it’s to late”

Kaurvaki heart beat. Am I… I thought I shut it. She thought of chand saving her… and carrying her. Suddenly she remember something back in the palace when she met vit. She remember vit saying his brother name. ” chand!! Thats it” she says
.” What is?”

Kaurvaki smile, she says fate is truly weird..Bel confuse asks what she was talking about. She told her everything. Bel happily grab her hand ” it must be destiny Kaurvaki. I think chand is your soul mate” ” this is so exciting, are you going back? You should tell him how you feel before he leaves”

” Bel calm down. Its just a coincident ”

” no it’s not, didn’t you say you felt the same pull when you we’re with ashok…what if chand is ashok”

When she said that Kaurvaki face got darker ” don’t you ever say that again. I would rather kill myself then to marry that traitor ”

Bel gulp before nodding. To break the ice she says she should probably dress nice to impress chand. Kaurvaki says she’s OK, but Bel insist saying chand needs to see what his up against. Kaurvaki sigh.

Few hours later ashok was talking with some men, he wasn’t that much interested in their discussion. He was to busy searching for a certain someone. Some old people ask him to dance, and he refuse. He drank some more alcohol loving the taste. He says Devi would have scold him if she sees him drinking. He chuckle and drank it all. By this time some dancers we’re singing, trying to dance with ashok.

Ashok half drunk, roughly grab one of them and touch them. The girl smile before removing his hand. He frown, but when the girl came back. He pulls her to him ready to kiss her neck when he saw Kaurvaki. He stop what he was doing and walk to her. Ashok had to blink twice to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.
She was standing their in a pink and black saree. Her hair was out of it’s knot. Busy being caress by the wind.

She tried putting some behind her ears, but it kept coming back out. She turn when she felt ashok/chand near. Her heart skipped, ashok search her eyes, while admiring how the fire reflect through her brown ones. He look at her lips to see how moist it was, he just wanted to kiss it. They knew if either one made an attempt to kiss they wouldnt stop it. Ashok touch her face with his rough hands, making her close her eyes. Enjoying the way his hands rub against her cheeks.

He wrap his hands around her waist, pulling her close. Before whispering how beautiful she was. Kaurvaki blush, she thank him and puts her head on his chest. Enjoying his warmth, ashok says in his head , I’m sorry Devi, I know this will hurt you, but I can’t hide the fact that I love both of you.

Kaurvaki says Bel is right, I love chand. My heart calls for him. I will tell him before he leaves that I love him.

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