ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 4


          Hope you will enjoy it..
               ASHOKA- KAURWAKI

RECAP- Ashoka met an old lady in the forest and she invited ashoka inside.

          So..Ashoka follewed the lady inside the hut. It was’nt a pleasant place to live…A big one room….at the end was the gallery. Which seems to be dirty for months. A few old furnitue..a small single bed , a table…beside which there were some untensils and a fire plce…for cooking purposes.  The lady ask ashoka to sit down on the matress…..and she took out some water from the pot to gave him.
“You must be tired must take some rest”- suggested the lady.
“But you don’t know me? Are you alright with a stranger.” -asked Ashoka
“There is no need .. A person must have courage to be here in the middle of the forest ..alone. I know who you are… are Chanakya’s student.”
Ashoka was totally shocked. Hoe did she know that ….how could a stranger point out me so well and confidently.  The best was to question her and that what ashoka did.
“A person who had reached here alone..without any fear…can only be his student. A unique identity , a glow on face, a burning  fire of doing anything for good……You are his student right?” -questioned the lady .
“Yes you are right!… do you know him?” -Ashoka
“Offcourse i know! He was the only person who told me…the one day someone will come to destroy the evil. ” -Said lady and she sat infront of him.
“Are you his, relative?” -again asked Ashoka who was surprised by the fact that his teacher had alresdy made predictions for him.
“Nooo !. He use to taught my son . He was his one of the best student !”-lady

“Who is your son?
Where is he now?” -Ashoka
“AAKROSH!!!!!….”-said the lady and then stood pause for sometime
. .”He is my son..”
Ashoka was again shocked . He didn’t expected such an answer from a lady who knew his teacher. And the most strange thing was his son….he was Chanakya’s student…but how?.
“I will tell you …but first have some rest…and i also need some rest…i you could please excuse me.!”-Asked the lady.
“Oh yes! Please go and take some rest ..i will be outside.. we will talk later ….You go now!” . And the lady moved towards her bed .

Ashoka was sitting outside. Cold wind was blowing…. He was thonking about AAKROSH. ..There were a number of questions going on in his mind …. And the answer was only one…the  lady . There was no choice for him …but to wait … So he rested his back on the big piece of eood and closed his eyes to divert his mind. And suddenly he gained back that thougt ..that picture. .that presence…the presence of  ‘Her’!
He clised his eyes and was able to saw that beautiful eyes… That beautiful presence. .. That eyebrows. ..that Maanteeka!… Ashoka was now relaxed he now had the feel …feel of if nothing was there so important than if there were no problems in the world…no aims…no future ….only the present….the presence. ..the beauty…the beauty of something that he was previously unaware off…LOVE!!!.

Ashoka was lost in his own mussings…when he heared a voice .
He immediately. Got up to find out the probelem. That voice was in danger..and was shouting for help. 
And it was the duty of the “Warrior of magadh to save him..   
He take his sword and ran towards the  direction of the voice to save it!

Ashoka wasmoving without knowing that he was going not save other’s life but his life! To save the feel ..the part or the best…….”His Life!!!!!!”

PRECAP-  FINNALLY they met…….And she fall on him…..!

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