ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 2

So here is Episode 2- enoy it guys…..


Ashoka was slowly moving towards the mirror..when.someone pushed him badly and he had a great fall on the ground. Ashoka gained his balance and stand up to find what’ s happening around him. He immediately looked in the mirror to find his breathtaking eyes..but they were gone…his wow moment had ended!….He looked around to find her and suddenly he saw her!….He saw her from back….he haven’t seen her yet..but could feel her presence, something was there between them that he could feel…he could feel her!!….He move forward to follow him but suddenly..heared some unpleasant voices ..there was something going on that does’nt seems to be good . So now he has to make choice. he has to choose between his duty and her.

And he made choice…he choose his duty! He choose his natiin …his Magadh which was most important than anything …important. Than his life …..than her! And he moved in the opposite to see what’s the probelem.

There was a circle of huge crowd that had gathered in the market. .He somehow managed to get inside and there he saw something that hurt him the most. He saw an old woman crying badly beside a deadbody. He just couldn’t bear this. He asked the man who was standing beside him. And he answered with a great sadness in his voice- ” This woman is the mother of that deadbody ..his name was Arjun he had dared to reach the Magadh by crossing the Dark Forest and the result is infront of you ……” ” But what is there in that forest? ” Asked Ashoka with deep query ” That forest is the home of AAKROSH ! That means the home of death! . Don’t you know this?”
Ashoka was totally shocked .

-” If mistaken anywhere plz forgive!”


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