Ashiqui – Raglak Ff (Episode 6)

hi guyzzz… sorry for the late i have finished the toughest subjects of my life… so here is the much awaited episode…

Sanskar. yes, it was none other than sanskar himself. he looks very handsome. a friend of ragini came to her. “hmm, he is hot” friend commented. ragini looks at her unbelievable. “stop your nonsense” ragini said. the girl looks at her and walks away.

“hello guyss.. I’m sanskar.. your new CEO” sanskar introduced himself. he came to ragini. ragini smiled. “congrats, ragini” sanskar said and shakes hand with her. “it’s my pleasure.” ragini said.

sanskar then goes away to his cabin. ragini stands there. laksh pulled her towards him. “hey,” laksh said. “what?” laksh asked. “no, nothing. i have a feeling that i know him before.” ragini said. laksh looks at her. “it can’t be never, i think. don’t think too much. come” laksh pulls her. ragini stopped and asked “where?”

“canteen” laksh said and they walks from there. at canteen, they sat together with a plate of food in each plate. ragini forgots sanskar and talks with laksh. they had a good time.

after coming after having food, the manager of sanskar came. “sir, want to meet you” manager said. “okay, you go. I’ll come in a minute” ragini said. “why he is calling you?” laksh asked. ragini sighed. “i don’t know. let’s face” ragini said and walks to cabin.

laksh was working on internet. while, ragini looks in and saw sanskar h. “yes, come” sanskar said. “okay” ragini nodded and smiles awkward. sanskar stopped his work and looks at ragini. ragini stepped in. “nice to meet you, ragini” sanskar said. ragini nods and smiles. “sir.. ” ragini said. “can’t you remember me?” sanskar asked. ragini says no.

“OMG, i can’t believe it. I’m sanskar. your school friend” sanskar said. ragini looks on. “still not remember?” saskar came to her. “ah, I yes. i remember. wow, i just can’t believe it? you’re looking handsome” ragini said. sanskar laughs. the time passes.

at night, the work finished. laksh walked with Ragini. “so, you said that you want to say something. what’s the matter?,” laksh asked. “that… how to say… i mean… that” ragini continue. laksh waited for the threes magical word from her.

suddenly, a car horns. they stopped walking and looks. there is sanskar in his car. ragini waved her hand and said to laksh “wait, I’ll come in a minute. wait here, you’re the one to drop me”.

ragini walks to the car direction. laksh looks on at her going. “hey, hi” ragini said. “hi” sanskar said. they have talk for awhile.

laksh waited for her. she didn’t came. “ragini” laksh called out Ragini turne and looks at laksh. “wait” ragini sighed and continued to talk. laksh loses his control and just get off from there fastly. “so, can i drop?” sanky asked. “no. laksh was.. ” ragini turned to looks at laksh but didn’t find. “where? i think he is gone,” sanky said. ragini nodded and starts to thinks deeply.

ragini gets into car. “so, how many years are you here?” sanky asked. ragini gets her sense. “ years” ragini said. “okay.” sanky said. “what having you done.?” ragini asked. “just doing something that i like. one day, dad tells me to get on business or marry a girl of his choice. i thought about it so I doing it.” sanky points work.

ragini laughed on his story and said “super story.” “thank you” sanky said. they had a talk and reached ragini’s house. ragini mention good night and goes. sanky gets his car on and drives away.

ragini goes to her room and calls Laksh. on the other side, laksh was so adamant in picking his phone. ragini looks boggled about his sudden change.

Precap : laksh asks ragini for forgiveness. ..

bye guys… i know it is short one. but ill update tomorrow… bye.. good night”

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