Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 6)

Hi friends……. This is the sixth episode…….
Hope u all love it…….

Recap: Ashoka gets Devi’s locket and Devi gets Ashoka’s earring’s piece.

Devi and Dhani reach the rishi’s house. The rishi sees them and recognises them.
Devi: Pranam gurudev.
Rishi: Swabhagya bati bhawa.
Dhani: Pranam. Gurudev, u told me to bring Devi whenever she felt something strange, so I have brought her to u. Pls tell us what her feelings had indicated…..
Rishi: Devi, pls tell me what had happened when and how u felt.
Devi: Ji gurudev. (Devi tells about the market incident)
Rishi: Anytime else u have felt like this or similar to this….
Devi: No. But when I was sad for losing my locket that time felt as if someone (Ashoka) wanted to make me happy and take me out of my sorrow and I thought it must be mother as that locket was given by her.
Rishi: Hmmmmm
Dhani: Gurudev, could u identify the reason for this????
Rishi: I have told u before that she is god gifted and its true. She is not an ordinary girl. She has a historical future. She will create history with the help of that person for whom she has the strange feelings. She will also help that person a lot to create history.
Dhani: But who is that person???? And when will she meet her????
Devi: Pitaji, let gurudev complete his words…..
Dhani: Sorry gurudev….pls continue….
Rishi: Its Ok…..Devi, the person whom u felt wanted to make u happy was not ur mother’s soul but it was that person for whom u have taken birth, with whom u will create history….. U will meet him soon but u both will create history after a long time……
Devi: Gurudev, will that person be ok for me????
Rishi: Putri, he will be the perfect person for u and u too will be his……. But hard times will also come in that person’s life and u have to take care of him…..
Devi: Jo agya gurudev…..
Dhani: Will Devi be happy with him???
Rishi: They will have an “unforgettable love story” – “A Love story which will create history” and in future people will remember them by uniting their names and making it into a single name (ASVI).
Dhani: Thank u gurudev…… Pranam…..
Devi: Pranam……
Rishi: Sadaa sukhi raho……
Devi and Dhani leaves……..
Rishi: Soon her fate will bring her close to ASHOKA.

Ashoka and Acharya RG reach near the cave
Ashoka: Acharya, u stay outside and wait for me to come back by killing this DHRUV….
Acharya RG: Ok Rajkumar…..
Ashoka reaches inside the cave and it is dark……
Dhruv: Welcome young boy…… I couldn’t even imagine that someone will come to me to be tortured. Ha Ha Ha Ha….. Catch him….
Dhruv’s army attacks Ashoka with daggers….. Ashoka defends himself from the attack and kills all of them one by one……
Meanwhile, Dhruv attacks Ashoka with a sword and a cut is there on Ashoka’s hand…..

Devi: Ahhh…
Dhani: What happened???
Devi: I felt as if that my heart got a cut just now…
Dhani: God, save my child….

Ashoka: Dhruv!!!!!
Dhruv: Stop shouting…..
Ashoka gets up and attacks Dhruv with his sword….Dhruv attacks Ashoka and makes a cut on his chest. Ashoka shouts “JAI JANANI” A fight starts and Dhruv’s sword falls down….
Ashoka: We r Mauryas and we r not coward like U!!! There will be a fight where we both will be equal….
Dhruv: Maurya!!!! Who r u????
Ashoka: I am grandson of great Samrat Chandragupta Maurya, son of Magadh Samrat Bindusara, son of Dharma, ASHOKA!!!!
He drops his sword…
Dhruv: U have done a great mistake by dropping ur sword….. Ha Ha Ha
Ashoka punches Dhruv at his belly….he puts a punch on both of his cheeks…
Dhruv picks up a sword from the ground and makes multiple cuts on Ashoka’s body….he hits Ashoka’s head with the back of the sword…..
Ashoka falls down holding his head and murmurs “Ma”…..

In Pataliputra…
Dharma: Ashoka……
Bindu: What happened Dharma???
Dharma: Ashoka is in danger…. I can feel it…. I have to go to him…..he needs me…..
Bindu: Dharma, he is my son also…..I am also concerned about him…..I can understand ur feelings, u r away from Ashoka for so many days….
Dharma: But I want to go to Ujjain…. He needs my help…..I can feel it….
Bindu: How can u go to Ujjain now???
Dharma: I don’t know but I want to go there…..
Bindu: Dharma, pls be patient…. My heart is telling that someone is there to save him from all sorts of danger he will face… me Dharma…..I am very sure that someone is there to save him and take care of him…..
Dharma: Hmmmm…..
Dharma goes to the puja place and starts chanting mahamrityunjai mantra…..

Devi: Pitaji stop… I can’t go further….
They have reached the place where she lost her locket.
Dhani: What happened??? I know while going to the rishi here u lost ur locket but pls try to understand u will not be able to find it…
Devi: No father I am not stopping u for that…. I am stopping u as my heart is telling not to go further…. I can feel that somebody is in danger and is hurt badly…. I don’t know why and who is that but I want to help that person.
Dhani: As u wish…..We will wait and not go further……
Devi smiles….

Ashoka opens his eyes slowly and sees that Dhruv is standing in front of him….
Dhruv: Ha Ha Ha…..
Ashoka gets up slowly and shouts “JAI JANANI”. He makes several cuts on Dhruv’s body with his sword.
He punches and kicks Dhruv nonstop and doesn’t gives any chance to Dhruv to attack him.
He pushes him at one corner and Dhruv falls down. Ashoka is about to kill Dhruv with his sword when something unexpected happens……..
Dhruv joins his hands and…..
Dhruv: Sorry sorry sorry, pls forgive me Rajkumar. I will never do like this…..pls forgive me…… I promise I will not torture anyone in my whole life…..pls forgive…..pls leave me alive……
Ashoka feels pity on Dhruv so…..
Ashoka: Ok, from now onwards u will stay with me in my palace and u will work as one of my soldiers.
Dhruv: But how can I be a soldier when I have done wrong to my motherland.
Ashoka: I know u have done many sins but u have realised ur fault that’s why I am forgiving u. By seeing ur fighting skills I understood that u can become a warrior and so I am making u a soldier. I want to see u, using ur knowledge of fighting for motherland and not for destroying it!!!!!
(Ashoka hai Ashoka song starts)Ashoka moves out of the cave with Dhruv following him……

Acharya RG: Wow Ashoka u r back….. (he sees Dhruv)What’s this??? Why haven’t u kill him???
Ashoka: Acharya, he has understood his mistake and I want to give him a chance so I have made him my soldier…..”A person who has till now fought against motherland will now fight for saving and taking care of it….”
Acharya RG: U r great Ashoka, nobody can understand u and that’s why fate and Acharya Chanakya had chosen u for fulfilling the dream of “AKHANDA BHARAT”.

Precap: Ashoka, Dhruv and Acharya RG are returning to palace and on their way Ashoka loses his sense and falls down due to his severe injuries. Devi sees him falling on the ground and carried him to her house.

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