Ashoka The Great (Fan Fiction) Chapter 6


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Shunga & his army gathered around Abhimanyu & Saroj.

Abhimanyu: We are not coming with you so easily whoever the hell are you. Fight with me if you have courage.

Shunga : A 12 yr old kid will make me learn courage I will kill you & send your head to that Ashoka.

Abhimanyu got angry.

Abhimanyu: Let’s see then what you can do.

He was about to charge on Shunga but Saroj stopped him.

Saroj : No Rajkumar you are my priority I can’t let you fight I will do it instead.

Abhimanyu: But—

Saroj: No Rajkumar Rajkumar Ashoka ordered me to protect you at any cost I can’t let you fight.

Shunga : If you have decided who will fight me come let’s have a go.

Saroj gripped his sword & charged towards Shunga. Shunga kicked off the ground and raised his sword. Two Swords met with a thundering clang. both the fighters were hurled away from one another. Neither of them paused they leaped towards each other & turned into a blur of sword & dust.

Shunga swatted away a lash and thrust his sword directly at Saroj’s neck. Saroj ducked & rammed his shoulder into Shunga’s chest who was hurled back by powerful frame of Magadha warrior .

Shunga tried to keep balance but in an instant Saroj was swinging his sword at Shunga’s neck.There was a flash & a loud clang.

Abhimanyu saw Shunga’s Sword whistling in wind. Shunga lay helpless on ground his eyes were wide with shock he couldn’t move his body.

Saroj raised his sword to kill Shunga. Just then Shunga throwed fistful of sand in Saroj’s eyes , raised his sword % pushed it into Saroj’s chest,Saroj fell on his back & a shocked Abhimanyu was petrified on the ground .

Shunga moved towards Abhimanyu smirking just then a dozen arrows smeared through his chest.

The soldiers of Takshshila Army were shocked & ran away from the battlefield leaving Shunga’s body behind.

The rebellion’s lead by Acharya Devrarth were coming towards Abhimanyu who had tear brimming in his eyes seeing Saroj dead.

Devrarth: Rajkumar there is long battle to be fought you can’t lose your hope many brave soldiers Luke him will have to idea.

Abhimanyu: You are right Acharya. I am here to escort you to Bhrata Ashoka who is waiting for you on the outskirts of Takshshila.

Devrarth: I know let’s move then.

Abhimanyu:But Saroj’s body ?

Devrarth: My men will take care of bringing it with us.

Abhimanyu with Acharya Devrarth reached the outskirts of the city & were shocked to see the devastation caused by the Takshshila Army here as well.


After Abhimanyu left Ashoka was discussing the Battle strategy with Bhim Ji & Senapati Rudra when Takshshila Army led by Bhairav attacked them.

Bhairav was fighting with Bhim Ji & Bhim Ji over powered Bhairav by showing his fast instincts with the Sword.

In no time his sword was on Bhairav’s neck & when he was about to kill him Ashoka stopped him.

Ashoka: Bhim Ji we can’t kill him so easily he will first reveal Keechak’s plan & his alliances.

Bhim Ji: As you wish Rajkumar .

Bhairav was taken as prisoner

Ashoka : Bury the dead & he left from there.

Flashback Ends

Abhimanyu & Devrarth reached Ashoka’s tent where Bhim Ji & Senapati Rudra were sitting silently.

Abhimanyu: Bhrata Saroj died a warrior’s death.

Ashoka : What ? Who killed him ?

Abhimanyu: Shunga who is dead as well was killed by rebellions & here is Acharya Devrarth.

Ashoka : Pranam Acharya(Touching his feet).

Devrarth: I got the message of Radhagupta that you will be reaching here but what happened here.

Ashoka : We were attacked but we have been able to catch Bhairav one of their men.

Devrarth: He can be useful I have heard he is Senanayak other than Shunga.

Ashoka : Let’s talk to him.

Prisoner’s Tent

Bhairav was cursing his fate on being caught.

Bhairav: Now Vasudha will think me a coward & if Ashoka didn’t get me killed Mahanayak will surely did.

Ashoka ,Abhimanyu, Bhim Ji, Rudra & Devrarth entered the tent.

Ashoka : Bhairav tell me Keechak’s plan or you will die a painful death.

Bhairav : I will not do what you want.

Ashoka : OK so you want the hard way let it be the hard way.

Ashoka : Abhimanyu here is man for you to practice archery on as your aim is pathetic with bow & arrow.

Abhimanyu (Smirking): I would love to do it Bhrata.

Ashoka : Make sure you don’t kill him in one go.

Bhairav was terrified.

Bhairav: Hey what are you trying to do ?

Abhimanyu shot on his Right leg.

Bhairav (Scream’s): Aah…..

He shot in his Left leg.

Bhairav (Screaming) : Aah… stop I will tell you everything.

Ashoka: Good.

Bhairav told everything to Ashoka from Keechak’s plan to his alliances(which will be revealed later).

Ashoka: I Dharma Putra Ashoka take the Oath , Tomorrow’s last peher will be Keechak’s last peher.

Bhim Ji : RajKumar what about Bhairav ?

Ashoka : What about him ? Do what you were about to do with him KILL him.

Bhairav : No you can’t do this I told you the truth please Rajkumar spare me.

Abhimanyu : No one will be spared. Bhim Ji you got the order kill him.

Royal Palace

Raj Sabha

Keechak: Ashoka(shouting) I will kill you.

Meer: Tomorrow I will ride on the battlefield & will kill that tuchprani with my own hands.

Keechak: I will ride with you as well.

Rakshas: No Mahanayak you will enter the battlefield only when needed it will give you time to understand Ashoka’s strategy & fighting technique.

Nicator: He is right Keechak let Meer tide out there tomorrow.

Keechak: I appoint Meer Khurasan as Senapati of Takshshila Army comprising of Takshshila Soldiers,Khurasani & a few Unani Soldiers.

To be continued…….

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