Ashoka The Great(Fan Fiction) Chapter 1


Guys I want to make it clear Ashoka the Great is a Fanfic not the show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. So don’t get confused with the show.


Radhagupta’s POV
2 weeks have passed since the death of my guru, the one who established the mauryan empire, The hero of Magadh Acharya Chanakya but still Patliputra was in sorrow of losing Acharya Chanakya.

Death of Acharya Chanakya lead to turnaround in events. Rajkumar Ashoka was set to depart for takshshila instead of Rajkumar Sushim who found a way to escape from this mission which was to be his. All the rajkumars & warriors of Patliputra were training in the training ground. Ashok was training with Vasunandan and Subhao. They were his most diligent students at the Rajkiya Vidyale. Humble as well. Ashok has been a good influence on them. Subhao and Vasunandan were showing Ashok how to defend against spear and shield wielding warriors. Rajkumar Abhimanyu the son of samrat & Queen Kaveri who died while giving birth to him returned from his maternal home a week back & has shared a good bond with Ashoka & is set to depart with him to Takshshila.



Abhimanyu: Pitaji Maharaj I will also depart to Takshshila with bhrata Ashoka to give him a backup.

Samrat : I can’t let you go Son you are too young for this.

Abhimanyu : Pitaji I didn’t ask for your permission I am informing you about my departure.

Everyone present there was stunned by this.

Sushim: Don’t you have manners to talk to your elders & that to with pitaji maharaj.

Abhimanyu : It would be good if you don’t teach me manners bhrata Sushim.

Sushim fumed in anger. Samrat Bindusara interrupted.

Samrat: If you have already decided who am I to stop you. But is Ashoka ready to take you with him(Looking towards Ashoka.)

Ashoka : I don’t have any problem pitaji.


Rajkumar Abhimanyu was angry at his father for keeping him away from the palace for these years.
Abhimanyu was sparring with some soldiers & he was actually good with the sword.

Maharani Charumitra was standing with Khallatak who was talking to Sushim near the edge of the ground. Indrajeet, Sushim’s sparring partner stood near them. Sushim wore an expression of smug arrogance as Khalnatak spoke excitedly. It was no secret that Khallatak was an avid supporter of Sushim. They seemed unperturbed by the grief that has overtaken Patliputra. This did not surprise Radhagupt. Charumitra and Khallatak could not stand Chanakya since he had on many occasions shown Sushim in a bad light in front of the Sabha.

Samrat Bindusar and the rest of the royal family stood under the canopy of the palace. Rani Dharma stood next to him. Her hands locked around his arms. He could see that both of them were grieving. Samrat’s dried tears in his eyes mirrored my own.

Rani Subrasi stood behind them holding Drupad. She gazed wistfully at the two of them. I didn’t dwell on that. As Rajmata Helena caught my eyes. Rajmata Helena seemed very happy. A rare sight. Her eyes could barely contain her joy. Radhagupt knew if anyone had reason to rejoice for Acharya Chanakya’s death, it was the Rajmata. Suddenly Rajmata’s expression changed. He followed her gaze towards a commotion.

An intense duel was going on. Siyamak was fighting fiercely against his sparring partner. His eyes were manic and desperate. Radhagupt could see the turmoil of emotions almost breaking out of the prince. Understandably so. Radhagupt knew what Siyamak had gone through the past few months. The young Prince had to live through the horrific shock of his mentor being a Rajdrohi. Then his grandfather. Then his mother. Not only did he lose his loved ones. They were all traitors to boot.

Siyamak’s sparring partner fell under the sheer force of the sword strikes. Siyamak was about strike him with his blade but Ashok stopped him in time. Siyamak angrily looked towards Ashok & jerked his hand & stormed off the ground.
Helena’s sudden concern for Siyamak in many ways, was a weird thing to see for me Acharya Chanakya discussed it with me. But in passing. Something had happened. And Acharya intended to find out what.

Episode ended on a confused & determined face of Radhagupta.

Guys this was all Radhagupta’s POV if by mistake his name is mentioned somewhere please forgive me.

Please comment guys I need your support to continue.

I have dropped the idea of Sushim’s Sister.

Abhimanyu Maurya is played by devish ahuja

Credit to: Abhinav

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