Ashoka The Great (FanFiction) Chapter 11

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Mohit Raina as Rajkumar Ashoka
Ankit Arora as Rajkumar Sushim
Abiram Nain as Rajkumar Siamak
Rajat Tokas as Rajkumar Abhimanyu
Abhinav Maheshwari(Me) as Rajkumar Drupad
Daksh Ajit Singh as Acharya Radhagupta
Mouni Roy as Devi
Kajol Shrivastava as Kaurwaki(FisherWoman)
Saumya Seth as Rajkumari Padmavati(Kalinga)
Pooja Gor as Rajkumari Ahankara/Asandhimitra

Here is Chapter 11

……………………..4 years later………………………..


4 years have passed since the day Ashoka took the oath to become ”Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat”

The Royal Palace

Abhimanyu was on his way to Ashoka’s Chamber determine to reach there before Drupad.

When Abhimanyu entered Ashoka’s Chamber it was empty then he remembered where Ashoka will be.

Banks of River Ganga

Ashoka was taking dip in water of Holy Ganga chanting ”Om Namah Shivay”.

Abhimanyu & Drupad reached there together.

Abhimanyu : I am the older one I will take blessings first from Bhrata.

Drupad : What if you are older I will do it first.

Abhimanyu : I reached Bhrata’s Chamber first..

Drupad : Was Bhrata present in Chamber at that time ? No he was not so how come you are first .

They were fighting like this it was thier daily drama.

Ashoka came out of the river he has grown a lot in these 4 years . His muscles have become more puffed & strong, His hair reached below his shoulders & he was looking handsome as ever.

Ashoka : Shut Up you both. Do it together.

Abhimanyu : That’s a good idea.

Drupad : Yeah you are right.

They took blessings from Ashoka. Soon after they left for the royal palace.

The Royal Palace

Fighting Arena

Abhimanyu & Drupad were sword fighting each was trying his best to defeat the other.

The sound of clang of swords was echoing repeatedly in the palace but niether of them cared.

Abhimanyu pushed Drupad back with force.

Abhimanyu(Smirking) : I will make you lose Nanhe Samrat.

Drupad : But I will win Bhrata Abhimanyu.

Drupad charged forward with his sword raised but Abhimanyu blocked it with ease & Drupad was pushed back.

Abhimanyu : You need some more years to defeat me Drupad accept your defeat.

Drupad : Accepting defeat ? From you not possible.

They begin to fight again but this time Drupad’s sword was falling on ground & Abhimanyu’s Sword was on his neck.

Abhimanyu : I won you Lose.

Drupad : I will surely defeat you one day.

Abhimanyu : I am sure you will but for now just give me a hug.

Drupad & Abhimanyu embraced each other.

Sushim entered with 4 brothers Chund,Sampad, Shalya & Prithvi who do his bidding from the moment they have arrived in Patliputra.

Sushim : Abhimanyu fight should be between equals not with the one’s who are weak.

Ashoka entered the scene as well.

Ashoka : You are right Sushim fight should be between equals so let’s fight.

Ashoka & Sushim moved towards each other with thier Swords raised.

The swords met with a clang both were fighting ferociously each was aiming to kill the other one it was not just a brotherly fight but a battle.

Soon Ashoka took the advantage & put his sword on Sushim’s neck.

Ashoka : So tell me should I kill you straightaway or torture you to death.

Sushim was fuming in anger. Just then Bindusara entered the scene.

Bindusara : Ashoka ! Sushim !. He moved towards them.

Bindusara : I am fed up of you both . Two elder son’s of Maurya Dynasty are fighting eachother. How will you handle such a big kindom if you can’t handle yourself & your anger.

Ashoka : Pitaji Maharaj Sushim only invited me to fight with him in the first place .

Sushim : Pitaji I invited Abhimanyu to have a brothely banter with me but Ashoka as always came in between.

Ashoka was about to speak something but Bindusara spoked before him.

Bindusara : Enough. Be in RajSabha as soon as possible you all.

Bindusara left the arena. Sushim & Ashoka were eyeing each other. They both left in opposite directions with the brothers following.

Someone who was hiding behind the pillar watching thier fight was fuming in anger.It was Siamak.

Siamak : It would have been better if one of them would have killed the other one then no one would have stopped me from becoming Samrat.

He left for the RajSabha as well.

RajSabha Hall

Ashoka,Sushim,Siamak & all others including Abhimanyu & Drupad were present there.Bindusara was adressing them.

Bindusara : Ashoka I have a task for you.

Ashoka : What is it Pitaji Maharaj ?

Bindusara : You will go to Ujjain as Prantpal.

Ashoka : Any particular reason Pitaji ?

Bindusara : From the last 2 years since Senapati Rudra has left Ujjain I had appointed a Nirankush as Prantpal but the Taxes Revenue from Ujjain has been very low in these 2 years.

Ashoka : So you want me to find the reasons for the same ?

Bindusara : Yes. You will leave tommorrow morning & take Abhimanyu with you.

Sushim was feeling happy as Ashoka was going away from Patliputra & it will give him a chance to attack him. But his happiness lasted for a little time.

Bindusara : Sushim you will go to Takshshila tommorrow as Prantpal as Devi Bhamini has become a Sanyasi & you will be guided by Acharya Devrarth.

Sushim : But Pitaji what about Patliputra who will be here ?

Bindusara : Leave that to me & take these 4(Pointing to Chund, Sampad, Shalya & Pritvi) with you.

Sushim : Ji Pitaji.

Bindusara : Siamak & Drupad you will stay here in Patliputra.

Siamak & Drupad agreed instantly.

Bindusara : Now leave & do your preparations.

All left the RajSabha Hall.

Sushim’s Chamber.

Sushim was with Chund,Sampad,Shalya & Prithvi.

Sushim : Get Ashoka killed when he reach Ujjain.

Chund : But Why not on his way to Ujjain ?

Sushim : Bindusara will get to know it’s me if we do so.

Sampad : Work will be done Bhrata.


Radhagupta’s Chamber

Ashoka entered the chamber when Radhagupta was meditating & Ashoka turned to go back when Radhagupta stopped him.

Radhagupta : Ashoka.

Ashoka : Pranam Acharya.

Radhagupta : Kalyan Namastu. What’s the reason you are here this late ?

Ashoka : I came to talk to you before leaving for Ujjain.

Radhagupta : Ashoka always keep this in mind Samrat has tested your Warrior & Leadership skills in Takshshila now he wants to test your Administrative skills that’s why he is sending you to Ujjain.

Ashoka : So Acharya according to you there will be no battle in Ujjain.

Radhagupta : No if you can avoid it & you have to avoid it.

Ashoka : But why ?

Radhagupta : Win Ujjain without any bloodshed there is no rebellion there the problem is revenues.

Ashoka pondered over Radhagupta’s words.

Ashoka : I have understood Acharya there will be no bloodshed there if I can avoid it.

Ashoka left from there.

Radhagupta(Monologue) : I have full faith on you Ashoka that you certainly will Win Ujjain. But what of Sushim I know Samrat want to test him as well but he is not capable of this.

To Be Continued……………………

Please guys comment. I have shown a leap of just 4 years so that I can show real facts from life of Ashoka.

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