Ashiqui – Raglak Ff (Episode 7)

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At ragini’s room,

ragini looked boggled about his sudden behaviour. but without minding it more, ragini again makes a call for him. this time laksh’s phone was switched off. “why he switched off his phone? okay, leave it. I’ll see him on office.” ragini thoughts and put the phone away. she lied on bed.

ragini didn’t get sleep. she is in full thoughts of laksh. she is waiting for his call. ragini takes her phone and checked if any call came but didn’t. she Waited.

At laksh’s room,

Laksh taked his phone on his hand. his hand goes to the switch on button. he is in a deep thoughts to on the phone. he sighed and switched it on. laksh noticed that there were 2 missed calls by ragini. he stared at it.

suddenly ragini called him. laksh stares at the name and cuts the call. he puts the silent and on tablet. ragini calls again and again but laksh didn’t take it insteas he sleeps.

At ragini’s room,

ragini got tired of calling him. she got teary for not picking the call by laksh. ragini threw the phone away from her in a fit of rage. she cried thinking of laksh.

laksh taked his phone again and calls ragini. but didn’t get along. he got angry. “what she is doing?” laksh thinks. “who?” romi asked. laksh looks at him. “nothing” laksh said and lied on bed. “okay” romi turned away and sleeps. laksh think about ragini.

At office,

ragini came to her office. laksh was in his cabin, working. ragini sat on her seat and does her work. laksh notices her and waited for her to speak. ragini didn’t care about him and got up. laksh grabs her hand. ragini tries to jerked it away.

laksh didn’t lose the grab. “leave me, laksh” ragini whispers in anger. laksh looks at her. “what you want? ” ragini asked. “you” laksh said. “what?” ragini asked. “i want you” laksh said. “excuse me” ragini lookd around, who are looking at them. “are you kidding or what? where is the love when you left me yesterday night though you know that I’ve no transport to my home?” ragini yelled. “sorry, ragini. that night i have not in the mood” laksh said. ragini looks in anger and frustrated. “okay, then what about yesterday call.?” ragini asked.

“sorry… I’m..” laksh said. ragini interrupted him. “what? are you in not in the mood to speak? it’s means that you’re not liking me” ragini said. laksh looks down. ragini got teary eyes. “do you know how much i cried yesterday when you’re not picking up my call?” ragini said. she wiped her tears.

“i know you are hurt. but i have no words for you” laksh said. he got on his knees. “please, ragini. i want you. i want you to be my better half…” laksh was saying. while, sanskar got in and looks on. he noticed the whole office were looking at raglak and he also started to watch it. “i love you” laksh finished. he waited for her.

ragini cries and wipes her tears. she turned and walks away. but suddenly she stop and looked at him. laksh looks at her. “ragini go and accept” the other collagues looks in that way. ragini turned and walks away. laksh looked failed and got up.

the other collagues come to him. “superb proposal. don’t lose hope. she will come to you” they said. “i hope so” laksh said and walks away. the others go to their cabin and sanskar goes to his.

ragini came to her cabin after a while. she looks apalled and writes a letter. the others looks on. “i think she is leaving this office.” a girl said. “i think so” another girl said. ragini walks to sanskar cabin. she gets in and gave the letter.

sanskar looks on and they have a argument. the girl collague saw it from outside. “i think she is leaving” the girl thinks. ” she came to a conclusion. “i should tell this to laksh.” she ran away. ragini came out packs her bag. she got out of office.

the girl finds laksh on beside of of glass window. laksh took a cigarette and puts it on mouth. “laksh” the girl came to him. “what? swapna” he asked taking out the cigarette. “ragini is leaving the office” swapna said. “what are you blabbing?” laksh asked. the girl puts her hand on head.

“I’m saying the truth. she is leaving.” swapna said. “oh my god” laksh ran awau from there. he goes out without informing. the others claps for him.

At road,

ragini was in deep thoughts and driving the scooty. the signal got red but ragini didn’t notice it. she drives and a car came to her. ragini looks at it and screamed.

laksh was driving and thinking ragini. “where is she gone?” Laksh think. “i think she goes to temple” laksh came to a conclusion. he thinks about what ragini said that day when he and her gone to temple “i would like to came here whenever i feel”.

laksh drives and came to a stop noticing there was a accident took place. laksh looks boggled up and got down of his motorcycle. he came to the spot. there was a big crowd. laksh came in and looked at the victim. he got shocked after saw the person…..

Precap : laksh’s shirt was in pool of blood and he is crying onfront of ICU.

I hope you’ll like Like it… keep comment and keep enjoy… tomorrow is Aur Pyar Ho Gaya ff.. don’t miss it… bye…

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