ASHOKA – KAURVAKI “LOVES STORY of a Warrior “ episode 10


Hello guys i am back…i hope you reemember me and my story….till now …i am continuing …so if you read plz commemt so i know that you all are there.!!!!!!
So who are there in your family?”- he asked.
“I don’nt have any….'”- she answered ..ger expression from fear changed into deep ”
“I mean that there is no one i have as my family…….I used to live with them …in satpura….it’s a village near the border of Magadh beside…the river . I was six when the border disputes slowly led to great war between Kalinga and Magadh….and that was the time when my family was lost forever….. They all died in that…..”- and slowly tears rolled down her face .
“Please. Forgive me !!”- Ashoka regrert.
“No…don’nt be….. that’s what life is ….there is no gaurantee of Happiness…nor the time waits for us to cry…we just have to go with it!!!”- She answered . Her voice was carrying the feel if Acceptance.
“So you do have a family right?”- She asked
“Oh..yes . I have my father,my brothers …..and my mother!!!’….who is my life…”- Ashoka answered.
“So….what else complains do you have with our system…and King.?… I mean our veiws..and all ..I would love to hear some good suggestions.”- Ashoka tried to change the topic.
Kaurwaki had a big smile on her face. She laughed.
“No …i am not joking i actually mean it!”- He said.
“Ya…right…ok then..”. And she started. That was all which Ashoka wanted.

The sun got down …and the moon was up..but there was no pause in Kaurwaki’s speech. Although the topic currently was far different from which she started but she was not in a mood of stopping. Ashoka who rarely talked with someone in the palace apart from making strategies for defeating the enemies or having conversations about development of his motherland or sometimes prooving his innocence in the court..which was becoming a common event for him…was not in a habit of lisenting this kind of idiotic one side conversation.
Finally his patience gave up.
“Can’nt you just keep quit for a minute….I just don’nt understand why do you girls need to talk so much???”- He shouted.
Kuarwaki made the most wiered angry face that Ashoka had seen in his 15 years of life . She was red in anger. After staring Ashoka for five minutes …she moved forward. Her speed was two times than before.
Ashoka followed him.
The sun setted and the Dark Forest was now symbolizing the actual meaning of darkness. They had been walking continuesly for about five hours and both were badly tired. But Kaurwaki had’nt utter a word after Ashoka’s argue with her nor she had a bit change in her expression if anger. But she was tired and that was clearly vusible. She could fall at any momemt and Ashoka had f
“If you want we can rest hear!!!” . Kaurwaki igmored him. She could not answer this question……. Her ego was more than her tiredness…
So finally Ashoka decieded to gave up…..’No one can stand infront of this blunder!!!! SO it’s better to gave up . He thought .
‘May be you can ….but I am not in a state of moving a step ahead. So please can we stop ….!!!!’
‘Only because you need rest……. as I can walk… it’s for you!’- She commented with maintaing her anger on her face.
So they halted. Ashoka lightened fire …….Kaurwaki was seated at a distance.
‘Come and have dinner!!’. He opened the packed food and laid it nicely on the cloth.
‘I can not eat sith a person who disrespected me…..until and unless he apologize for that.!!!!!!’ – She declared
” Apologize for what?????…. I did ‘nt disrespect you!”- He defended.
“Oh!….then that beautiful comment was my a addition in my glory right!!!”
“That was not a comment …i just asked you to kep quit! And i will not say ‘ sorry’ for something that i don npt felt was wrong!”
“Ok ..then ..fine. But i can not stay with someone who insulted me! … I am leaving! “- she declared

“Wait…are you mad…’s not good to move from here!”- He interupted.
“Ok…then say ‘sorry’…or i am going”.
Ashoka could not let her go alone in such a dangerous forest nor he could apologize as this would hurt his selfrespect. Now he has to deciede.
“There is no need to go… i am leaving from here you can sleep here….near the fire .. i can not let my responsibility in danger …animals generally don’t come at open place …you can sleep niceky..i will go… may be your anger will cool down by morning..nand yes…eat the dinner”. And he took his part of dinner and left. Kauraaki was constanly looking at him. She wanted to stop him but this would be like prooving her own statenent wrong . She was standing still . Constanly looking at him until he dissappeared in the darkness of thr forest. “It’s better to leave him ….. he is hopeless….. why the hell i am caring about him….’a person who insulted me …should have a nice punishment ‘ …” – She thought…and initiated for dinner.

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