ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 7


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            ASHOKA- KAURWAKI.

RECAP- Ashoka sadly moved out.

….So Ashoka  came out and sat on the stairs. He was feeling very bad.
  He was unable to understand …his own behaviour towards a person whom he even don’t know by name. But ..Asking this question to himself again and again was actually waste of time. He was always more and more confused. So he decieded to just sit quietly with his eyes closed.

After an hour , the lady called her inside . Ashoka hurriely ran inside.  He saw her lying on the bed unconciously . He sat down beside her….the old lady moved towards her so called ‘kitchen’. Ashoka hold her hand again…and started staring her like a dumb. The lady ..after sometime brought dinner for both of them.  She signaled him and Ashoka moved forward to recieve a proper food after two days of his journey.
“So…what is your name son?” – asked the lady.

Ashoka – ” I am Ashoka…..son of Queen Dharma and King bindhusara….Grandson of great Chandragupta.. And the warrior of Magadh.”   
The lady immediately joined hands in respect.  Ashoka insisted her to put her hands down and not to show such attitude towards him.  He has    accepted her as her mother and he don’t want to recieve such reaction from her mother. 
“I am really glad to see a great ruler infront of me…to witness the initial stage of making of ” Mighty India” see the dream of Chanakya coming true…”   – Said Lady proudly.
“I will not  be the only reason of the making of “Mighty India”  but you all who are helping me to make this  dream come true…will be a part of this …”-  replied Ashoka.
   And..then..  Both completed their dinner …with a feel of proud about their Country. .
“You can go and sleep rajkumar…i will take care of her.” – Lady
“Noo…it is okay…i think you need to rest …just go  and sleep i will be here….” – Ashoka
“But…rajkumar “-  The lady tried to spoke
“Noo…i don’t want to agrue with you …and please don’t call me rajkumar “-   Ordered Ashoka
“Okay….son” – the lady answered. ..and moved towards the other side of the room where a small matress was kept to sleep.
Now Ashoka was again left alone with her and the ‘presence’. 
Whole night passed ..and he was continuesly awake, sitting beside her and looking or actually staring at her.

In the mornig the lady woke up …and founded Ashoka…sleeping by sitting beside the girl.  She was sure that he was awake   whole night. she decided to leave him like that only and went out for collecting fruits and other things fir breakfast.

   There was cold breeze blowing out. Which slowly entered the room and  Then  moved out touching both of them.
And now she could feel the breeze. She could make out the cold weather, and now was feeling better.
So she opened her eyes. …Now she was awake. and.  founded herself at a strange place .

She looked here and there…….. and find someone sleeping beside her…..who was holding her hand.   She looked at him ..and find  a boy of his age….who was looking a common person by his clothes but had a uncommon glow on his face.

Rough hands …with definatly a very soft heart…a person  who saved her…who was definatly brave as it need a lot of courage …to save someone’life where  his own life could be in threat…..but was sleeping like a small ..sweet…five years old baby. ……….With a innocence in his face ……..who was never willing to sleep but was not fight with night….who was now at this moment was  lost in his most beautifull dream…whose glow was clearly seen on his face ….and was holding her hand..which shows his extent of care and kindness. Who was worried whole night for someone ..whom he does’nt even know. How could a common  person …be like this???…how come he was so good????. She wondered.   And  then a huge smile appeared on her face.
She was touched. She grewed a sense of respect   for him.
She  get out her legs from the bed to look outside…and find out …where exactly  she was .  She  bend down and sat beside him.  To release her hand from her saviour’s hand….whose grip was little tight. So she tried  to take her hand out……… while she was making the efforts …her other hand clashed with the water vessel kept near her and it fall down with great noise.   The noise was enough to break anyone’s sleep.  She in fear closed her eyes…and on the other hand Ashoka’s sleep breaked and he woke up in hurry.
The next moment he find her infront of her..closing her eyes tightly and  was covering her ear with  her free hand. For a second the time stopped…..everytihng becamed quit.
   And then she opened her eyes…. once again their eyes met. Ashoka was looking at her without blinking his eyes for once amd she too on the other hand was staring him .
For a while everything paused….. As if the time …himself did’nt want to move ahead… if he also wanted to live that momemt….that momemt of them..their first actual meet…….. And the final beginnig of ‘Love story of great ruler…the endless start of am unforgetable Story…’LOVE STORY OF ASHOKA’……LOVE STORY OF A WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PRECAP-   …And they find ….them opposites..!!!!!!

Thankyou everyone..sorry i can not post daily …but will post  as soon as possible…Keep reading and  enjoy…..and plz support!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Astra

    Nice…waiting for precap

  2. Angelk1

    Just love how you describ their feelings. I need to work on that on my stories. But good eps i cant wa

  3. Enjoy reading your descriptions… Amazing

  4. Tiyasa

    Nice……buut Ashoka in his younger age was not such a lover as u are describing but I really appreciate ur work……

    1. Girl it’s a fictional story that means the author can write what he or she thinks…
      It can be on history or totally opposite of it…
      If u don’t like dn don’t read this…

      N were you present in his teenage days dat u r saying so confirmly he was not a lover…
      If u don’t have proof dn don’t talk…

      Appreciate the author’s writing skill.. And how she goes inside every feeling so deeply dat it feels like u r present at the scene as u can clearly imagine it….

      Other wise other fan fiction are written as if writing summary…

      1. RIMJHIM_rao

        Thnq…for appreciating my work…

      2. Tiyasa

        I really appreciate her work……..
        But I am just telling that Ashoka was not such a lover when he was young, this story would have been perfect if it was told that Ashoka was at a age of 18-20 or more……
        Otherwise her story is fabbbbb

    2. RIMJHIM_rao

      You always read my storues…and i also hope that u like it sumwhere….so thanks..

      1. Tiyasa

        Thank u rimjhim for understanding my feelings and what I wanted to say…..
        Many are there who don’t understand what one comments and tells bad things to them, but u r not like them, u understand what one wants to say…..

    3. Ha ha ha tiyasa don’t be over exited see the timing of the comment…
      Rimjhim appreciated me… Not u..
      Please check the timing of the comment
      It’s 6:48am 2nd September and u commented at 4:26pm 2nd September…
      So how can she appreciate u before u have commented….
      Lol… Over exited girl.. Always proving she is correct…

      1. U dont need to be so mean

  5. Hmm..

  6. Dear rimjhim don’t listen to any one or come in their writing.. U r doing a wonderful job.. By writing this UR bringing a smile on the reader face n d credit goes to u…
    Keep writing as we are anxiously waiting for next..

    And tiyasa I think u r also writing a fan fiction plz concentrate more their….

    1. Tiyasa

      I am concentrating on my fanfic, no need of telling and I really appreciate rimjhim’s work……..
      I just said that Ashoka was not such a lover when he was young, her story would have been perfect if it was written that Ashoka was at an age of 18-20 or more….
      Otherwise her story is fabbbbbbbb


        LOOK YOU

    2. Y he can’t be a good lover in his teenage days… Were u roaming as a ghost at that time or were u yourself ashoka in your previous birth?


    My knowledge in Hindi is not so good. If written episode is made available one day in advance, it will be easy for a person like me to understand fully while seeing the episode.
    Episodes are grand. Very much enjoyable.
    Is there any arrangement for telecasting Tamil version, as was done in the case of MAHABHARATH

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