Ashwaki- Dangerous love – eps 10


Precap: ashok and sushim get into a blo*dy battle almost enough to kill each other. Three years later bindu exile ashok after witnessing him almost killing siamak.

Chapter 10

Sushim was beyond angry. Not only did bindu gave ashok the task he was suppose to do, now if ashok succeed he will definetly be in his father good grace. He punch the tree out of anger… unaware of bindu watching him. Bindu asks Charu, why Sushim is so angry all the time. Charu says ” it’s because you don’t show him enough love. Your always giving all your time to ashok”

Bindu quiet, thought about it. ” then I will make amand ”

Charu curious turn to her husband ” how will you do that?”

” I will get Sushim married”

Charu gasp ” married… why?”

” with him married, he might be more at ease, and will get all the love he needs. Showing his mature side.” He turn to Charu ” will you help me find that person for our son”

Charu quickly got over her shock, and put her hand on his ” of course, I will find such a bride that she will bore my son strong children” she says determine

Bibdu smile thinking, that should keep her busy until I find the source of her magic.

Sushim on the other, left the small field. He had to meet one of the land lord that live in kalinga. While walking in the market, he was unaware of an old men pushing a wagon full of fruit. He was to busy thinking of how to ruin ashok success that he didn’t notice the men slip, making his fruits fall on the floor.

Sushim stop thinking when he felt a shove, making him slip on one fruit and fall. People stop afraid , Sushim in anger look at the short old men, who was shaking. He got up and raise his hand to hit him, but was stop by a hand. He look at the bangle hands, before looking at the person. The person had a hoodie covering her face, her hair in a pony tail, and her outfit look like a commoner. ” hey sadu, didn’t some one teach you not to raise your hand on an elder” she says

Sushim raise a brow ” sadu?… do you know who you are speaking to”

The women smile ” of course, im speaking to a snobbish men dress in sheep clothes. Acting like he’s God himself ”

Sushim was not amuse, never had someone, non the less, a female disrespect him. Well except for ashok friend…what was her name…kaurwaki!, but still to be insulted in public, was something he does not take lightly. ” you should be mindful of your words commoner”

The lady smirk ” should I take an advice from someone who has no respect, or honour. Or should I teach you a thing or two” she says thinking, Sushim was about to respond when someone came for the lady. The women dress in royalty look at the two, ” I left you for one second, and already your touching a men.” , they both look at what she was talking about to see the lady hand still on sushims.

They both quickly let go, before Sushim roll his eyes and walk away from the scene, but before he left he glare at her ” you will pay for your disrespect”

The lady cross her arm before saying ” can’t wait sadu!” , she laugh when Sushim was finally gone. The women frown ” why do you always pick a fight with the maurya , your father will be very angry if he finds you speaken with the eldest son”

” don’t worry, I won’t get close to Sushim. I will just hurt his heart, after what he did to father”

The lady gave a non approval expression ” he told you to let it go, it was an accident.”

” how can I… father is paralyzed because of him. I won’t let it go, never” she says stubbornly

” Ahankara-”

” I know I know, father always see the good in people. Should I do the same, see the good in someone who will never change”she questioned

Her mom smile ” you can try ”

” fine, but if he ever push my button I will cut of his nose”

Meanwhile, ashok was on his horse heading to the field, where the issue was. When he reached there he saw farmers fighting landlord. Some injured while others dead. He could hear he scream and shout. ” leave my land!”

” yeah, let’s throw them out”

” we should all calm down

” our children sick, we need clean water from the river ”

” get them!!”

Ashok hearing enough, shout, getting their attention. He walk towards them and they all wonder who he is. He stood in the center, before telling them that Bindu sent him to solve this matter.

The two opposite parties step up. Ashok asks them what happens, why they are causing chaos and involving other civilians. The farmer spoke first ” lately our crop have been bad. Our grass is dead, my cows usually wonders to another field which is close by the river. He is trying to prevent my cows from eating and drinking.the farmer yells

The landlord angrily spoke ” it’s my land, every time I wake up I see his cows by my house, I hear them mooing preventing me and my neighbors from sleeping. They also wonder in the city. I’ve asked him many time to control those animals but he just laughs in my face” he finished

” that’s a lie!!”

” no it’s not!!”

” let’s throw him out!!” The people scream

Ashok silence them, he thought about it. Before telling the farmer if he was gonna run a business he should have better control over his animal. Hearing this the landlord smile, but he frown when ashok says he shouldn’t be stingy because that’s his neighbor and family. The river people use, it just happen to be near his house. Ashok says he has no control over it. The farmer nod.

” so I’ve made my decision. Until the farmer grass is green again, we will make a fence near the river, so the cows won’t enter the city and other land”

The landlord frown ” but that would mean half of my land would cover it”

” exactly, this is just temporarily until his grass is restore. Kalinga should be peaceful, everyone should help one another and consider each other family, isn’t that another reason people move here” he says, making people stop their aggression. They all look apologetic, ” were all family here, so helping each other shouldn’t even be a problem. I shouldn’t have to come here, and solve this. When I know you all are quite intelligent”

The farmer and landlord look at each other before apologizing
they all thank ashok for reminding them of their moral. Ashok smile ” I will stay for a week to see the progress, then take my leave” he says everyone praise him while he left on his horse. Ashok on the other hand, decides to walk around, he saw many children playing, and people chatting happily. He wonder if this is what peace feels like.

He walk by the mountain area with his horse, he saw men resseling in the mud. Ashok staid and watch, once it was done, he decide to leave, but stop when he heard a female laugh, and voice. He look around the hill and trees, but saw no one. He turn back to leave when a young boy bump into him. He apologize before running away, ashok look at his clothes now taint with mud, and decides to wash up.

he search for a stream, but instead found people leaving the waterfall. Ashok approve before going commando. He walk in and clean himself. Then he went under the water thinking about Bindu exiling him. He heard some guys talking about a goddess, living amongst them, but he ignore trying to clear his mind and erase everything. He suddenly heard foot steps, and children laughing.

” im gonna get yah” the voice said

” no you wont im fast like a horse” the boy says proudly

Ashok tried to ignore them, but the voice kept getting louder, and closer. By that time everyone had left except for ashok. Kaurvaki enter the water while trying to catch the children. They splash her making her laugh, she ran towards them, not knowing ashok was in that direction. Ashok now, cant concentrate remove himself from under the water, surprising not only kaurvaki, but the children.

Ashok was about to yell at the intruder when he stop and stare. His heart started drumming, while stareing at her. They both look at each other before, kaurvaki blush and turn when she realize ashok was naked .

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