ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 3


      Episode –  3
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RECAP-Ashoka. came to know from a man about the AAKROSH. And was shocked.


  Ashoka was shoked.. “He asked the man. “AAKROSH live in the forest.?”  “Who are you?” the man asked
  “I…uhh…my name is Anant but why did you asked that.?” -Ashoka asked with a lot of hesitation. “I mean aren’t from here …right?”
“Yes! are right”.-ASHOKA
“That is why you are asking this question so openly…if you would have been from here and have seen his cruel  deeds you wouldn’t have even speak his name. …not even a single child is allowed by the parents to talk about him… is a very daring event! He us not a human but a beast ”    
“Can you tell me more about him ..where does he exactly  live in the forest…..I need to reach him!”
“Are you out of your mind ….child ?….Don’t you want to live?…..” -Asked the Man
“You just tell me about it!”-said Ashoka with confidence
“Ok if you want to die then it’s ok…i don’t know much but …it is said that he lives in the middle of the dark forest…no one is allowed to enter the forest …whosoever had ever dared ..the result is infront of you …it is the only reason that everyone takes the seaway to reach magadh ….”..-Answered the man
“Ok ..thankyou” – and ASHOKA moved away . Now Ashoka was clear in his motive. ..he now knewed what to do for his aim to get fullfilled . 
  He immediately took some essentials items for his way and moved towards the forest .

Ashoka entered the dark forest . It was as exactly something near to hell ….the Dense trees ….no reach of sunlight at the surface…. for large areas…Everything seems to be dead no joy, only the voices of strange birds and. … Insects… Everything was like just perfect to have goosebumps.  Ashoka walked inside. It was midday when he entered the forest now the sun had set down  and the forest seems to be worse than worst.  Ashoka had walked for miles but there were no signs of a single man. Finnally, walking continuesly for several hours …ASHOKA was less happy but moreshoked to find a hut in the middle of the forest. He decided to go and findout weather it belongs to AAKROSH. He took out his sword and moved towards the door . He knocked …ready with his sword he was waiting for someone to come out .
  And the door opened. ..Infront of Ashoka was someone who was never expected there in the middle of the forest. 
An old lady nearly, about 60 years was standing infront of him. Ashoka immediately put his sword down.
“Yes?”-Asked the old lady in a very shrinking voice.
” hello mother .. I am a traveller, was just passing by..”-Ashoka
“Come..inside..”-the lady stopped him inbetween and then moves indie ..Ashoka followed him.

PRECAP- Ashoka was sitting outside when he heared…someone. .and he ran towards….. !!
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    1. RIMJHIM_rao

      Tiyassa i can not compcompleshow only ashoka was a ruler i i have to take his social life and duties with the story….and by the way thanks for reading and i bet you will find the next epi. Very interesting

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    thx rijhim 4 increasing e content. need more ashwaki parts. today nothing abt hr. anyway rlly nice.

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      Offcourse ….just keep reading

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