Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 11


Precap: Sushim meets someone from his past, while ashok tries to calm the dispute.

Ashok mesmerize continue to watch her, he observe her figure and long hair. One of the boys Kaurvaki was playing with held his laugh ” hey uncle, stop staring or you might catch something” he says, Kaurvaki told him to shush before blushingly dragging him away from the water.

Ashok quickly snap out of it, and ran out the water, telling them to wait, but stop when they disappeared. His horse nah, and ashok told him he will see her again. The horse move back and nah again, and ashok grab his clothes from his horse. He quickly puts it on and grab the horse rope to search for the girl. He search but couldnt find her. it was getting late, and ashok was getting tierd.

Upset he sat down the temple steps. ” we will have to sleep here for the night. We cant find anywhere else to sleep.” He tied the horse near the tree before leaning by the tree to sleep. He slept until the next day. Ashok woke up to his horse nahing, and moving back. Upset he opend his eyes to scold the horse, but stop when he heard singing. He shush the horse to listen. ashok turn when he heard some of the monk boys running up the stairs. ” hurry up, before she finish praying”

” im coming , wait for me” the shorter one says

Ashok curious follows them, but before he did he told his horse to behave. The horse shook its head, ” i will take that as a yes”, he walk up the stairs to see the monks behind a girl. He move to look closer, but instead kept getting shoved. Ashok wasnt pleased, he could feel his anger building up. When the prayer finished, he watch as the girl turn around. He soften seeing her face, ” beta, why do you still attend the lessons even though youve completed it.”

Kaurvaki smile ” its because where ever life takes you, or where you go… you never stop to learn. I feel like i have a long way to go. Besides, i fear that this peaceful moment will end and my past will come to hunt me”

The main monk touch her head ” if you ever feel that way or fear something…meditate, to clear your mind” he says

Kaurvaki smile before taking something out “whats this?”

” the food i promised”

The monk laugh before taking it. He bless her before turning around. The kids frown saying what about them. Kaurvaki says she has some food for them too. They followed her out with their bowls before kaurvaki gave each of them food. Ashok lined up as well, kaurvaki was so busy giving food tht she didnt notice ashok. ashok frown when she didnt look at him.

the monk children told him to go already since he got his food.ashok while sitting by the tree was sulking. while eating he waited before getting up when he sees her walking away. ” excuse me!”

Kaurvaki stops… and raise a brow ” yes?”

Ashok brush his hair while stumbling for words. ” I-i w-was W-wonde-”

” look if yoou dont have anything to say stop wasting my time” she says annoyed. Ashok glares at her rudeness. ” from afar you look like a nice girl, but i judge to quickly” he says before turning to leave. Kaurvaki scuff before walking away. While walking ashok felt the tug again. He thought, why does it feel like i know her. He turn back, and ran towards the direction she went.

He asked some people if they’ve seen a girl wearing white with her hair tied in a knot. They point to a house by the river, not to far from the temple he just came from. Ashok walk to her house, and stop in front of it. He was about to knock when he realize the door was crack open. He walk in observing everything. The house wasn’t anything special, just a chair, table, a room that led to the bathroom and of course their was a flower pot near the wall.

He wonder how someone as beautiful as her could live a simple life like this. I mean the village people practically worship her. Ashok was to busy thinking, that he didn’t see Kaurvaki walk in, she took her sword out silently and points it on his neck ” one more step, and you will die”

Ashok smirk , he had heard her walk in , but decide to play along, but he didnt expect this. ” i thought someone that follows buda teaching shouldnt do violence”

” well im an exception” she says before saying ” your different from the other mens that tried sneaking in my house. And you dont look like one of kalinga men’s, so who are you?”

Ashok was impressed by her observation. ” your right, i arrive here yesterday for business, and i have to say i love kalinga already” he says hands still up

Kaurvaki soften a little. When ashok felt the sword drop a little, he grab the sword by the hand, and spun her around. surprising her and almost making her fall, but luckily ashok grab her on time. her hand was grasping his arm, while starring at him, and He was looking at her too… with his hand around her waist. Which he realize was very slim. ” are you OK?”

” y-yeah…thank you” she says

Ashok quickly let her go, when he realize he was still holding her. Their was an awkward pause, Kaurvaki secretly observes ashok, while he did the same. They both look away when they caught one another stareing. ” why did you come here?” She says breaking the ice.

” I heard their was a women, whose beauty matches a goddess.. so I wanted to see for myself.”

Kaurvaki curious asks ” did you find that women?”

Ashok nod while looking at her. Kaurvaki heart thump a little seeing his expression ” who is she?”

” you” ashok says

Kaurvaki laugh, making ashok heart skip. ” me? Thats new… why would anyone think that”

Ashok look at her like she was crazy. He thought, is she joking with me… is she so oblivient to the fact that God gave her such beauty, that other women would wish to have. ” no one has ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Kaurvaki thought about it ” I honestly don’t pay attention when they complement me. So why should I care now”

This time it was ashok turn to laugh ” you are a really interesting person Mrs-”

” kaurubaki”

” kaurubaki?” He repeats

Suddenly some kids walk in the house ” Kaurubaki!! Come quick the fields on fire” he says in a hurry

Kaurvaki surprise ran out the door, follow by ashok.

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  1. Nice one..i have a query will ashoka n kaurwaki come to know abt each others real identity soon??

    1. Angelk1

      Yeah they will but it will be to late for kaurvaki

  2. hey…very nice dear , keep writing…

  3. This is not today’s episode

  4. Wonderful!!!

  5. U did a great work describing how they felt.

  6. But howcome kaurwaki is not able to identify ashok?? She saw him right? On the day he saved her. Isn’t it?

    1. Angelk1

      True but three years can change a person. Besides she will figure it out soon.

  7. However the epi is awesome.

  8. Nice story Angelk. Loved it!

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