Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 4)


Hi friends………. This is the fourth episode……….
Hope you all love it……….

Recap: Devi says about her abrupt feelings in the market to her father….

Devi’s father says, “Let me tell you about a story of your birth…..” Devi listens with interest…..
For many days there had been no rain at all……People were having many problems. The crops were failing, the farmers were having problems. People were getting less water. Food scarcity was there.
Devi’s mother was pregnant at that time. Devi’s father was having problem to keep her health, provide proper nutritional food and water. Devi’s parents were tensed for the situation. They everyday prayed to god for help. It was a very typical time for the Ujjainis; everything was going bad for them. There was no sign of rain and in many places there were cracks on the land also. The situation was becoming worst day by day.
It was afternoon and suddenly Devi’s mother cried out of pain. Devi’s father rushed to her and went out to call the vaidji for help. The vaidji came to their house and asked Dhanisharam (Devi’s father) to wait outside. He obeys the vaidji’s words and goes out and waits. He found that in the sky clouds were gathering, the sky was becoming dark; slowly a cold wind started blowing. Dhanisharam understood that it will rain. He was very happy as god had heard their prayers. He thanked god for the upcoming rain.
It starts raining and at that moment he hears the cries of a baby. Vaidji comes out and tells him that they have got a beautiful girl child. He goes inside and sees his child. At that moment a rishi enters their house and tells that their daughter is the gift of god, with her birth we got rain, her birth has saved Ujjain; her birth has saved many lives. As she is a gift of god so she will be called “DEVI”…..
Dhanisharam and his wife were happy to hear the name. He also said that she is not a normal child, she is special. When Dhani and his wife asked him about her speciality, he answered that they will come to know when time will come. The rishi said that she has an extraordinary ability of that she can feel the truth and future. The rishi said Dhani to be always aware and if anytime she felt something uncommon then he should bring her to him, he would tell what her feeling indicated; her feelings would not always be for good things but also sometimes for bad purposes. So they should bring her always to him whenever she feels something strange. Dhani and his wife had agreed to bring her to him whenever she feels strange and promised the rishi that they will do her parvarish in such a way that she will always tell what has happened the whole day and never lie………

Dhani has ended his story but still Devi was listening to him with curiosity.
Dhani: This was all what happened……..My child I think we should once visit that rishi and I think you will get your answer( Why she felt like that) from him.
Devi: Yes, I too think that we should once visit him.
Dhani: We should visit him as soon as possible.
Devi: Why not tomorrow?????
Dhani: Yes my child we will visit him tomorrow only.
Devi: But do you know where he lives????
Dhani: Yes dear I know…..
Devi: How?????
Dhani: He himself told us….
Devi: When????
Dhani: Many a times he has visited our house when you were small, and that time he has told us.
Devi: Oh…..

Ashoka enters his palace after his inspection…. He is worried about DHRUV…..
Acharya RG: What happened Ashoka???? Why are you so worried???? Is everything all right????
Ashoka: No Acharya, not at all….. People of Ujjain are not safe……I need your help, Acharya…..
Acharya RG: But what’s the problem????? Why are Ujjainis not safe????
Ashoka: A man named DHRUV is scaring the people…….
Acharya RG: What has he done????
Ashoka: I don’t know……..I only know that people are scared of him….
Acharya RG: But how did you know that if you don’t know what he has done?????
Ashoka: Today when I went to the market…… (Ashoka tells what had happened)
Acharya RG: Didn’t you ask anyone about him after he had passed????
Ashoka: How can I ask……No one came back after DHRUV passed……I too waited for sometime but nobody came out…..
Acharya RG: Oh….. That means people are very much afraid of DHRUV……
Ashoka: Hmmmm
Acharya RG: Tomorrow we will discuss about this matter in our secret kaksh(room).
Ashoka: But before that we should once again go and ask people about him….
Acharya RG: But this time you will not go alone, we both will go.
Ashoka: But nobody should be able to recognise us.
Acharya RG: Ok Rajkumar……

Precap: Devi and Dhani are out to visit the rishi, at the same time Ashoka and Acharya RG are also out to find information about DHRUV.

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I too have lengthened it……Hope you all like it……..

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