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Last time: Kaurvaki. And ashok part ways, ashok threatens Sushim while Kaurvaki fights a soldier out of anger.

10 years later

A young girl excitedly look out the balcony smiling before running down the stairs excited ” CHAND!” She screams loud enough for everyone to hear.

One of the people passing by says ” their she goes again”

” I still can’t believe this is the same girl that was living in the temple before CHAND found her dad.”

The girl seeing ashok, almost jump on him. She hugs him out of happyness and start blabbering about what she saw. Ashok, hesitate, ” you can let go now Devi, people are watching”

” let them watch, I’m just happy that you save those people. I knew you we’re good.” She says

Ashok, says in head. I told her many time to stop doing this, but she doesn’t listen. He sigh before smiling a little and pat her head. ” by the way, how did you know, that I save those people. Were you following me?” He says

Devi blush ” n-no, I have my sources. Besides I was worried about you” she blurted

” theirs nothing to worry about, people wouldn’t dare to touch me” he says

Devi pulls away smirking ” what’s this, ashok… your head is getting big again” she says , ashok touch his head confuse, he says my head is still the same” , this made Devi giggle.

One lady says ” get a room”

” yeah, why don’t you get married already” another says

An old lady laughs ” let the two love birds show their affection for one another” she says making them blush out of embarrassment. To make it worse, ashok brother came out, saying ashok has a lover. He even tease Devi by calling her sister in law. Devi squeeze his cheeks and call him name.

While this was going on Dharma came out smiling. She remember like it was yesterday when ashok brought a girl, wearing all white. Her clothes we’re covered in blood. She was scared, and didn’t speak to anyone except her father dhaniram.

It wasn’t until one night when ashok came from a fight, that she tried to help him. She had raced downstairs calling his name. She caught him and starts asking him, how he got the wound. Who did this? , she was about to call for help, when ashok shush her, holding her arm he told her not to tell anyone, because he doesn’t want to worry his family. Devi ripped off her sari and tied it on his side. She made him lean on the stair case and ran upstairs to get cleaning tools. When she came back she tend to his wound.

That was the first time, they actually spoke, from that day ashok was greatful to her. And they became friend’s, everyone was surprise to see Devi all talkative especially to ashok. They also notice how ashok would often smile to Devi.

” CHAND?” His mom says ” where did you go?”

Ashok walk to her, ” I was helping at the field ” ” here’s the rent money” he says

Dharma frown ” I already told you, I don’t want money you took from others”

” but I didn’t, I earned it working in the fields ” he says

” Dharma didn’t believe him, she gave it back to him, making him frown. Ashok took the money and gave it to Devi to give to her dad. Devi told him not to worry about it, but her dad cut her off and took the money. ” thank you CHAND, hope your on time for next rent.” He says turning to walk away, Devi surprise, followed after her dad to talk with him, but he told her he won’t listen to her.

Meanwhile, Jagannath was having a small get together. He invited people over to discuss finances, and alliance’s. Everything was going so well, Jagannath told them time for the main entertainment. The other government, told him, thre not here to see girls dancing. Jagannath laugh ” no my friend, this is better” he says taking them to the back.

He told them all to sit, and clapp his hand, commencing the battle. They saw two big guys appearing before they started fighting. It wasn’t long before a third party joined in, this person wasn’t buff, but instead skinny. The person was calm, not rash. She was standing with two swords in her hand, firmly grasped. She waited anticipating her enemy’s move. She watch as they both, move faster then a speed of light. , but kaurvaki just prepared herself before tilting her blade.

And blocking both attack. She was able to push them back a little. But it wasn’t enough because she could feel the energy of the sword through her own. Swipe, the one on the left blade half slice her scarf, now showing her lip area. , she jump backward, and tilt her sword again before charging, coming in low then swooping up high fast. The other guy Dodge by turning his waist to the other side, he raised his sword to hit her, but she blocked it. In one fluid motion, she twisted his arm that was holding the sword behind his back, forcing him to drop the sword. Then she point both her sword at his Beck before saying ” your out”

Everyone cheered for her, but it wasn’t over yet because the last one, ran to her, to attack again. Kaurvaki, ran to him,and they both clang their sword. Kaurvaki wrapped her foot around the guys leg, and flip his foot. Making him fall, she twisted her swords and lift it in the air, about to kill him, but stop when her father started clapping. ” excellent… excellent ” he says

The politicians surprise, got up and start clapping. They we’re surprise to see someone with good skills, and their not buff. ” you have some really good talented soldiers jagannathan, I’m scared to fight you in a battle ” one of them said

Jagannath smile before laughing ” what do you expect from my general” he says proudly

” general!!!?” ” that person?!!”

Jagannath nod before dismissing them. Once they left kaurvaki, went to her private room. She remove her mask before saying the diya she light will continue to light until she kills ashok, that will keep reminding her of his betrayal. Bel her maid told her it was time. Kaurvaki, quickly changed and left the room determined.

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  1. Tiyasa

    Thanks for keeping Devi in your ff…….well nice one……..

  2. Tiyasa

    Why have u taken the CAS director’s bakwas track, u could have made ur own story….

  3. Tiyasa

    BTW I couldn’t understand the ages of the characters in ur ff, pls help

    1. Angelk1

      I did say that some of the plot will be from the show… But you will see my crazy ideas as well. I know where its going… I did the same for ek muthi aasmaan.. Also ashok is 18 in this ff… I should have pointed this out. Anyway i just tried to make it a little factual by getting ashok to marry devi first….after words you will see ashwaki … My theories on how they fell in love.

      Also asandramitra will be in my ff… It will shock some people later

  4. Awesome just keep posting just luv it angelk1

    1. Angelk1

      Thanks mahi

  5. Devi

    This is great Angel! Love it!

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