Ashoka The Great (Fan Fiction) Chapter 5

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Here is Chapter 5

Ashoka & Abhimanyu reached Takshshila after some days without any eventful incident on the ship.

They moved towards the outskirts of the city where Senapati Bhim Ji & Aaron were waiting for them.

Bhim Ji: Rajkumar Ashoka I hope there was no difficulty in reaching here.

Ashoka: No Bhim Ji we reareached here without any problems.

Abhimanyu : But I had a hard time controlling my anger.

Bhim Ji: What’s the plan Rajkumar?

Ashoka: We should attack Keechak straightaway as he would have already known of our arrival.

Saroj: But Rajkumar the army is tired they need some rest.

Ashoka: If we took rest now we will lose half of the battle because Keechak will attack us soon if we don’t.

Abhimanyu: Bhrata is right we should not wait let’s go.

Just then there was sound of horses coming towards them.A large army was coming towards them.

Ashoka & Abhimanyu raised their swords but Bhim Ji stopped them.

Bhim Ji : Stop Rajkumar they are Ujjaini Sena. But what are they doing here ?

Senapati Rudra stepped down from his horse & moved towards Ashoka & bowed to him.

Rudra : Rajkumar Ashoka I am the Senapati & Prantpal of Ujjain.I am here on orders of Rani Ahankara & Acharya Radhagupta

Ashoka : You are most welcome to be the part of this Abhiyan.

Rudra : So what’s the plan Rajkumar?

Ashoka: We are attacking Keechak straightaway

Rudra : It’s a good & Bold move Rajkumar but it would be better if you sent a message to Keechak on your behalf for a surrender rather than a Battle.

Ashoka pondered over the idea when Abhimanyu brought him back to reality.

Abhimanyu: Bhrata Keechak will not pay heed to our proposal let’s attack him straightaway.

Ashoka : No Abhimanyu Senapati Rudra is right we should send a message to Keechak.

Bhim Ji : Rajkumar I have heard of Acharya Devrarth who is leading the rebels who are against Keechak we should find him. We can take his help to defeat Keechak.

Ashoka : He is one of disciples of Acharya Chanakya we should find him he will certainly help us.

Abhimanyu : Bhrata let me do this job I will find him & bring him here

Ashoka : No I can’t send you alone you are not going.

Abhimanyu: I came here to help you Bhrata let me go no one will identify me.

Saroj : Let Rajkumar Abhimanyu go Rajkumar Ashoka I will go with him.

Ashoka : OK then Saroj no harm should come to Abhimanyu.

Saroj : Ji Rajkumar.

Abhimanyu & Saroj left after sometime.

Ashoka : Bhim Ji send a message to Keechak that if he surrender to me I will spare his life if he does not then he will be killed.

Bhim Ji : Ji Rajkumar.


Royal Palace

Keechak,Meer Khurasan, Selucus Nicator,Amatya Rakshas all were sitting in Raj Sabha waiting for their messenger.

A soldier entered the Raj Sabha.

Soldier : Mahanayak Ashoka has come with the Mauryan Army & is waiting on the outskirts of the city to attack us.

Keechak(laughing): What will only Mauryan Army do to my large army consisting of unani’s,Khurasani’s and my own Army.

Soldier: Mauryan Army is not the only one our scout reports Ujjaini Sena has joined Ashoka & his brother Abhimanyu os finding Acharya Devrarth here in Takshshila so that they can take his & the help of rebels to attack the palace.

Rakshas : Mahanayak before Ashoka attacks you you attack him & set him on backfoot.

Just then a messenger came with an arrow on which a scroll was rolled.

Messenger: Mahanayak this arrow was shot my a Mauryan Soldier.

Rakshas took the scroll & opened it.

Rakshas: Ashoka has sent a message for you Mahanayak.

Meer : What is it Rakshas ?

Rakshas: He asks you to surrender ot he will have to kill you. He says he will spare you if you leave the Throne of Takshshila immediately or the consequences will be bad for you.

Keechak (Angry): How dare he I will kill that Son of a b*t*h.

Selucus: It’s not easy to defeat him Keechak he has defeated many great warriors like Dastan & Meer himself.You will have to take this warning seriously.

Meer : Nicator is right. I suggest you to capture his brother Abhimanyu before he reaches Devrarth

Keechak: Senanayak Shunga.

Shunga : Ji Mahanayak.

Keechak: You will capture Abhimanyu before he reaches Devrarth.

Shunga : Ji Mahanayak.

Keechak: Senanayak Bhairav attack the Mauryan Army now.

Bhairav : Ji Mahanayak.

Shunga & Bhairav left to accomplish the orders.


Rani Dharma’s Chamber

Samrat Bindusara, Maharani Charumitra , Rani Subrasi , Rajmata Helena were standing around the bed of Rani Dharma.

Raj vaid was checking her.

Bindusara: Vaid Ji what has happened to Dharma she is vomiting for quite some days now & today she fainted all of a sudden.

Raj Vaid : Samrat no need to worry Rani Dharma is Pregnant you are going to become a father again.

Bindusara was delighted by the news.He gave his ring to Raj Vaid as a Reward.

Rani Subrasi was also happy for Rani Dharma but Maharani Charumitra & Rajmata Helena were fuming in anger.


Abhimanyu & Saroj were finding Acharya Devrarth desperately but there was no clue of him.

People were terrified on being asked about Devrarth.

Abhimanyu: Saroj how are we going to find Acharya Devrarth we have got no clue.

Saroj : We have to Rajkumar. Rajkumar Ashoka is relying on us for this job.

Just then Shunga enquiring about the one searching for Acharya Devrarth reached there.

Shunga : sainik arrest them immediately(pointing towards Abhimanyu & Saroj).

To be continued…….

Guys I have started the casting for actors after the leap I want your help for the Same.

Mohit Rains as Ashoka
Ankit Arora as Sushim
Kajol Shrivastava as Devi

You all decide for Siamak,Kaurwaki,Drupad & Abhimanyu.

Radhagupta as well

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