Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 12


Precap: ashok starts to resolve the disspute. While meeting an interesting person.

Jagannath has been depress ever since Kaurvaki left. He blame himself for what happend. He knew he should have told her when she was twelve, but he was afraid. Afraid that she might leave and hate him, just like now. He remember talking to the council about making Kaurvaki their daughter, the council refused to write her in their royal book. They told him, she can never be royalty and to give the child up.

Kaurvaki mom had cried saying she refuse, the council said only your son will be name the next king. He will only be known in the book. Jagannath curse them before leaving. Now in the present, he wonder what his daughter is doing and hope that she is alright.

In the palace, Bindu wasn’t fond of Devi ..and he had showed it countless time, he didn’t know why ashok would marry a merchant daughter. He watch her talking with Dharma, and frown, ” I will have to show her, that she doesn’t fit with our kind.”, Devi feeling eyes on her turn to see Bindu leaving. She wonder why he was watching her.

Dharma seeing that look, asks if she’s worried for ashok. ” yes, I haven’t seen him for two days… and he hasn’t contact me, I hope his OK and the people of kalinga not causing him to much trouble. Dharma smile ” ashok is strong, he will succeed at anything life throws at him, don’t worry to much” she says

” your right” she says before helping Dharma with her medicine.

Elsewhere, ashok and Kaurvaki left the house. She was running when ashok stretch his hand, ” come, this is faster” , at first she didn’t want to, but she gave in when ashok says to hurry. Kaurvaki grabs his arm, making ashok lift her up. She sat in front of him while his hand made it’s way between her in a hugging position. Kaurvaki tense, she suddenly rember the time her ashok made her ride the horse, in the same position. Her heart thump just thinking about it.

She could feel it, the friction, the heat…radiating from being to close to ashok. She felt safe for some reason and that scares her. When they reach the place, ashok got down, and was about to help her out of curtasy when she jump off the horse. She ran pass him checking to see if anybody was hurt. One lady cried saying her son was playing in the field, and his stuck in the fire.
As soon as she said that they heard a shout for help.

Kaurvaki grab a bucket to pour on herself and go in the fire and when she saw ashok running in the fire. She calls after him, but he ignored her. Ashok searches for the boy until he saw him next to a baby cow. He was holding onto the cow, protecting it from the fire. Ashok quickly ran to them. He told the boy to hold on while picking him up, he says ” men like us shouldn’t cry, we should be brave like a warrior” , the boy nod, and watch as ashok Dodge some branches that fall.

One accidentally, burn his arm, causing him to bite his lip, but he continued. Kaurvaki was praying that ashok and the child get out alive. Just then, she saw a figure, follow by a shadow… and at last ashok. She sigh with relief, and ran to them. ” are you OK… how is the child?”

Ashok says ” I’m fine, and so is the child and cow”

He turn to the mother and put the son in her arm. She hugs her son, and thank ashok. Ashok says, he just did what was best he says ” we have to remove this fire”

” how will we do that, the field is big”

” we just need some help” he says thinking

” i got it , the elaphants near the forest, we can use them”

” great idea ”

They ran to the forest before grabbing basically all the animals, then with ashok guidance they brought them to the river to gather water and took them to the fire. Kaurvaki told her people to contribute as well. Which they did… it wasn’t long before the fire was out. Everyone cheered with relief.

The villagers thank ashok and asks for his name, he says chand. Everyone cheered for him, but the landlord says ” what will we do now. Our land is destroyed… how will we work, and earn our money.”

Ashok thought about it, ” this is the time to start fresh… help each other relocate to somewhere resourceful for both his cows and your home. You can work together to start a business, I will help to find a land that is no where near the city, but at the same time close.”

The people agreed to this, Kaurvaki says ” who are you?”

Ashok says he is chand. Kaurvaki roll her eyes, she was about to thank him for his help when she saw his burnt hand. ” come with me” she says making ashok raise a brow, ” I need to treat that before it gets swollen and nasty”

She took him by the riverside and tend to his wound. Ashok just stared at her. Kaurvaki feeling uncomfortable says ” can you not stare… your making me uncomfortable ”

” can’t one appreciate the beauty in front of him” he says

” I am nothing special… just a girl who help sells fish in the market to make a living ”

” someone as skillful with a sword, would never be plain. You sure your father wasn’t a swordsmen ”

Kaurvaki laugh at the idea, ” I assure you if he was i would have known”

When she was done, she turn to leave, but ashok grab her hand. She asks him what he was doing, and he says he has no where to sleep. He says ” can’t you let a commonner stay with you for few days”

Kaurvaki snatch her hand from his ” are you aware of what your saying. A women , non the less unmarried… allowing a strange men to stay with her.”

Ashok says “what is the problem. You will be helping me greatly. Its not like we harbour feeling for one another”

” I refuse”

Ashok watch as she walk away, he brush his hair and sigh. He says back to sleeping outside again. While walking to his horse, the village head stops him. He says what is the prince of Patna. Doing here. Ashok says he came by the order of bindu to stop the oppression. He says he will be staying for few days. The men says he welcome him, as long as ashok don’t cause trouble for his people.

” I assure you, nothing will happen”

The men asks if he has somewhere to stay. Ashok says no, but then thought of Kaurvaki. He smirk, and told the men he will be fine.

Sushim was very angry while patrolling , it was early in the morning, he found out his plan to ruin ashok failed. Not only did he put out the fire…he had made the people come to respect him. He gallop down the streets, making people run away out of fear. While passing he saw a women, running with scrolls. Her hair swishing back and forth, while her face was covered with silk. he made the horse walk a little slower, before coming near her. ” where are you going so early in the morning”

Ahankara, slowed down. She look at him and continue her walk. Sushim frown ” I ask you where are you going?”

Ahankara, took a deep breath ” I heard you, but I don’t need to answer to you”

” are you not aware of the fact that I can kill you”

” I am, but I’m not afraid. ”

Sushim jumps down frown his horse and held the rope. ” those scrolls are heavy, hand them to me” he says trying to play nice. See ever since she stopped him from hitting the men, Sushim had been intrugue by her spunk. He realize he want her, but he would have to play nice in order to get her. He gulp saying he will try.

Ahankara didn’t like Sushim arogance, and the way he speaks to her. She told him she would rather suffer while carrying these then to Get his help. This anger Sushim, ” fine!!” He says getting on his horse, before leaving he made sure to push with his horse making her fall on the ground ” SADU!!” She screams, but Sushim just gallop away smirking

Meanwhile back in the palace, when Devi got news of ashok victory she ran to tell Dharma who was teaching vit some moral lesson. ” what’s wrong Devi?”

” ashok, he did it.”

” I knew he would do it, I never doubt for a second ”

Vit happy says ” bhai is the best, no one can be better then him…well except me” he says

Dharma laughs ” if you want to be greater then ashok you will have to study these.” She says handing him some books, Vit frown, but opened it anyway. Devi says it won’t be long now until ashok come back, she says blushing.

Vit teases her about ashok, making her hit him on the head. Dharma told Devi to leave now so her son can study. She told her to start preparing ashok room for when he comes back. She excitedly nod, and left while thinking of ashok.

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  1. Its good. But if the headman of the village identifies ashok as the prince of patliputra why cannt karuwaki sense that anyone so skillful could only be her ashok? Please dont feel offended by my queries. I love your ffs , its just that at some places i feel that u should not go too much in detail with whats happenening after a wonderful romantic ashwaki scene….however its wonderful. I just love it!!

    1. Angelk1

      The head of the village, knows everything. He knows his enemies and neighbors. He wasnt named chief for no reason. Kaurvaki knows his no ordernary men, she doesnt believe it. She just think his different. Ignoring the fact that he could be ashok.

      Dont forget this is the girl that left home.. Trying to start a new life after finding out her old one was a lie. She has her own problem to deal with then thinking of the maurya’s. Besides i tried to make it realistic, the whole her recognizing ashok after so long isnt very realistic after all he really changed a lot.

      And thanks i just tend to write that way. Thats my style of writting, I’m not offended

  2. Nice..

  3. hmmm…mm…ok. I understood. Thanx!

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