Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 3)

Hi friends….. This is the 3rd episode……
Hope u all love it……
Recap: Ashoka wonders who is DHRUV and why all are afraid of him

Ashoka thinks, “I must wait and watch how this DHRUV looks and see who is the one off whom people of Ujjain are so much afraid…..” Ashoka finds that all the shops are closed and nobody is there……. He hears the sound of the footsteps of some horses……. He understands that DHRUV is coming…… He crouches behind a bullock cart and waits for DHRUV…….DHRUV and his men comes…….DHRUV is wearing a black dress and his face is covered with a black scarf, only his eyes could be seen……All his men are riding on horses and he too is riding on a horse…..They pass through the market place within seconds……….When DHRUV and his men pass away, Ashoka comes out and thinks that he should consult Acharya RG and make a plan to find out who DHRUV is, where does he live and why are all the Ujjainis afraid of him……….Ashoka understands by DHRUV’s look that he is a cruel man and the people of Ujjain are not safe, he has to take some measure against DHRUV as soon as it is possible…….
Devi reaches her house with a bag full of things which she bought from the market…… her father asks her, “Did DHRUV pass through the market when you were in the market????” Devi says, “No DHRUV didn’t pass when I was inside the market but I don’t know if he has passed after that…..” Her father is relaxed….. Devi says,” I have something to say you……” Father,” What??? You can ask me without any fear….What has happened, tell me my child…..” Devi says, “When I was in the market suddenly I felt as if someone very close to me was around me, I also turned back to find out who was it but couldn’t see anyone who was very close to me, Till now I couldn’t understand why I felt like that……Can you tell me why I felt like that ?????”

Precap: Devi’s father tells her that what she feel is always true and decides to take her to a rishi…
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  1. devaki ganesan

    Good start. The Jyotishi predicts that the vibration Devi got was extremely significant in her life. The person will be entwined with her life and influences history. Both the father and daughter are very stunned!

  2. Superb Tiyu …Amazing Episode but please make it long….It is too short dear…
    Btw Amazing Episode…Keep Writing dear..

  3. Astra


    1. Tiyasa

      Thank You for reading and supporting me….

  4. Hi what is this ASVI ? Is it ànother serial? Or CAS itself?

    1. Tiyasa

      ASVI is the short form of Ashoka-Devi jodi………..Now if u tell why Ashoka devi jodi then u must know that Devi was Ashoka’s 1st wife and he also loved her…..

  5. where is the daily cas…. plz update faster pooja dii???

  6. Superb tiyasa very good effort and keep continuing please. And my best wishes are with

    1. Tiyasa

      Thank you samyukta for supporting me and liking my ff

  7. Sachin41

    You got amazing writing skills of fictional stories..?
    Good going.. keep it up..
    make it this much short only. Bcz shorter the story higher the curiosity..?
    All the best

  8. superb…. happy to see u writing on asvi . please make it a little long and post next episode ASAP……

    1. Tiyasa


    2. Tiyasa

      U r new right…..

  9. Vanshika

    Tiyu sweet heart it’s superb ? pls elongate it…

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