Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 14


Kaurvaki mom was walking at the market looking around. She couph alerting the guards, she hault them so they wont come near ” I’m fine ” she says, but they all knew she was dying. While walking she bump into someone with a hoodie. She apologized, but the person told her she could tell how much she misses her daughter. Surprise she asks how the lady knew.

The lady says she’s a sear, she knows many things. Kaurvaki mom became interested. She asks if she can really see, the lady nod. Kaurvaki mom says then read her hand. The lady agrees. She look at her hand before saying. ” your son will not be able to be king ”

” what do you mean?”

” I mean his future is bad, he won’t be able to rule after his father”

Kaurvaki mom frown… ” will he die?” She asks afraid

The women nod, making Kaurvaki mom shake and couph. ” please is their any way of saving my son” she begs

The women smirk ” their is a way”

” how…please explain.”

” the daughter you moan for has a bright star around her. With her luck your son will be unstoppable… and kalinga will continue to grow strong.but be aware, if she doesn’t tie her life to the prince then kalinga will be doomed and many lives will die.”

Kaurvaki mom thought about it, she says to herself. If Kaurvaki marry her son then she will not only be part of the family, but also have her rights. She thank the lady and quickly left to tell jagannath. The lady turn around revealing herself to be charu. She says in her head, ashok won’t know what hits him…he will loose apart of him, and will continue to wonder for the thing he can’t reach.

Elsewhere, they both could feel it. The heat of being too close, Kaurvaki move her lips from his..still shock. Ashok on the other hand felt it again that pull. He has been trying to figure out why he felt drawn to her…why his heart was acting weird when he love someone else.

He question if it was wrong to love two women. He says if his father can marry many wives, why shouldn’t he, but he soon scratch that idea…scolding himself for thinking that way. While ashok was thinking this, Kaurvaki got up before stretching her hand to his.ashok grab her hand causing warmth to spread all over his body. The soldiers cleared their voice eaning Looks from them. One with annoyance while the other with embarrassment.

Kaurvaki excuse herself before going to the soldiers to talk. They gave her the letter and she read it. She look at them and they nod, she told them that she will come before putting it in her pocket. Ashok was curious, he knew Kaurvaki wasn’t just a normal girl. Those guards came from jagannath… he remembered their uniform anywhere. Could she be…is she, he thought heart raising.

No…my Kaurvaki would have recognize me, she would have welcome me with open arms…maybe she just work at the palace…yeah. after they left ashok says, she needs to show him the best spot in kalinga. Kaurvaki thought about it before agreeing. She told him to make sure to keep up, or he just might get lost. Ashok laugh at that, he told her he is very fit, and that no one can run as fast as him.

Kaurvaki says ” suit yourself” before running

They ran pass the market and the people calling them. They enter the forest running side by side. Ashok was once again impressed. He turn to look at her, before smiling. Kaurvaki turn to him, and he look away. ” we are almost there” she says

few minute later She Stop…confusing ashok. She look at him before saying they will have to climb the mountain. Surprise ashok watch as she tied her shoes to her sash before climbing. ” their is no way she’s kaurvaki ” he mumbles thinking of how Kaurvaki would have react to this. He chuckle before climbing up, when he was half their he almost fell, but Kaurvaki extended her hand, helping him.

Ashok thank her before looking around. ” what is this?” He says amazed. “this is my sanctuary, is not complete yet…but it will be soon. Ashok enter the cave to see clear blue water. Their were flowers around it and a small bridge. He walk further to see a hot stream, a door that led to another area and a table full of fruits. He look on the wall to see small diamonds shining bright.

Kaurvaki told him to step outside, which he did. She told him to look over the mountain. When he did ashok could see the sun setting. He felt calm… he could see the village, the water fall and the city. Everything was just beautiful. ” does anyone know about this?”

” no, just me..and now you”

Ashok felt honored, he turn and told her he will take this secret to his grave, making her heart leap. They stare at one another just for a minute, but to them it felt like time stopped. Kaurvaki laugh making ashok smile, ashok says is it wrong to want to hold you. Kaurvaki eyes widen before shly turning around ” it’s getting late …we should leave now”

She quickly turn to walk away when she fell crying. Ashok quickly ran to her. He asked her what happen, and she point to her foot. Ashok look to see blood. he says he will have to remove the glass from it. She nod, before he removed it. Kaurvaki thank him and was about to get up when ashok stops her. ” where you going?”

” to clean this and bandage it”

Ashok frown ” you will only make it worse if you stand.”

Kaurvaki was about to ask how she will do it when ashok pick her up. Out of surprise she wrap her hand around his neck, while staring at him. ” what are you doing chand?”

Ashok says ” just let me take care of you”

Kaurvaki stop talking and look away. Why…why am I feeling weird. First ashok, now chand. I barely know anything about him…and yet my soul calls for him. What should I do?!”, she thought, she watch as ashok put her down on the small futon before searching for something to use. I chose to close my heart… but why is it opening on it’s own. Should I give chand a chance, is this a sign telling me to move on?”

When ashok came back, he grab her foot and clumsily tried applying ointment on it. Kaurvaki bit her lip, when the pain hit her, ashok seeing this. Blow on it while looking at her. The feeling was back again, they both knew it. Ashok says ” will you open your heart for m-” , he never finished when Devi face pop up. He remember their love and how they both said they will committee to one another. he also remeber that she was waiting for him in Patna.

Ashok let go of her foot, before walking out. Confuse, Kaurvaki wonder what just happen.

Meanwhile, sushim search everywhere for ahankara, but he was out of luck. He pass by the village to hear a voice. He wasn’t stupid he knew the voice anywhere. He tied his horse and walk to the window to see the back of ahankara teaching the children about the land.

Sushim watch as she laugh at one kids joke, making her hoodie fall. She turn showing Sushim her face. He was surprise to see such perfect she was in every way. Sushim smirk ” God has truly bless me today” he says

The whole day he kept watching her… observing her. When she was finally alone, he calls her. She turn, ” can I help you sadu?”

Sushim frown, he told her to stop calling him that. ” I am a prince, not this sadu you speak of”

” a prince huh.. peeping on someone and stalking them is part of your princely duty?”

Sushim eyes widen, he was sure he hide so she wouldn’t notice. ” you dare to think that I Sushim, would stoop so low as to stalk a commoner ”

” if you weren’t what would you be doing here?”

Sushim tries to make an excuse, he thought of something before saying he was searching for a traiter, ” I saw him passing here, hiding ”

Ahankara didn’t believe it for a second ” you will never change Sushim” she says, she turn to walk away, but Sushim grab her hand. She glare at him ” why does it seem like you know me?”

Ahankara look at his hand ” let go”

” I refuse… you still need to answer”

” I won’t ask again… let go”

Sushim smirk saying no, Ahankara stomp on his foot and kick him where the sun don’t shin. Satisfied she walk away leaving Sushim to moan in pain. He walk while crouching holding his private. Some people stared while whispering, others tried to hold their laughter. Sushim didn’t pay any attention to them, he says ” she has guts, that’s my kind of women”

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