Ashiqui – Raglak Ff (Episode 4)

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the episode starts with, preetha asking romi and laksh down. they came. preetha smiles. laksh looks at both and got shy. “come, mr. romeo” she looks at balwant. balwant laughs and eat the food. laksh came and sit down. preetha serves. laksh got uneasy to sit because of their bully. he gets up and walks away. preetha stops bullying and looks at balwant and romi. they stopped eating and goes to Laksh.

laksh was in the lawn, looking at the stars. they came to him. “sorry, laksh. if we hurted you.” romi puts hand. “it’s okay. I’m not sad. see” laksh turns. “i know you’re feeling sad. what happened?” preetha asked. “nothing. if i had a parents then they will also be like you make fun of me and etc.” laksh opened up.

“we’re here for you. didn’t you thought us as your parents. but we were. ” balwant consoled him. they group hugged and goes to dinner. they eat and balwant coughs. preetha gives him water. “you put so much salt in dhaal” balwant complaints. “what?” preetha looked boggles. laksh eats the dhaal and says “there is enough salt. ”

“your tongue is in wrong” preetha said. “no, i was right” balwant adamants and gets up from there. Preetha looked worried. “I’ll make him eat.” laksh assures her.

balwant is in his room, laksh came there with a plate of food. “here you eat.” laksh gives. balwant said no. laksh insists. balwant takes it and ate it. preetha saw the full drama and gets happy.

next morning, ragini came to office. she sais hello to the collague ang get into her work. laksh came there, “hi” laksh greets. “hi” she greets back. they do their own work. a collague calls her. “ragini, sir is calling you.” ragini got scared. “go” laksh assures. ragini walks to the cabin.

she knocks the door. the manager asked to come in. she came in. “sir, you called me” ragini said. “good” manager said. “sir?” ragini looks at him. “you’re good at work in these short period of time. keep it up” manager compliments her. ragini gers happy. “thank you” ragini said and gets out.

laksh looks at her. ragini was singing in happy. she sit on her seat. laksh touched her hand. “what did he say?” laksh asked.rl ragini told him what had happened. “congrats” laksh said. “thanks” ragini smiles. they gets on their works.

after the work ends, ragini and laksh walks out. romi joins them. “whassup guys?” romi asked. ragini smiled. “just talking.” ragini said. “good. I’ll go first laksh.” romi bids him adieu and goes. laksh waved his hand and walks with her.

“do you guys living at the same house?” ragini asked. laksh nodded. “I’m a orphan. after my graduation, they are my guardian.”laksh said. “no. my parents.” laksh corrects. “wow. nowadays, people are thinking their own parents were burdens. but you are saying they are his parents. cute” ragini said. laksh smiles.

they came to her scooty. ragini puts her bag under the seat and stands straight. laksh was close to her. they have a eyelock. ragini came to her sense after a bit. she waved hand between and laksh came to his sense. laksh laughs. “what happened?” ragini asked. “nothing” laksh said and they smiles.

laksh says bye and walks to his motorbike. laksh walks while ragini looks at him. “weird” ragini said and starts the scooty. she drives away. laksh also drives away. they goes on their own path.

at night, ragini was lied beside shekar. she always sleeps with her father. because she is afraid to dark. ragini was reading a love story. “she falls for him love at first sight. the rain starts to pour. owhh, cutee” ragini said to herself and falls for the book. shekar gets up. “sleep ragini” he said. “just in a minute.” ragini reads the story. shekar nodded and sleeps. she falls deep into the story and sleeps.

next morning, ragini gets up lately. she looks at the watch and looked shocked. “dad, why didn’t you wake up.?” ragini came to hall. “because, you slept lately yesterday.” shekar said. “so, what? didn’t you wake up. now I’m running late for office.” ragini got ready and drives away.

she got into the traffic and waits for signal and worried. she looks around. she then looks at traffic light. laksh came beside her. they saw each other. “are you late?” they asked at same. they laughed and said “yes”

ragini sighed. “thank god, i thought i am the one who is late but i have a companion.” ragini said funnily. laksh looks unbelievable at her. the signal got green and drives off to office.

Precap : laksh and ragini is in a temple. “where is your parents are living?” ragini asked. laksh’s smile faded away and looks at her.

so here is the episode.. enjoy with it.. I’ll soon update the next part… bye…

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