ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 5


        EPISODE- 5
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Recap- Ashoka heard avoice and was moving towards the direction of the voice.

So Ashoka was running as fast as he can to save the voice. Without worrying about anything without even worrying that his life may fall in danger while saving someone who may be of no importance for him, and for the country. But ..afterall he was Ashoka ..the warrior of Magadh. ..the son of Dharma.. The voice was becoming more loud and clear as if it was somewhere near around . who was shouting for help badly. Now there were also other voices who seems to be laughing and taunting grew more. It may be the darkest side of the forest …not even the moonlight was clearly visible ..only the were some patches where it reaches . Ashoka was’nt able to see anything cleary… There were shrubs , bushes through which Ashoka just ran….having a lot of scraches..and hurt. From his right shoulder he could feel the flow of blood coming from a deep wound. Suddenly , he fall in a canyon. He fall down in a .canyon.. He has no control on him…he was just falling , hurting himself….and going ..Finnally it reached to end and ashoka stopped…he was lying in the bushes…he was at that moment was having no strength to get up. “Please forgive me ……. I am of no use to you . ” – a voice camed from the other side of the bushes. And them a number of voices about ten to fifteen were laughing badly. ” You dared…” – he heared again…..”…to enter this forest., and now you are asking for forgiveness !” .. A other voice continued ” You are in the forest of AAKROSH , you can’t go alive home..” Hearing…. Ashoka was now having a new strength . He had to getup fo save someone who was now his responsibilty . Ashoka somehow get up . His body was paining badly . But he was’nt bothered about it. He was more to feel the pain of someone else than that of him. He tried to look out but was not able to see their faces becaus of the dark. He find a girl of about his age standing at the end of hill beside which a river was fast flowing infront of her were seven armed men whose swords were shining higlhy and seems to be very sharp . The light was falling on the half of the girls body , was wearing a purple lehenga which ends some feet above the toes as his mother wears it . Her bangles werd shining as her earings in her ears were. Her maanteeka was also equally shinkng as her other jwelleries were.
But ashoka was having no time for noticing all this . He was concerntrating how to defeat the evil. Then, suddenly one of the armed men slowly moved ahead with the sword . He kept his sword on the girl.’s neck . “So finnally you are done “. He was about to cut his head when a stone hit his hand and the sword falled from his hand and he cried out in pain. Everyone looked at the bushes to find out who dared to go against AAKROSH.
That was one and only Ashoka. He was standing infront of them , fearless , and with a fire in his eyes.
“You , dared to stop me ……a man of AAKROSH …and what the hell are you doing here .”. – The injured man asked . “Why i am here ..that’s not important . “What will i do with you is the thing that matters here. ” – Ashoka announced .
“You small boy with fight with us …..”- Asked all of them…
“Why are you afraid ?” – Ashoka
“We are not afraid but will definatly make you ” – Dared all of them. And then one of them rushed towards ashoka with open sword
Ashoka also moved to hit him with his odinary sword. Although it was’nt his sword….the sword of great Chandragupta Murya..
The sword of magadh . But he was having the same the same anger , the same passion for his country …for his Magadh. And the war started , Ashoka swiftly started moving his sword like lighting. And all the men started banging their swords on him. To just get the right shot to kill him.
But who could stand infront of Ashoka. He started one by one desroying all of them. One gone …two gone…five on..

Now only two were left who was at a distance near the girl and the other was the one who was engaged with ashoka .. a large man with muscles.
Ashoka was not able to cope up with his large size. Abd he falled . On the other hand the second one started moving towards the girl who slowly moved backwards . She was in danger . Now Ashoka was not having much time for saving her. So he decieded to follow the footsteps of Chanakya. His school teachings and father said that a warrior should always fight like a warrior and must follow the rules . But on the other hamd Chanakya said that ” There are no rules for fight ..everybody does it to win …. a warrior is a person who could do anything for others …. who could even dare to cross the line of limits for his country….. and sho could even cheat to win”
So Ashoka hold sand in his hand ..and threw it in the eyes of the man …at the next moment he stub the sword in the gut of man and make him yo reach his end.
Now Ashoka immediatly moved towards the last one who nervously push tge girl into the deep fast flowing river beside them and ran from there.
Ashoka rapidly moved forward towards her .
“Help me “- she approached . And she was about to fall when her hand fall into Ashoka’s hand and he instantly pulled her towards her.

And she falled in Ashoka’s arms. And thw next moment everything becamed quit . And Ashoka was stunned.!!!!!!!!!!!

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