Ashiqui – Raglak Ff (Episode 5)

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At Office,

raglak reached the venue at the same time. they parked their bike beside and get into the office. laksh’s another friend, rahul came. “what’s up, guys?” he asked. “nothing to do. just work” laksh said. rahul nodded his head while walking away. raglak looks on and laughed. they get into lift and to their cabin.

after within a few hours, shekar calls ragini. ragini takes the call. “pa, what the matter?” ragini stop working. laksh stopped work and looks at her. “ragini, can you come fast today because today is your mother’s barsi.” shekar said. “i know, pa. I’ll come.” ragini said and hung the phone.

ragini sat on chair sadly. laksh puts his hand on her shoulder. ragini looks at him. “what happened?” laksh asked. “today my mom’s barsi” ragini said. “oh, okay” laksh said. after few minutes, ragini looks at laksh. “laksh, will you come to temple with me?”ragini asked. he thinks and looks at her innocent face. he nodded his head.

they then informs to the manager about permission. manager granted it and goes to temple.

At Temple,

they came to the temple And prays to god. after praying, raglak sat aside of the temple. ragini breaths deep and smiled. laksh looks at her. “I’ve come to this temple whenever I felt sad” ragini started. laksh hmmed.

“I thought to ask you something. where’s your parents are living?” Ragini asked. laksh’s smile faded and looks at her. he then smiles. “in heaven.” laksh replied. ragini looks surprised. “I’m a orphan. I’ve lived at orphanage home. preetha tai is my mom’s friend and my Guardian. she took me from orphanage when i turned 15” laksh said. “oh, sorry” ragini said. “it’s okay” laksh said.

ragini thinks to change the topic. “okay, let’s change the topic” ragini said. “okay” laksh said. they then spoke out their funny secrets and plays with each other.

like this one year had been passed,

ragini and laksh were in love with each other but didn’t express it at all. the day came, ragini was getting ready to work. shekar came with some pic. “ragini, choose. which one do you like.” Shekar hands her pics. she puts it down. “pa, I’ve already have a boyfriend” ragini blushes. shekar gets happy. “oh, okay. but did he loving you?” shekar asked. “no” Ragini said. “then how…” shekar started. ragini interrupted saying “if he didn’t love me leave it”

she goes away. shekar looks on. ragini reached office. there are so many clapping sound. ragini looked on. “congrats, for your hardworking” manager wished her. ragini thanked him. other also wishes her. ragini thanked them but searches for laksh. laksh came there.

“wishes you for your hardwork” laksh gives her a bouque. they shakes hand. Raglak have eyelock. “laksh, i want to say something to you” ragini said. “say it.” laksh said. “how to say…” ragini stared at him. manager interrupts them. they looked at the direction. while raglak still grabbing their hands.

“so, guys. Here i have a good news. today our MD is leaving this job and a MD, our old MD’s son is taking the job. let’s welcome him.” manager claps his hand.

raglak also leaved their hands and claps.

a man wearing a black suit and glasses came into the office. he looked handsome. it’s none other than….

PRECAP : Laksh left ragini at office. ragini looks boggled of his changes behavior.

so guys here is the episode… and guys guess the new man in raglak’s life. bye…

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