Ashok marries Mihika; Shagun back to Bhalla Family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Shagun comes to know about Ashok being with some girl and runs to the hotel to catch him red handed. Raman, Ishita and Mihir also accompany her to see the shock of their lives. They all are shocked seeing Mihika and Ashok in compromised situation.

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  1. I dont like this change in story mihir is good for mihika not that ashok

  2. Yes I also agree… This serial was different from others BT now no difference same stories. Better to stop watching for some time.

  3. Sick. 1000% ppl will stoo watching yhm

  4. I agree with all of u

  5. even i will stop watching.

  6. Thank u YHM team bec of this change fighting will be avoiding in my home for TV remote.

  7. Wow hats off to u ekta kapoor …. U know what ekta because of ur foolish ideas to regain trp s every1 hates u !!! Hates u to the core …. Just go tttooo hellll !! Such a stupid lady yaar ….

  8. Ashok marryin mihika bad idea shagun bck to bhallas worst

  9. And thus yhm becms another hit turned flop.. :p

  10. What stupid nonsense what hell is happening with the story I will stop watching the serial

  11. what the hell with the story change its not the twist for serial it will be twist in the ratings of serial…..

  12. where is todays epi…. fast… updateeeeeeeeee…

  13. Why don’ we form a big mob and attack at Ekta’s residence. She is a limit man. Shit. Ishra love gone in vein.

  14. I agree with you 123. Ekta don’t have humanity at all

  15. Everyone as said above will stop watching ur stupid routine story with this so called twist of urs as it was always suspected n expect ed from you u can’t direct anything better than this to gain trps

  16. Thanks yhm team in past i eagerly see this serial now so sad i want to quit to see this serial if its ture means in future surely mani marry ishitha raman must divorce her. For sake of adi. I read this serial story in wikepedia at first i dont belive now a dats track going on that way only. Then what is the purpose to make this serial why u join raman and ishita then why separate. This is waste of time for all fans. Thank for this track because remote fight comes to an end thanks

  17. which Wikipedia page?

    1. Type yei hai mohabbatein serial story click wikepedia

  18. when this happens, ani’t gonna watch show anymore,thats a very stupid twist…

  19. Hopeless ekta… KyA yaar Firse kyuki saas Bhi KABHI Bahut type serial drama yhm me daal dia… I will surely stop watching this serial Bcoz of ekta’s so called trps

    1. wow wat a news..grt job ekta..u r jst horrible…tl us the fans of ishra to write da stry,,we wud hav taken no charge…apko profit der r so many fans who wud write it free than watchin all dis crap of urs

  20. The serial is very good.let It be don’t change the peace of the seerial.we all very happy to watch the pls don’t spoil it.

  21. This is disgusting. I can’t even stand Mihika, she is just hopelessly stupid. This is just the same old drama, I think the serial losing its grip and I wont;’ be watching this anymore.

  22. Trp keliye over smart direction mat karo,aisa naa hojaye viewers kam hojaye…….

  23. Aur kitna pareshaan karogi ekta humein plzzzz mat karo aisa

  24. Jindha badh… I’m quiting this show watching is waste

  25. I stopped seeing the serial. Characters assassinations are being done by the writer to create twists in the story. it’s very sad.

  26. yesterday’s epi was simply outstanding. I mean, I was extremely happy to see Raman’s love for Ishita. How much he loves her, how much he cares for her. Easily the best person on this planet till date. Shayad hi kisi ne kisi se itni mohabbat ki hai jitni Raman Ishita se karta hai. Woh Ishita ki khushi ke liye apne aap se hi lad sakta hai aur poori duniya se bhi lad sakta hai akeyla hi. Love u Raman.

  27. Its toooo much now….raman and ishita has to come together!! This blo*dy twists are realy…uhh!!

  28. blo*dy ekta go to hell ….!!! Your this serial will be a flop if u will not change the storyline !

  29. congo to d show…. if its gonna b lyk in d spoiler… evry1 wil stop watchin it….
    nw a super hit wil turn to super flop

  30. Hello plz dnt spoil the relationshipb\w ishu n Raman as of now dey hve been scolding even dat is liked by us but nw u dnt even cnt dat relation also its totally bad idea.think of it once more n go further

  31. Started watching the drama buz i thought it was different but thanks to ekta jee it turned out to be same old story
    Acha kia ekta jee yeh track start kar kay yhm ki waja say i was not able to concertrate on my studies aur exams honay walay hai ab serial hi nahi dakhna to easily prep ho jai gi….. Thank for ruining a perfect show and an unique story.

  32. Pls update some spoilers
    no spoiler except yhm pls do it

  33. Don’t look

  34. Excited to watch will some twice ohh my god but I don’t like one thing don’t let her go bhalla house

  35. Serial hi toh hai… Time pass… Ise seriously mat lo;-p

  36. Ekta kapoor serials are like this only she never change this is very wrost story . if she didn’t change no one will watch it

  37. hw much eva v write/keep posting abt our views creative team has no effect on them…socialy boycott has 2 hapn wid all the serials vch shw crap like dis…yhm,ssk,ja,dabh,qh,kb, etccccc….
    when their trp’s fall then dey gona knw d value of the viewers..

  38. The stry ws going in a gud pace bt ekta ur so called twisting ideas spoiled it…m sur no one gonna watch atleast few episodes. .

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