Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 2)


Its the 2nd episode……
Hi friends….
Recap: Ashoka has reached the village in which Devi lives for inspection, hiding his identity.

Devi takes permission from her father and goes out to the market. Devi’s father is afraid of sending his child alone outside.
Ashoka is inspecting the village market, where Devi is going too….. In the market, they both pass each other….. Both of them feel as if someone very close to their heart is around them…..Devi turns back to find out who is it but couldn’t…….Ashoka also turns back to find but by that time Devi has turned front and went to a shop……Ashoka thought, “Why did I feel as if someone who is very close to me was there???”
Ashoka leaves that thought and continues his inspection……. On his way he finds that people are rushing and all the shopkeepers are closing their shops……He asks a man, “What’s the matter? Why you all are rushing?” The man says, “If we don’t empty DHRUV’s path then he will not leave us alive. If you want to survive then go from here and hide somewhere.” Ashoka wonders who is DHRUV and why all are afraid of him…….

Precap: DHRUV and his men passes through the path and Ashoka is crouching behind a bullock cart to see who is DHRUV…….
If there is any spelling or grammatical mistake then please forgive me……….Pls leave a comment and pls don’t use slangs……..If u don’t like it then write clearly but pls don’t use slangs……

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  1. I surely don’t like this. It feels strange after watching CAS. Ashoka and Karuwaki love story is better than this. Sorry if i have upset u but I feel the same. Otherwise it’s good. I appreciate your work.

    1. Devi

      If u don’t like Asvi, then why are you reading this? Go read the other Aswaki fanfiction that is happening on this.

      1. Tiyasa

        Thank u for supporting me……

    2. Tiyasa

      Pls don’t feel sorry, I am happy that u appreciate my work……..It may be that u like Aswaki……
      I love Asvi but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it…….
      Btw, thank u for appreciating my work and reading it though u don’t like ASVI……

    3. what a comment!!!!!!
      seems that tiyasa is forcing u to read it

      1. Devi

        Why would she force her to read this? She probably doesn’t even knw the girl! Stop accusing ppl and mind ur own business.

  2. Dr. A.Routray

    Good. One suggestion pls refer the historical facts. As a historian I am requesting u not to divert away from truth. U can create a little fictional but stick to the fact unlike what is being shown in chakravartin ashoka samrat. Thank you.

  3. Good. Stick to the real facts. Don’t get diverted. You can create little fiction as there is scanty information available about this. As a historian I request you the same

  4. Dr. Routray I never thought u would be watching CAS. Tiyasa as Dr. Routray has written pls do that. Love your work. I assure u full support frm my side.

    1. Tiyasa

      Its Ok…..

  5. Its amazing Tiyu…You are going good…BUT WHy you are writing short updates…If Possible make it long…

  6. Vanshika

    Hey tiya that’s superb bt that’s really small .. Pls try to write it longer next time.. Anyways I loved it.. @kaurwaki if u don’t love asvi then don’t read it.. Don’t disappoint those who’re going right ??

  7. Sachin41

    one thing is that make it clear that is it historical or fictional..
    If you are sticking to history then don’t divert from it..
    If it is fictional then you can create whatever you want because purely it says it’s fictional and it shouldn’t be compared to history nowhere..

    You got good fictional story writing skills.. continue with fictional stories.. it’s interesting to read..

    1. Tiyasa

      Thanks bhaiya……I am mixing fiction and history….

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