Ashoka The Great (FanFiction) Chapter 8

Guys here is Chapter 8

Note : Here is note for all readers.
I know you are not happy with the thing i am writing but believe me from 11th Chapter which will be 1st Chapter Post leap you will get the real story of Ashoka how he beacame a King,his wifes & children everything just bear with it for 2 more episodes & please comment guys.

For 1 chapter i need atleast 45 minutes and if you are not commenting it’s not worth it.

Now enough of my bakwas here is the Chapter

Ashoka was in deep thinking in his private tent. He has summoned Abhimanyu, Senapati Rudra & Acharya Devrarth. They will be here any moment.

Senapati Rudra, Abhimanyu & Acharya Devrarth entered tent. Ashoka acknowledged thier presence with a nod.

Ashoka : Abhimanyu you will leave for Patliputra immediately with the Mauryan Army.

Abhimanyu was shocked.

Abhimanyu : But Bhrata Keechak is still alive?

Ashoka : I know trust me it is important for you to go there.

Abhimanyu : Nothing is important more than you.

Ashoka : You will now & it’s final. Don’t interrupt(as Abhimanyu showed every sign of interrupting). You will give details of battle to Pitaji Maharaj about the death of Meer Khurasan, Selucus Nicator’s alliance with Keechak, & most important tell him about the timely arrival of Ujjaini Sena.

Abhimanyu : But why me a soldier can do this ?

Ashoka : I can’t trust anyone other than you & also tell pitaji I will be back by tommorrow.

Abhimanyu : I am still unsure about leaving you alone.

Ashoka : Now the thing I am telling you will have to be shared with Pitaji Maharaj in Private.

Abhimanyu : What is it ?

Ashoka : RajMata Helena being a traitor of Magadh.

Every face was stunned in the tent.

Devrarth : I think it would be appropriate if you tell him yourself with proof.
Ashoka : There is no time we have to act fast Magadh can be under attack anytime as I believe Selucus will attack Magadh with thee Unani Army & Khurasani Army.

Abhimanyu : But what if he won’t believe me ?

Ashoka : I have a plan if he not believes you & I am certain he will not believe you.

Ashoka told the plan to Abhimanyu(you will get to know soon guys).

Ashoka : Now leave immediately.

Abhimanyu hugged Ashoka & Ashoka reciprocated.

Ashoka : Go now I will return tommorrow.

Abhimanyu left the tent to address the Army.

Ashoka : Senapati Rudra you also return to Ujjain.

Rudra : But what is your strategy Rajkumar? You have sent back Rajkumar Abhimanyu as well & now you are asking me to leave as well.

Ashoka : The job of armies is done Senapati Rudra now Keechak is alone & I shall defeat him alone.

Rudra was stunned into silence listening to courageos words of a 14yr old Rajkumar.

Rudra : As you wish Rajkumar I will leave as soon as possible.

Senapati Rudra left the tent.

Ashoka : Acharya Devrarth I want to enter the Royal Palace as soon as possible.

Devrarth : It can be very risky. They will have a trap set for you for sure.

Ashoka : I have to there must be a way other than the main entrance.

Devrarth was thinking will it be safe that way.

Devrarth : There is a way RajKumar but it has not been used for quite a time now.

Ashoka :Tell me Acharya I will do anything to reach there.

Devrarth : There is a GuptMarg from Takshshila Vishvidhalya to Royal Palace which was constructed on the orders of Acharya Chanakya to transport the Royal Family in case of emergency.

Ashoka : Who else knows about you other than Acharya Chanakya & you.

Devrarth : There is a person Amatya Rakshas & my source from Royal Palace says he is here in Takshshila.

Ashoka was shocked as he knew Amatya Rakshas was dead.

Ashoka : But he is dead. How can this be possible?

Devrarth : I know but my source will never give wrong information.

Ashoka : Who is this source Acharya? Who is helping us?

Devrarth : Devi Bhamini wife of Keechak.

Ashoka was stunned with this new revelation.

Ashoka : But why is she supporting us that to against her husband?

Devrarth : Because she wants Takshshila to be Liberated from Keechak.

Ashoka : For that Keechak will have to die.

Devrarth : Yes he will have to.

Ashoka : She is okay with that.

Devrarth : It’s her destiny Ashoka. It’s necessary.

Ashoka : So It’s final we will be using GuptMarg to reach there.

Devrarth : Ji Rajkumar I will make the arrangements for leaving.

Outside the Tent.

Abhimanyu was leaving for Patliputra with the Mauryan Army.

Ashoka was speaking to Abhimanyu.

Ashoka : Reach there as fast as possible. Alert Pitaji Maharaj about what I told you. Now leave.

Abhimanyu mounted his horse & left with the Army.

Senapati Rudra was also leaving with Ujjaini Sena.

Ashoka : Senapati Rudra it was good having you here. Your Army was a great help in this War. DHANYAVAAD.

Rudra : It was our duty to Rani Ahankara & Samrat Bindusara and now we shall leave.

Rudra left with his Army.

Ashoka : Acharya let’s meet with SudamaJi before leaving.

Sudama’s tent

Sudama was sitting on camp bed & her daughter Kratika was sleeping peacefully after a lot of days.

Ashoka entered the tent.

Sudama : RajKumar Please come in.

Ashoka : No SudamaJi it would be better if we talk outside as your Daughter is sleeping peacefully.

Ashoka & Sudama left the tent.

Ashoka : SudamaJi today i am going to liberate Takshshila from tyranny of Keechak I want to ask if you want to become Prantpal of Takshshila again.

Sudama : No Rajkumar certainly not I intend to come with you to Patplipura & spend my rest of life there.

Ashoka : That’s good but for that you will have to wait here I am leaving the rebellions with you they will protect you if something happens.

Sudama : But where are you going Rajkumar ?

Ashoka : To destroy Keechak.

Ashoka left leaving a confused Sudama behind.

Royal Palace

Keechak’s Chamber

Keechak was pacing in his chamber anxiously.

Bhamini his wife was sleeping peacefully & she should be as she is pregnant with his first child.

Keechak left his chamber & as he left Bhamini woke up and took out a small scroll which was sent by Acharya Devrarth.

Devi Bhamini
Rajkumar Ashoka & I will enter the Royal Palace from GuptMarg as soon as possible.You have to do something so everyone’s focus should be on main entrance & we will enter through main entrance.

Acharya Devrarth

Bhamini(Monologue): This is the only way to divert the gocus only on main entrance of place.

She took a piece of parchament & wrote something on it.

Raj Sabha

Keechak & Amatya Rakshas were discussing something just then a soldier entered with a small scroll which beared message of Ashoka.

Soldier : Mahanayak we found this scroll on the entrace of Royal Palace.

Rakshas : Give this to me & leave.

Keechak : What is it Rakshas?

Rakshas : A message from Ashoka.

Keechak : What is it ?

I will enter your palace today only like a lion will kill you like a lion

Keechak(Angrily) : Ashoka I will definitely kill you.

Rakshas : Like a lion Mahanayak he will be coming through Main Entrance only.

Takshshila Vishvidhyalya

Ashoka & Acharya Devrarth entered the GuptMarg with the help of Map of Vishvidhalya.

Ashoka & Devararth were in Palace within a few minutes.

Devrarth : I know the way to RajSabha let’s go there Keechak will be there only.

Ashoka : I am surprised there is no security here I thought Amatya Rakshas was Known of this GuptMarg.

Devrarth : But they don’t know you & I know about it. Acharya Chanakya shared it with both of us but only I know that Rakshas also know about this & Rakshas is unaware of the fact that I know about this.

Ashoka : Acharya Chanakya must have forseen this type of situation.

Devrarth : Keechak’s main focus qould be on Main Entrance. Devi Bhamini would have ensured it.

Ashoka : Let’s go Acharya.

Raj Sabha Chamber

Keechak, Amatya Rakshas, Agnibahu were present in Sabha.

Keechak : Agnibahu is there any Information of Ashoka.

Agnibahu : Mahanayak Ashoka’s brother Abhimanyu has left for Patlipura with the Mauryan Army & Ujjaini Sena is gone as well.

Keechak started laughing loudly.

Keechak : Ashoka is Idiot is he willing to take me himself.

Ashoka : You are right Keechak I intend to deal with you alone.

Ashoka & Devrarth entered the RajSabha Chamber.

Rakshas : How come you are here I made all the arrangements to stop you.

Devrarath : You forgot about the GuptMarg Rakshas you focused on Entrance only.

Keechak : You have come into the mouth of Death. soldiers take him prisoner.

A dozen soldiers moved towards him.

Ashoka : Stop. You are to serve the Prantapal of Takshshila & I am the Prantpal showing them the Mohar(Royal Coin).Nobody will come in between.

Every soldier stooped

Keechak : Catch him Morons.

Ashoka : Keechak Let’s finish it let us combat & finish this forever.

Keechak : You a 14yr old will defeat me me.

Ashoka : I will not defeat you I will kill you.

Keechak : So what are talking let’s fight.

Rakshas : Mahanayak he is provoking you don’t do this.

Keechak : I am not a coward Rakshas I will kill him today.

Ashoka : This is not the place to fight Keechak let’s go to courtyard of the palace.

Keechak : I will complete your Last wish Ashoka.

Courtyard of Palace

It look liked whole Takshshila was gathered to witness the combat between Tyrant Keechak & Devanampriya Ashoka Maurya.

Keechak & Ashoka were standing facing each other.

Keechak : Get ready for your last fight Rajkumar Ashoka.

Ashoka : We will see whose last fight is it.

Keechak & Ashoka charged towards each other.

Thier swords met with a clang. Ashoka pushed Keechak back with all the force he posess.

Keechak was surprised the way Ashoka was battling. He again charged towards Ashoka but Ashoka blocked it easily.

Ashoka : Keechak your end is near you can’t win against me.

Ashoka pushed Keechak back & slashed his Sword on his Right shoulder. Keechak recoiled on being injured.

Keechak : Ashoka these small injuries won’t matter me.

Keechak slashed his sword in air to harm Ashoka but Ashoka was too quick for him he moved aside & slashed Keechak’s Left shoulder as well.

Keechak was fuming , his eyes were bloodshot red he charged towards Ashoka in fury but Ashoka bent down & slashed his both knees with ChandraGupta Maurya’s Sword.

Keechak fell on his knees & Ashoka quickly beheaded him killing Keechak.

Rakshas was arrested on Ashoka’s orders.

Raj Sabha Chamber

Keechak was Dead. Time has come for Ashoka to leave Takshshila & he wants to leave immediately.

Ashoka : As Prantpal of Takshshila I appoint Devi Bhamini as temperorary Prantpal until Samrat Bindusara Maurya appoint a appropriate Prantpal.

Bhamini : But Rajkumar Ashoka I can’t do this.

Ashoka : Listen Bhamini Ji I have to leave immediately & you are the only one who I can appoint as Prantpal.

Bhamini : What about Sudama Ji ?

Ashoka : He is coming with me to Patliputra.So you are the only one .

Nayak entered the RajSabha.

Nayak : Pranam RajKumar.

Ashoka : Nayak you are a free man I free you from the oath of your ancestors you are coming with me to Patlipura where you will take the path of Senapati.

Nayak : Ji RajKumar.

Ashoka : Acharya Devrarth you will be advisor to Devi Bhamini & to the one who succeds her.

Devrarth : Ji Rajkumar Ashoka. What of Rakshas ?

Ashoka : Do as you deem fit. I have to leave now . Chaliye Nayak.

Ashoka , Nayak , Sudama , Kratika left for Patliputra immediately.

To be continued……….

Guys comment please & I am revealing half cast post leap here.

Mohit Raina as Prince Ashoka
Ankit Arora as Prince Sushim
Abhiram Nain as Prince Siyamak
Rajat Tokas as Prince Abhimanyu
Abhinav Maheshwari as Prince Drupad
Kajol Shrivastava as Devi
Daksh Ajit Singh as Acharya Radhagupta
Saumya Seth as Kaurwaki(Fisherwoman)
Mouni Roy as Princess Padmavati(Kalinga)

This is the cast post leap. Asandhimitra i will tell you all later as I am not sure about any actress.

Please yaar comment kardo Ashoka & Keechak’s fight scene took 3 days to finalise please.

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