Ashoka The Great (FanFiction) Chapter 7

re is Chapter 7

The crack of Dawn no creature human or animal was in sight in Takshshila. But on the outskirts of the city the Mauryan Army Camp was not a place of silence.

Rajkumar Ashoka the leader of Army was preparing for a long battle ahead on a long day he was addressing the army which consisted of Mauryan Army,Ujjaini Sena & the rebellions led by Acharya Devrarth.

Ashoka : The moment has come when we have to unite to kill the one who raised there eyes on our motherland,to pay the debt of our motherland,to avenge those innocent who were killed by Keechak & his cronies. Get yourself ready the time has come to liberate Takshshila. JAI JANANI.

Eveyone responded with a loud chorus of JAI JANANI.

Abhimanyu : Let’s discuss the Battle plan for the last time.
Acharya Devrath with the rebellions & some soldiers of Mauryan Army will free Prantpal Sudama from the ruins where he is being held.

Devrarth : Rajkumar Abhimanyu it will not be easy to free Sudama as he is being guarded by Nayak who is ferocious warrior.

Ashoka : I have heard Nayak is a good man than what the hell is he doing on Keechak’s side ?

Devrarth : Yes Rajkumar Nayak is a good man but his ancestors have taken oath to protect the one sitting on Takshshila’s throne.

Just then a spy of Acharya Devrarth brought some dreadful news.

Spy : Acharya, Keechak has decided to make Daugter of Prantpal Sudama Kratika Nagar Vadhu.

Everyone was shocked.

Devrarth : It has become a necessity to free Sudama & his daugher.

Ashoka : I myself will lead this mission.

Bhim Ji : But Rajkumar what about here we have got information Meer Khurasan will be attacking any moment.

Ashoka : I have faith in you & Senapati Rudra that you will be able to capture Meer.

Bhim Ji : But still Rajkumar you are the leader.

Ashoka : You are Senapati of Magadh you will capture Meer but just don’t kill him.

Rudra : Don’t worry RajKumar I promise we will capture him.

Ashoka : Abhimanyu you are in command remember don’t kill Meer.

Abhimayu : Ji Bhrata I will do my best to capture him.

Ashoka : Let’s go Acharya Devararth we will have to reach there soon.

Ashoka left with Devrarth & The Rebellions.

The Royal Palace

Meer Khurasan was leaving the palace leadin his Army on the Battlefield where the one he wants to kill so desperately waits.

Meer(Monologue) : Ashoka here I come to kill you.

Outskirts of Takshshila

The Mauryan Army & Ujjaini Sena was ready.

Bhim ji blowed the honk announcing the commencement of battle.

Another honk blowed from the other end of battlefield where Takshshila Army was waiting.

Abhimanyu : Attack.

Meer : Attack.

The two armies ran towards each other & soon there of clang of swords everywhere the soldiers of each army were fighting eachother to eliminate the other army.

Meer was fighting with soldiers when Bhim Ji gave him a open challange of one to one combat.

Bhim Ji : Meer Khurasan killing mere soldiers will not do you any good fight me if you have courage.

Meer : It’s good seeing you after so many years Bhim Ji. Let’s fight then.

Meer & Bhim Ji moved towards each other.

Bhim Ji : I will take your second eye as well today.

Meer : My aim is to kill you Bhim Ji.

Both raised thier swords and the swords met with a clang. Bhim Ji with all the power he could gather strike his sword on Meer’s & Meer lost his balance and staggered backwards.

Bhim Ji was smirking. Meer balanced himself & charged toward Bhim Ji. Bhim Ji stucked his right leg infront of Meer.

Meer fell facedowm biting the dust.

Abhimanyu who was watching the proceedings of Meer & Bhim Ji’s combat thought it was over Meer was defeated.

The Yunani Soldiers fled away, The Khurasani soldiers also fled away but some soldiers shot a dozen arrows on Bhim Ji & he fell down facedown.

Abhimanyu(Shouting) : Bhim Ji

Rudra who was fighting some soldiers move toward Meer & captured him before he can run away.

Abhimanyu was howling & shouting on the retreating soldiers.

Abhimanyu : Cowards where are you running come back & fight.

Rudra came back after taking Meer as a prisoner.

Rudra : You can’t do anything Rajkumar he will die.

Bhim Ji : Rajkumar Abhimanyu,Senapati Rudra is right I am gonna die in few seconds but tell Yuvraaj Ashoka to do my cremation & accomplish my last wish I want Meer’s other eye to be cremated with me.

Abhimanyu : I will do it Bhim Ji.

After few moments he was dead.

Meanwhile Ashoka,Devrarth & Rebellions reached the ruins to save Sudama & her daughter.

Ashoka : Attack.

The rebellions attacked the ruins & Ashoka came face to face with Nayak.

Nayak : So you are Rajkumar Ashoka the long lost son of Samrat Bindusara.

Ashoka : Yes I am & you are Nayak I suppose who is bound to protect Keechak even if he does’nt want to.

Nayak : You are right let’s not talk more let’s fight and he raised his sword.

Ashoka also raised his Sword.

Ashoka charged towards Nayak but Nayak stopped the Attack with ease & Ashoka fell back on the ground.

Nayak : So this is how you got the sword of Great ChandraGupta Maurya.

Ashoka got back on his feet.The swords met with a loud clang. But Nayak was too skillful for Ashoka.

Ashoka fell on ground for the second time.

Nayak : Get up Rajkumar Ashoka or what will people say The Rajkumar of Magadh cannot save a girl from becoming Nagar Vadhu.

Ashoka got back on his feet.

Ashoka : I will never let it happen Nayak.

Ashoka raised his sword & charged toward Nayak, Nayak was ready but Ashoka jumped of the ground & kicked on Nayak’s hand and Nayak’s sword fell on the ground with a clang.

Ashoka put the sword on his neck.

Nayak : Kill me Rajkumar Ashoka free me from this oath.

Ashoka : I can’t kill you.

Ashoka took a stone & hit it on Nayak’s head.Nayak was unconscious.

Ashoka,Devrarth & Rebellions defeated the other soldier and entered the ruins.

A man in his late 40s was sitting on the floor with a girl in her early 20s.

Ashoka : Sudama Ji. I am Rajkumar Ashoka I have come here to take you & your daughter let’s go.

Sudama : I knew you would come to save us Rajkumar.

Kritika : I am glad you came I was not worried about myself but for father.

Ashoka smiled at Kritika’s words.

Ashoka : Now let’s leave from here.

Ashoka,Devrarth,Sudama & Kritika left from there with the Rebellions.

The Royal Palace

Raj Sabha

Keechak : They captured Meer,The Yunani,Khurasani Army fled away & Nicator is gone as well.

Rakshas : This was bound to happen if Meer was defeated. Nicator is a coward he would have run away when his Yunani soldiers would have runaway.

Keechak : Now what Rakshas ?

Rakshas : Ashoka will himself come here he has taken the Oath to kill you before the last pehar today he will certainly come here.

Keechak : So we just have to lay a trap to catch him.

Rakshas : That’s right Mahanayak.

Nayak came in.

Keechak : What are you doing here Nayak ?

Nayak : Mahanayak Sudama & her daugher have been released by Ashoka.

Keechak : What ? How did this happen even after you were present there ?

Nayak : Ashoka himself defeated me Mahanayak & released them.

Keechak : A kid of 14 years defeated you.What punishment shall I give to you ?

Nayak : Tommorrow during the first pehar hang me to death Mahanayak.

Keechak : As you wish Nayak.Soldiers take him away.

Outskirts of Takshshila

Ashoka reached a long time ago & was shocked to know that Bhim Ji was dead.

Ashoka completed his last wish he took Meer’s another eye & cremated it with Bhim Ji’s body.

Meer was disposed off to the vultures who would have killed him brutally by feeding on him.

Ashoka(Monologue) : Keechak your Kaal awaits you it will be last night of your life.

Abhimanyu : Bhrata a meesanger has come from Patliputra.

Ashoka : What’s the message ?

Abhimanyu : Ma Dharma is going to become a mother soon.

Ashoka was elated hearing this news.

Ashoka : This is a spectucalar news.

To be continued………

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