ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 8


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RECAP- Their eyes finally met ……

So both were looking at each other. If was a perfect moment for Ashoka. And was spoiled when they were inturepted by the lady..who just entered.
“So….you are finaly awake my dear” – questioned Lady while they were busy in each other. Both of them stopped their indeed when founded her presence in the room.
The girl with a sweet smile ” Yes …mother …thankyou saved my life” ..and tried to get up but failed to have balance and started falling when Ashoka quickly hold her ….she looked at him …and he in return gave a broad smile. “Beware!!…you are still not well”- cried Ashoka . And she nodded …and sat on the bed with his help.
“No…dear…I was not the one who saved you…actually your saviour is beside you…” – lady indicated the Ashoka.
” Thankyou…..”- Said the girl .
” I had only brought you here …..actually she is responsible for your cure… if she would not have been with me …I could have done nothing ..” – Ashoka.
“I am thankfull to you both…it is because of you both that I am here …alive..” – answered the girl. And the ‘Thankyou conversation’ ended with all of three smiling.

The lady gave her medicine. And sat beside them.
‘”So how did you got hurt?” -Asked the lady.
“AAKROSH!!!!!! is the reason mother..” – answered Ashoka before she could speak.
“Yes….it is because of him….i was passing through the forest when his men caught me.. … i tried to escape but they caught me….and were about to kill me …when he reached there…..”- the Girl replied.
“But why are you passing from here? You would have died..”- Questioned Ashoka.
“I need to reach Patliputra
( Magadh’Capital) …very urgently!!
Also i was not having any money left with me…and earning such significant amount so that i could reach there by sea route would took months…so i decieded to cross the jungle….”- Girl.
“But this is the area of AAKROSH!!…nothing is more important than life dear…you would have died..”- said the lady.
“I can not stop because of the carelessness …of a dumb King”- Argued the Girl.
“Sorry????… i think i heard something wrong? About whom are you talking…”- Asked Ashoka .
“I am talking about our so called great ruler….ruler of Magadh ‘King Bindusara’ ” – Girl
“Howcome….you can involve our King in all this?”- Questioned Ashoka with confusion in his mind that was clearly visible on his face.
“Howcome he is involved!!!!!…”- She continued ” He is the only person who is responsible for all this …for the rise of AAKROSH …. it is because he did’nt did something to stop him…..he had able to create his fear and increase his power.. it is all his fault..that idiot king!!!!!!!!”- said the Girl with a agression on her face.

“You can not use such absurd words for my fath..” Continued Ashoka after a pause and coverimg his words..”….i mean Magadh King….he is a great ruler…. it is because of him that our nation is running so good and we are so powerfull….. “- Replied Ashoka.
“No …..he is powerfull
…not we and how can you say that Magadh is running good … is this how it is going good …where there are such wrong things going on …where people are not able to raise voice ..where people are living in the fear of death everyday….and he on the other side is enjoying his life with his ‘Royal family’ ….he is only and only a theif who is looting our courty badly..”- Cried the Girl for prrng herself.
“He was not aware of it…before….actually and he is taking stepst stop all this he is a great ruler…you are one to point him…” – Shouted Ashoka.
“Yeah…right …he is taking action….so where is the result….can you see anything happening to stop AAKROSH .. ??”- the Girl taunted him.
Why don’t you understand ….our King is taking actions against it …that is the reason why he…has sent…..” – Ashoka paused. As he was about to reveal his identity.
“He has sent what??”- asked the girl amgrily.
“I mean He is about to take action.”
Said Ashoka.
“Ok…but how do you know are you his servant or what..??”- she asked.
“You are impossible…”- concluded Ashoka.
“What… dare you..”- Girl
” I don’t want to argue with you…”- Declared Ashoka.
“Nor did I.”- Girl.
And both started staring at each other angrily.
“Ok…ok …. i know your opinions did not match …but you must respect each other’s veiw.”- Interupted the lady in between.
But they were not in the mood of listening. After exchanging a bit angry expressions…Ashoka slowly moved outside the house and the girl also gave the expression as if she was not bothered about it.

The lady moved near the girl….
“There was no need to have that silly conversation….you would have not fight for that .”- commented the lady.
“But he started it..”- Argued the girl
“And you took it ahead “- Lady said with a clever expression on his face.
“I only presented my veiws….”- Girl.
“That what he did”- Lady
Both were looking at each other. They both were trying to understand each other’s opinion.
“Ok…”- Said the girl when she realized her mistake.
“I don’t say that you should change your opinion….but you must accept other’s opinion….you can not question other’s veiw on the basis of your personal opinion… should have’nt done it..”- the Lady finished.
The girl understood her mistake. She apologized. But the lady asked to go to Ashoka and say sorry not to her.
So .She went outside . Ashoka was sitting on the stairs . She also sat beside him. Ashoka did’nt even tried to look at her.
‘I am sorry’- Wispered the Girl.
Ashoka on the other hand was he did’nt expect such line from a person..whom he completly find opposite than him.
“…I have understood that there was no need of such bigfight …on that topic …and i am sorry for that.. but my opinion will not change until…I myself find me wrong.. i respect you.and your opinion…And with that ..I apologize….”- She said.
“It’s ok..somewhere… I was also wrong …so I am sorry too”- Replied Ashoka… with a Hope in his mind that one Day he will be able to change her opinion …towards his father….the king.

“Kaurwaki…my name is Kaurwaki.”- Said the Girl…with a smile of acceptance on his face.
“Ashoka…”- Ashoka said.
And both smiled looking at each other….and started the journey of their unbrakable bond.


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