Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 13


Precap: ashok heroically the boy and help put out the fire, while jagannath had a flash back to the time he found kaurvaki.

Charu was in her room doing black magic again. She had promise to find the perfect girl for sushim…and that’s what she attend to do. she add some spice in the fire, and grab her rock. She close her eyes saying a chant to find the perfect girl for her son. The fire blaze before it started spelling a girl, from a small kingdom. Charu was happy to see this, she says the name chanda before seeing a beautiful girl putting the bird back on the tree.

Charu says she will invite her right away. Curious she says will ashok take the thrown. She close her eyes getting a vision of ashok sitting on the thrown, and next to him we’re his queens. And then she saw Kaurvaki walking to the outstretched hand of ashok. Upset by this news…Charu throw the stone on the floor. She shook her head saying no. She says ” ashok can never take the thrown. It belongs to sushim, it’s his right to have it.” She says

She got up, to think. Pacing around…then she remember the girl that walked to ashok side. Charu could see the love nd affection their… the same love she sees in bindu eyes for Dharma. Suddenly she had an idea, she says ” before I do this I must find out who the girl is”.

Ashok woke up to the sound of people shouting, he stretched and sat up. Then he walk down the stairs, he saw people selling stuff…putting stuff on the boats taking it to the ship. Children playing, and other stuff. He walk around observing everything, before stopping when the chief calls him. ” good morning asho-..i-i mean chand”

” morning” ” is it always this busy? ”

The men smile ” of course, this is one of kalinga trading spot. Many foreign comes here, so we always have to be prepared.”

Ashok frown, he wasn’t fond of foreigners coming to India. He knew they had foreign alliances, but thats only for business. Ashok watch a men passibg by while talking to a commonner he says ” I need about twenty elephant, in exchange for gold and silver”

” then you came to the right place”

Ashok didn’t know how to feel seeing this. Kalinga had a lot of connection with foreigners and to see them prosper like this. Is a threat to patna. He wanted kalinga to be under Patna. He says if kalinga is under his control, he could do many and his home won’t need to worry about financies. He ignore what the men was saying about kalinga history, while thinking of a plan to get kalinga under his control when he becomes king.

Just then ashok notice kaurvaki, she was dressed in black pants and shirt running around. Curious he wonder what she was doing. The chief stop talking when he realize ashok wasn’t paying attention. He turn to where he was looking at and smile ” oh yes, she’s always up helping the people. Every morning, she help catch fishes, set up the stands, direct foreigners and even negotiate with them.”

Ashok says ” she’s a powerful women, for someone so small. It makes one wonder if she’s really a commoner ”

When he said this the chief nervously frown, but he quickly smile before ashok could notice. Ashok walk towards Kaurvaki, who was now conversing with the ladies. He heard small talks like marriage, children, and work. Kaurvaki says ” when that men comes in front of me, I will know his the one”

Ashok walk in front of her, and cleared his voice. The ladies giggle and one says ” well theirs one right now”

Kaurvaki roll her eyes ” I don’t see anyone” she says cutting the fish

Ashok frown, but sat next to her anyway. The ladies look at one another saying ashok is very handsome, they asks if he has anyone he likes. ” yes I do”

The lady cooed. ” who is it?”

” she’s very beautiful, and has her charm. She talks way to much, but I like her that way” the ladies awed

” she is lucky then to have you” one says

Ashok nods thinking of Devi, but then turn to Kaurvaki. ” what about you?”

Kaurvaki was about to say no, when she accidently Cut her finger. The girls jokingly says cutting your ring finger means she was going to be betrothed.Kaurvaki asks if they actually believe that. They nod, she says they believe in superstitious stuff to much before getting up to wash her hand. Ashok seeing this got up. Kaurvaki says ” don’t follow me”

” I’m not… I’m simply enjoying the weather”

Kaurvaki didn’t by it one bit. She walk to the small lake to wash her hand, when she saw ashok behind her. ” yes?!”

“I’ve. Been meaning to ask you…have we met somewhere before”

Kaurvaki half turned while bending. ” if we had met, I’m sure I would have known”

Ashok says he’s never wrong. He says her voice sound familiar. Kaurvaki denies the idea of her and chand meeting. Ashok moves closer this time he bends down and calls her name. It wasn’t like the usual teasing and happy voice. It was serious, and she couldn’t help, but to shiver. When she turn to look at him, her heart started beating, making her feel warm.

Neither one wanted to look away. They both felt it, the warmth, the electric. ..their soul calling for one another. It was like they can see right through each other. Ashok watch as her cheeks turn red, before looking away. Ashok calls her name again, and she turn around. He surprise her by carressing the finger that was cut, making her stomach get butterfly’s. He cut a piece of his sash and wrap her finger.

Kaurvaki was going to draw it back, but ashok held on to it. Making her eyes wide , ” since I will only be here for a short while… won’t you show me your heart”

” what?!”

Ashok laughs nervously before saying ” I don’t know how I know this, but I feel that you are not this cold person. Just like the time I saw you playing with those kids, and helping at the market. You we’re truly happy, that’s why I want you to let me in…show me who you really are.”

Kaurvaki turn away ” you don’t know anything chand. The last time I open to someone I was abandoned by that person… hurt and crushed.that’s why I hold back to the possibility of loving again. So I beg you, don’t ask me to open old wounds”

Ashok let her hand go. He wonder who could have hurt her so much that she would build a wall in her heart. He says if it was him he would never let someone so interesting like her go. He got up and says in his head that he will just just have to earn her trust.

Just then ashok heard soldiers coming, they we’re moving so fast with their horse towards them. Ashok quickly grab Kaurvaki to move her out the way. It was a quick pull, but ashok forgot how strong he was. Kaurvaki didn’t even see it coming when ashok pull her.

She landed on his chest, but what she wasn’t expecting was to fall with ashok on the floor. She open her eyes to see her lips on his, she could see it in his eyes… how shock he was, she didn’t blame him. After all she should have been more aware of her surrounding.

Elsewhere, charu found out who the girl was… she laughed at the irony. ” so ashok will Marry kalinga princess Kaurvaki. What a disgrace to our motherland. Should I tell bindu… or better yet, remove ashok from the palace so he won’t have a chance to be nominated”, she thought about it while walking in the hall, but stop when she saw Devi.

She wasn’t to happy to see her. She stops Devi getting her attention. She asks Devi why she marry ashok, Devi says because he saved her while she was learning to be a nun, and She says she fell for his good nature after. charu scoff, she says she was just like her, in love… thinking he only has eyes for her, but as soon as Dharma came, she was left behind. She wasn’t his favorite anymore.

” that will be you… do you think ashok will love you forever, he is just like his father. The time will come when he meets someone that he will consider his soul mate, when that time comes will you still deny the fact that ashok will continue to be with you”

Devi smile ” I have faith in ashok, I know a lot of kings marry many times. So I won’t complain. If he chose to marry again, or give his heart to someone else ” I won’t mind because ashok will treate us equally”

” then will you bet on it, that ashok will come back in a week. If he doesn’t will you leave this palace”

” I have faith in my love for ashok… so I accept ” she says with determination

Charu says this girl don’t know, who she’s dealing with. She smile before walking off to meet chanda who will arrive shortly.

While sushim was skimming with siamak, they heard a carriage. Siamak quickly roll the map before leaving. Sushim watches the carriage, but stop when he heard a scream. Turns out the driver was dead, and the horse was speeding fast. Sushim ran to reach the handles before jumping on. He pull on it, and the horse stop. He got down and open the carriage to see a women dress in royalty crouch down while shaking.

” are you alright?”

The girl look up at him with tears. Sushim was surprise to see a pretty women. He was even surprise when she hugged him and start crying while thanking him. Sushim didn’t know what to think of this. But he suddenly got an idea when he saw ahankara, walking by. He says ” everything will be alright…your safe now”

She stops crying and thank him. She asks for his name, and he says Sushim. The girl eyes became wide before smiling. She told him her name is Chanda, but sushim wasn’t paying much attention. He was upset when ahankara disappeared not even sparing him a glance. He sigh before telling one of his guard to take her to where she was going, before getting on his horse to follow ahankara.

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    Nice update ,thanks for this updates and I want to know about who has broken the heart of kaurvaki

    1. Angelk1

      Its ashok of course, i will get into how. I told the first reason. he gave her up when she told him she wont leave him to go back to her father. Theirs more to the story

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