ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 6

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RECAP- She fall in his arms ..

…..Ashoka was stunned. After a very anger, anguish and anxiety , suddenly he now feel a bit of peace, a feel of calm and good , a feel of presence…presence of “her”!
He pulled her out of his arms to see her. Ashoka’s heart was beat very fast. He was having a mix feeling of nervousness, a fear of wrong but a need to see her. So, he seek out to see her.
But the dark was a big obstacles between them. Ashoka was unable to see her full face he could make out her lips, her cheeks whose beauty was hidden by the dirt on them .. Also blood was flowing from somewhere up around ear. So , he lift her head quit up with his one hand to see where exactly was the wound. And Now, he could make out…Her closed eyes. And her head, where there was a little deep wound. He tried to toch it slowly. The momemt he touched it , he could feel the tightening of the grip of her hands on his shoulders. Which means she was’nt completely faint and could feel the pain and touch.

Ashoka slowly moved her towards him and tighten her again in his arms . Now her face was only such far from his that he could make out her breathing.
He took his mouth near her ears and slowly spoke -“Don’t worry. I am here…..” And then started staring her. Waiting for her reaction. As if he knew that he will find an answer.. he will find .. And then something happened that gave answer to his every question ..his every query. She opened her eyes… And thier eyes met…as if their soul met. And the next moment she again closed it…it seems as if they opened only for him.

But they gaved Ashoka something for what he was waiting desperately. Confirmation .. To Confirm her …..confirm that the presence was right. He knew them. He knew those eyes. Those eyes which make him ..good for nothing.. whenever he even think of them. Finnally Ashoka found them. And now never wanted to loose them again.
After few minutes Ashoka realized that he was acting like a fool. He was staring her for the past 20 minutes, where priority was something else…… To took her for Aid….to stop the blood flow and to save her .. Save someone who has unwillingly become important for Ashoka. So Ashoka lift him up in his arms and started moving towards the. Old woman ‘s house. The lady was standing at the doorstep. She ran towards Ashoka to help him out. Both of them took the girl inside. Ashoka quickly laid her on the bed, meanelwhile the lady prepared some medicine out of the leaves and roots that she brought from outside.
Withou any..She quickly started the treatment ..Ashoka was holding her hand. The lady rubed the medincine on the wound…and tge girl cried out in pain.

Lady after staring him for a moment-” You don’t worry…there will be some pain ….but the wound will be healed.”
And then they started encountring …a number of wounds on her body . She was badly injured . Some wounds were even deeper than the head one. The lady now need to change her clothes as she expected …some wounds inside also. She indicated Ashoka to go out.
But Ashoka did’nt want to leave her. So he asked the lady ” I can stay here……..i will turn my head opposite side….also if you want i can close them also. But I don’nt prefer the idea to leave her.!!!!As you may need me!”.
“But that won’t make any difference….”- the lady continued with a bit of laugh…. .” You can stay outside.. i will call you if there is any need….”
Ashoka’s face turned pale. He did’nt wan’t to leave her hand.
“Don’t worry i will take care of her…i cam see that she is very important to you…..i will make sure that she does’nt bear pain for a lot of time…but for that you need to go fast” -Lady.
Ashoka with covering his words and emotions – “No…i only mean that you may need help …. i trust you…..every person is important for me..she is’nt special…”…Lady with an expressions of cleverness…”I know …i know now please go out….dear”
Ashoka moved out ….with a sad expression on his face.

PRECAP- She wake up…and saw..Ashoka!!!!


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  1. Falling in love with your writings. Cheers to rimjhim rao!!

  2. Angelk1

    Nice update, i wonder if she will remember ashok. 🙂

  3. Hi, ur imagination is good. few grammar mistAkes r to b taken care of. The story line is gr8

  4. Awesome. ……..

  5. Omg I have fallen on your writings..
    I can imagine the scene n while reading it I blush and keep on smiling…
    Thank u so much for this…
    Just go on…
    And dear check the spelling errors like u wrote him in place of her…

    UR ardent fan….

  6. Hey rimjhim 1 humble request don’t show kaurvaki as love sick as the actual show’s writer ASHOK BANKER is showing..
    Already a lot people are hating kvk for this…
    In upcoming episodes show her to be same like ASHOK in every respect n dats the reason ASHOK has fallen for her..
    For example.. For kvk her love for her mother land comes 1st then love for any one else.. N may be because of this reason they will separate… As like poles repel..

    Just giving a suggestion dear…
    Not forcing you..
    Else your imagination is great..

    1. RIMJHIM_rao

      Thnq..zannant …don’t worry i will not do anything that will make this tory boring …i asure you will always enjoy it …as i will give my best…..and yes …will take care of the spell mistake..? … Blessed to recieve you all as my fans!!!

  7. Superb Di…Its amazing…Today only read all your episodes….Its awesome…Please continue soon…

  8. Superb Di…Its amazing…Today only read all your episodes….Its awesome…Please continue soon…Make it more longer if possible…

  9. Amazing. I like their scenes especially your narration when kvk opens her eyes for a sec and then closes. Really nice
    keep writing

  10. Astra

    So nice…. is that girl karwaki…?

  11. RIMJHIM_rao

    Thnq….all of you…. it’s a pleasure to hav such good fans….yes i will take care of all yr suggestions….luv u all

  12. Nice….Young Ashoka didn’t loved kvk so much that also in 1st side…….pls don’t try to change history……..
    I appreciate ur work its interesting keep it up…..continue

    1. *1st site

    2. tiyasa I think rimjhim rao is writing a fanfiction then what is the problem if history is bended? Everyone knows it understood? And don’t be so sure of what is been given on internet . We have not yet able to fill the missing pieces

  13. Okay so finally i am commenting
    Great writing and i love the romance
    By that way mujhe thanks bolo comment ke liye
    And just in case others are thinking tjat i am being rude i would like to tell you that i know rimjhim in person 🙂 😉

  14. Di pls keep writing this daily….

  15. Devi

    My god, this is Gr8! At first, I wasn’t sure what to make out of ur writing, but now I am falling in love with it! Way to go, RIMJHIM_rao

  16. when will u post next update rimjhim di?plzz do it soon,i’m in love with this story…plzz never stop this in between…do complete it as i love young ashoka n kaurwaki.till now,i was in love with the ashkara ff”timeless” its idea was simply superb of having ashoka and ahankara reborn as sidd and afreen…but dunno why the author “swaryaforever” (indiforums)left it incomplete..hey girl if u are listening(reading)plzz complete that story,coz i loved it.. and for rimjhim di,awesome work..plzz never stop…love u di for this

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