Ashoka Devi ( ASVI ) (Episode 1)


Hi friends this is the first episode…… I will write very rarely………
All the fans of Ashoka and Devi jodi, its a good time……..

The story is starting when Ashoka is of 17 yrs old and is the prantpal of Ujjain. He lives there with Acharya Radhagupt. Dharma lives in the royal palace of Magadh with Bindusara.

Devi is a beautiful girl in a village of Ujjain. She lives with her father and is a follower of Ahimsa. She is fond of rajkumar Ashoka for his behavior and qualities. She has a lot of knowledge about medicines which she has learned from his father.

Ashoka is busy with his Provincial work and reaches the village where Devi lives for inspection, hiding his identity.

Precap : Ashoka is inspecting the village while Devi is out for marketing.

This is only an introductory episode, the main story will start from 3rd or 4th episode.

Hope you all will love it……………………….
Please leave a comment…………………………..

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  1. good start…

  2. buddhi ranaweera

    wow good job

  3. Excited for the story…

  4. Devi

    Nice Keep Writing

  5. hi friends ashok samrat was aired today?

    1. Aishasweet

      hi .my name is also mom call me that name

  6. has ashok samrat been aired today?

  7. Nice starting…….

  8. nice …

  9. Nice work. keep writing.

  10. very nice story

  11. Tiyasa

    Thanks to all of u for reading and supporting me ………

  12. Nice start

    1. Tiyasa

      Thank u for reading and supporting me……..

  13. Astra

    Super….nice intro… Thanku for writing asoka ff…. Go a head friend… Waiting for nxt part…

    1. Tiyasa

      Thank u for reading and supporting me……..

  14. Vanshika

    Gud start… Happy that u dint take the track that’s in my mind lol… It rally seems interesting dear love u.. Bt pls right longer ha…

  15. Abhinav

    It’s good.

    Guys i am thinking to continue Ashoka The Great FF from Episode 4 but I want support. Last time they bashed me for writing a FF on history If all supports me I am ready to continue.

    Tiyasa I am sorry for saying it here but I needed to because I can’t do it anywhere.

    1. Hey Please continue your FF…

  16. Aishasweet

    tiyasa awesome .keep writing.

  17. Kavind Jayasanka Samarakkody

    tiyasa u look hot and i kavindu jayasanka samarakkody of sri lanka want to f**k u hard

  18. Kavindu_samarakkody

    u are so s*xy i kavindu jayasanka samarakkody of sri lanka want to f**k u

    1. Tiyasa

      In my profile pic it is Pallavi Subhash( one who plays Dharma ) and Siddharth Nigam ( young Ashoka ) so how did u see my pic ?????

    2. Tiyasa

      I couldn’t understand what really u want to say, but I understood that u have mistakenly thought my profilepic as my real pic……

    1. Tiyasa

      Thank u for reading my post….

  19. devaki ganesan

    Dear friend:

    I commend you for your enthusiasm and imagination. Is it correct that you want to give an account of Devi-Ashoka relationships, loyalty and selfless love. I will follow with interest

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