ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 13


So both were moving happily for there destination to come. When suddenly Kaurwaki falled into a small pit. Ashoka moved forward to help her out when he discovered that it was not actually a pit … it was a long deep boundry that was there and continued till the end of the visible area. Ashoka get out to look forward and was shocked to encounter a gaint anonymous mighty empire . Number of solders , large huts and tents and at the high was —— the magadh’s flag in black . Ashoka could guess about the kingdom …and to whom it belongs.
“What’s this ?…Magadh ‘s flag in black!” -Kaurwaki.
“I know …”- Continued Ashoka . “see this is very dangerous … so listen to me very carefully … you will stay here ..”
“Shhh …keep quit and listen. ”
And Ashoka after giving her certain instructions left leaving her there. Safe.

It was’nt a difficult task at all for him to …—- the gaurds and get inside. Slowly covering his head with the cloth in which he kept the food and all … ashoka moved near the biggest house in the small city ….. which was gaurded by around 50 gaurds at that time . He was thinking about how he could step in . When his eyes fall on a girl. That was noone but Kaurwaki. Who was roaming around
“What the hell is she doing here???”- thought Ashoka. And moved towards her and pulled her behind the pillar.
“What are you doing here… iasked you to stay there.!!!”- Shouted Ashoka.
“Yes…but you did not tell me why …. why did you stopped me come with you…and why did you entered secretly ….what are you upto Ashoka?????”- Asked Kaurwaki.
“Listen….I do not prefer to answer all these questions …to you”
“Ok …then .. i don’t prefer to obey each and every order of you .
“You!!!!!…. you are imposible!!!!!!….just go or I will kill you!!!”- Ashoka widespered in anger.
“You will kill me….. You idiot guy!!”- Kaurwaki actually shouted. And then both started fighting badly . Loud enough to attract all the gaurds . And slowly they were ——– by them.
“Who are you ….and What are you two doing here .?????”- Asked one of them.
“Sir! Thay does’nt have the mark on their hand…they are not from our town!”- another one.declared .
“Now..answer mr. Rude…. why are you here ????- Teased Kaurwaki.
“You idiot…. It’s all because of you …i was only trying to steal some food for us”
“What steal????…. you were trying to…… i can not be with you anymore you theif!!!”
“Oh yes…. then please leave!!.
And again they were fighting .
“Oh ..shut up you two… take them to majesty… now he will deciede their future. “- the cheif odered.
And two of the gaurds tied their hands and started walking inside the palace with them.
Ashoka slowy moved towards Kaurwaki.
“Good …everything is going as I wanted…thankyou!!!”- Widespered Ashoka in Her ears.
Kaurwaki gave a wise smile and both moved inside .

Passing through te verandah . They entered a huge hall . Large windows . Gaurds at the enterance ,some chairs near the stairs ….which ended at the throne. On the throne… A long , man with burning eyes was sitting .
” My majesty…”- continued the gaurd.
“They two were caught at the entrance and were planning to steal !!!!!!”
“You are not from are town!!!! “- said the man who had just noticed their hands without the mark.
Ashoka moved forward . His eyes had turned red . “Right…… Aakrosh!!”- Replied Ashoka
“You dared to take ou majesty ‘s name!!!”- shouted the gaurd who was was stopped by Aakrosh.
“So you know me????”
“Yes…offcourse…. you are Aakrosh…..a criminal of magadh…not more than that”- Ashoka.
” ok….. amd who are you ?????”- He asked.
“I think you were caught stealing Ashoka…. and you are saying that i am a criminal.’!!!!”

“Yes!… you are a criminal …a muderer ..who had killed many innocent people ….”- Ashoka
Kaurwaki signaled Ashoka to stop. But Ashok asked her stay quit.
“Couldyou please first tell me the reaso for your
stealing… !!”- Aakrosh
“I was not stealing… i just wanted to meet you… so i founded the way.”
“You wanted to meet me!!!!!!!…. for complaing …about all my deeds ….. “- Asked Aakrosh.
“No…. i am here to stop you …… to stop you anyhow …by talk…by fight…or by killing!!!”
“You …will killme ????…..”- Conitued Aakrosh laughing ” You alone…..will kill me!”. Ashoka nodded.
“Go home child…you are just a small boy!!!!!…you will kill me”
“Yes i will”- replied Ashoka .
“Ok… and how…. who are you …just an odinary boy …half of my age .?????”- Asked Aakrosh
“I am Ashoka……. Ashoka Maurya……son of dharma..grandson of great Chandragupta mauyra…who have defeated many enemeis of magadh before….and will continue it. !!!!!!!”- declared Ashoka
Everybody was shocked. But the person who seemed to be the most was kaurwaki.


Thanks everyone. Do read it’s special episode ….on Tuesday . Where Ashoka will defeat AAKROSH.


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..